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FINAL MUZIK distribution list

November 2009.

News and restocks

[prices do not include postage & packing rates / i prezzi non sono inclusivi delle spese postali]

1) Industrial / Gothic / Neofolk / Wave / Experimental / Alternative

CD and CDr releases:

-3/4 HADBEENELIMINATED "A Year Of The Aural Gauge Operation" CD (Häpna) 2005. € 12,00

-A CHALLENGE OF HONOUR "Leonidas" CD (Old Europa Café) Back to martial stuff! € 13,00

-A CHALLENGE OF HONOUR “Monuments” CD (Vrihaspathi) Reissue of the LP+7”, plus new versions and bonus tracks. 15 tracks. Eu 12,90

-A CROWN OF LIGHT “The Clearing” CD (Eibon Records) A Crown of Light is a collaborative project between American artists Brandon Elkins (A Crown of Amaranth) and Robert Hunter Osgood (Conversations About the Light). ‘The Clearing’ is a laid back Dark Ambient record with some experimentation, some Concrete Music soundscapes, and some noisy electronics. But predominantly the album unfolds in a calm, and ominous manner, with various organic samples and vocals limited to just one song. An intriguing project to watch out for. Eu 11,50

-A MINORITY OF ONE "Bathe In Fiery Answer" CD (Autumn Wind Productions) A Minority Of One consists of Jason H. Craban, Markus Wolff, Arrowyn Craban, Jason O’neill- Butler, and James Woodhead. They're from Portland, Oregon and play a really unique brand of ambient music...almost hard to describe but to me it represents a variety of feelings, the forest, the wind, natural sounds, your mind wandering, folk of past and peasant lives...Edition of 1.000. Digi-CD. Eu 12,00

-A SHORT APNEA / GORGE TRIO “Just Arrived” CD (Wallace Records) Digipack. Eu 10,90

-AALTO "Aalto" CDr (Centre Of Wood) Psy-folk from Finland in beatiful cardboard packaging. Limited to 120 copies. Eu 9,00

-ABBA ZABBA "Hollenbackinfakie / Today" 2XCDr (Centre Of Wood) Intimistic folk from Trieste, Italy. Two CDr EPs in special cardboard packaging. Limited to 150 copies. Eu 10,00

-ACCOMPLICE AFFAIR "Samotny Horyzont" CDr (My Hands Music) From Poland, dreamy dark ambient with etheral instrumental shoegazing guitar parts. Eu 7,00

-ACCOMPLICE AFFAIR “Act Of Creation...” CDr (T'an!Kaven!!Ash!!! / The Eastern Front) 2006 album, emotional dark ambient tracks from Poland. Limited to 100 handnumbered copies in half handmade digipack. Eu 9,00

-ACROSS THE RUBICON "Elegy" CD (Rage In Eden) Excellent martial industrial. Digi-CD. Eu 12,00

-AGNIVOLOKSculptor” CD (The Eastern Front) Re-release of the vinyl LP + previously unreleased bonus track “Angels”. "A very original and different project ,that I can see appealing to all manner of people- from those who enjoy world music, to folk to ambient fans and anyone who enjoys something just a little different (that means really, if your reading this review). Really something very special and magically, that offers up new secrets each time you replay it. You can hear samples and buy direct from the label here but act fast, as there's only a 1.000 pressed!" (Musique Machine – UK). Limited to 1.000 handnumbered copies. Digipack. Eu 12,00
-AGNIVOLOK “Cherries” CD (The Eastern Front) Amazing mix of ambient, folk and avant-popular music. Limited to 1.000 handnumbered copies. Digipack. Eu 12,00

-AHNENERBE “Nacht und Nebel” CD (Autarkeia) “Particularly unusually constructed, extremely suggestive, gloomy atmosphere of the work could probably be defined as a result of synthesis of several styles of electronic music. Powerful, striking and mysterious mood is created by sounds of especially unconventional “dark ambient” and “concrete” music, and sickly, distorted “monstrous-sound” consonances call out gloomy and uneasy psychedelic emotions. Whole album savours of mystery, anxiety and sensation as if something horrible is approaching or happening. The album’s atmosphere, as well as legendary Ahnenerbe institute, raises a lot of questions and presents no answers. It is an impenetrable wail of “Nacht und Nebel”. For a few chosen it is the openness of mystical science, and for all the rest it is horror, anticipation and obscurity while trying to perceive with strained senses what is actually happening in the catacombs of the institute full of wandering shadows and oppressing hallucinations. Wolfram Sievers (Reichsgeschäftsführer des Ahnenerbes), perhaps was the only one able to reveal the mystery, but he disappeared after performing an uncanny death ritual, and drew an indefeasible line between himself and those who want to know, between those who ask and those who know the answers”. Limited edition of 288 copies only, no re-editions planned, special black DVD box. Sold out from the label. Eu 13,90

-AKRABU “Anunnakian Incantations” CD (Memento Mori) Powerful ritual / tribal dark ambient. Eu 8,90

-ALBIREON "I Passi Di Liù" CD (Palace Of Worms) Back in stock. Eu 12,00

-ALL MY FAITH LOST "In A Sea, In A Lake, In A River...Or In A Teardrop" CD (Infinite Fog) Official reissue of All My faith Lost first album we released on our old Sin Organisation label. Beautiful digi-sleeve. Eu 12,00

-ALMANDINO QUITE DELUXE “Violent Potato” CD (Wallace Records) Digipack. Eu 10,90

-ALOS “Ricordi Indelebili” CD (PREcordings) Eu 10,90

-ALLUN “On It Sed” CD+BK (PREcordings) Including A5 colour-booklet. Eu 10,90

-ANAPTHERGAL "An Intracranial Disclosure" CDr (Soulworm Editions) Ambient-industrial from now defunct Soulworm Editions label. As for all other releases from this label we stock: get it while you can! € 9,90

-ANIMA MUNDI “Somnium” CD (Ars Benevola Mater) 2006 release, limited to 535 copies. This tape, released about 10 years ago, shines with all its power of ritual expression in a great work of digital remastering. Ritual percussions, voices pervaded with unconfessable tragedies and gloomy solemn symphonies will give life and feed your nightmares, wrapped in great dark-ambient atmospheres with a touch of throbbing industrial. Eu 12,00

-APHASIA / DACHISE “Split Disc” CD (Realization recordings) 1995 split CD, limited to 1.000 copies. Eu 12,00

-APPLEYARD COLLEGE “Look At Me” CD (Cold Current) Appleyard College is Luigi Porto, Italian musician working on soundtrack material for theatre and cinema. “Look At Me” is the perfect link betwen introspective folk and ambient music, sampling and found sounds. Offering more songwriting than many “psych-folk” acts, Appleyard College's moody songs should appeal minimal-indie and post-rock listeners, too. ... as if (!) Troum go indie! Recommended. Eu 10,00

-ARBEIT "Zum Einem Neuen Licht" CD (Autumn Wind Productions) Martial industrial with sad WWII imagery. Digi-CD. Eu 12,00

-ARC (AIDAN BAKER) "Glassine I" CD (A Silent Place) "...can be easily described as an organic space ambient, with very strong references to Pink Floyd (Ummagumma), Popol Vuh, Ashra Temple, Jackie-O Motherf*cker, O Yuki Conjugate, AMP and Flying Saucer Attack or "Fourth World" ambient music! Four tracks of pure vibrant multi-layered psychedelic drone music". Eu 11,90

-ARC (AIDAN BAKER) "Arkhangelsk" CD (Epidemie Records) Digifile package, limited to 600. Aidan Baker confirms himself as the king of drone / ambient sound. Highly recommended! Eu 12,00

-ARCANA “Body Of Sin” 3”CD (Cold Meat Industry) Limited 3.000 copies, year 2001. Eu 8,90
-ARMAGEDDON DILDOS “Morgengrauen” CD (Electric Blue / Ausfahrt) 2003 album. Eu 13,90

-ÀRNICA "Viejo Mundo" CD (Percht / Steinklang) Digi-CD. No words needed! € 12,90

-ARTICA "Natura" CD (Radio Luxor) 1997 album, Italian gothic. € 10,90

-ATRAX MORGUE “No More” CD (Ars Benevola Mater) Eu 12,90
-ATROX “Betonmonolith” CD (Steinklang) Kicking ass rhythm'n'noise + power electronics. Limited to 500. Killer album! Eu 12,00

-AUBE “Le Syndrome Aquatique” 2XCD (Silentes) This is the long awaited reissue of one of the best Aube's work originally titled AQUA SYNDROME, published about 10 years ago by MANIFOLD records. The new reissue included the original album with a bonus track and a bonus live CD. LE SYNDROME AQUATIQUE is an impressive job of deconstruction and resetting of sonorous material to work of Aube, this particularly extended in the duration, treaty and expanded time, much to be proposed in a rich edition in double CD. Through sophisticated and very tested technical of sonorous rework assembled in years of untiring activity in a searching experience, Aube puts molding on and models fragments of concrete sounds of "aquatic" derivation transforming them in unknown drones, noises, pads, loops rhythms -mechanics, constructing a fantastic sonorous tapestry of valuable invoice and incredible impact, and unavoidably bringing back to the memory the first three CD constructed with single water sounds of the monumental one box of 12 CD " proudly published from Amplexus in 2000. One new unforgettable work for all those who love, and has loved, the avant-guard-istic sonorous experimentations of large the great Japanese master. Eu 15,90
-AUBE “Metal On Metal” 2XCD (Silentes) Another long awaited reissue from Aube. METAL ON METAL (as for AQUA SYNDROME) was published by MANIFOLD records. Also for this work, over the original album, you'll can hear a bonus track and a full live CD. To the discovery of the alchemical secrets and the magic of the metallic materials, of their acoustic characters, and the possible technological manipulations on the sounds that are possible to pull out... It arches of it resonances, mantric vibrations, hypnotics bells rings... That features of sounds of cymbals, plates, rings... that tubular elements are used or more ordinary and simple metallic objects of common use... that they are bowed or scraped..., Aube acquires the sounds and of it transforming its essence... decomposing and recomposing the shape... Fragmenting, expanding, stratifying and elaborating the sonorous matter, constructs complex wafts, resounding weaves carpets, interlaces thin threads of metallic tensions, crumbles and agglomerates acoustic particles, leaves to flow long, reverberating, harmonic drones... "Metal on Metal", two only, fantastic CD for and a matchless release. Eu 15,90

-AUBE “Aube Reworks Nihm Vol. 1” CD (Silentes) Aube reworks original Nimh's material from “The Missing Tapes” session. Eu 11,90

-AUTOPSIA "The Berlin Requiem" CD (Old Europa Café) Eu 13,00

-AVANT-GARDE “Iron In Flesh” CD (In The Night Time) Italian new wave old souls Avant-Garde are back: “Iron In Flesh” is a solid, powerful and evocative new wave / post-punk album, paying tribute to still not forgotten early Diaframma and all that classic wave-poetry of the 80's. Eu 11,90

-BABY DEE “Live In Turin” CD (PREcordings) Eu 13,50

-BACKGROUND PROJECTION "Gloomy Songs For Lucid Minds" CDr (Feuer Rec.) € 6,90

-BAD SECTOR + CONTAGIOUS ORG*SM "Vacuum Pulse" CD (Old Europa Café) Year 2000 great collaboration album. € 12,00

-BAHNTIER "Venal" CD (Rustblade) New, outstanding album by finest Italian E.B.M. / NIN / Skinny Puppy-like act! Eu 13,90

-BAHNTIER “Randome” CD (Rustblade) Eu 12,00

-BAHNTIER “Blindoom” CD (Rustblade) Third album by excellent E.B.M. band Bahntier, this time (it's positively obvious friends: there's Skinny Puppy drummer in the line up) with a mid-80's Canadian E.B.M. / U.S. elettrock touch. Eu 12,00

-AIDAN BAKER “The Sea Swells A Bit…” CD (A Silent Place) Aidan Baker is one of the most important emergent artist of the last years...! Probably this is the most important “musical” Aidan Baker release..., in fact here the sound is comparable to the best (obscure) psychedelic post-rock releases including great droning, hypnotic and honeiric atmospheres. Spontaneously composed by Aidan, who plays guitar (electric & acoustic), bass, tapeloops, drum machine and percussion in his droning 'fashion soup'. In this album Aidan uses (as usual) his guitar but also other instruments and tools like tapeloops and sampled dialogue. The result is the three long and beautiful tracks that constructs this album. 44 minutes of hypnotic ambient drone textures in a deep psychedelic & post-rock attitude. His guitar treatments and amazing looping work get more and more marvellous, as the droning increasing percussions take the listener to a peaceful state of mind. The sound rises all around as the stream floods to the seaside, giving refuge to emotions through numbing clouds of murmuring electric voices. Aidan's performances high standards and his instantly recognizable style are here well confirmed, adding to the excellent level of his discography! Eu 12,00

-DEVENDRA BANHART “Rejoicing In The Hands” CD (XL) Eu 12,50
-DEVENDRA BANHART “Nino Rojo” CD (XL) Eu 12,50
-DEVENDRA BANHART “Cripple Crow” CD (XL) Eu 12,50

-GREGORIO BARDINI “Sentinelle Del Mattino” CD (The Eastern Front) “Fabulous musical journey composed by the legend of Italian scene Gregorio Bardini. An artist who is on scene since early 80s, stood behind TAC and Kino Glaz, collaborated with Thelema and Tuxedo Moon, Tony Wakeford and Vidna Obmana, Alio Die and Steve Pikkolo, Thierry Lolif and Doubling Riders.
"Sentinelle Del Mattino" dips you into the world of harmony, expressiveness and anguish melodies. Wide specter of musical instruments (piano, flutes, guitars, drums, zurna, kena, ciaramella, saxophone), unforgettable vocals, unique records of Mary de Rachewilts voice, reading her father Ezra Pound' Cantos and musical innovations of Stefan Rukavina (Bleiburg), Tiziano Popoli, Mauro Franceschi, Paolo Longo Vaschetto, Peter “Kompripiotr” Holzknecht, Martin “Mala” Langes, Stephan “Physh” Fischnaller, touches a heart up to its deepest depths. Oversized 3-panels folded cardboard packing”
. Limited to 1.000 copies. Eu 12,00
-BARDOSENETICCUBE & IGOR V. PETROV “The Perpetuum Mobile Space Vehicle” CD (Mechanoise Labs ) Recommended collaborative material from Bardoseneticcube's recording sessions with St. Petersburg-based saxophonist Igor V. Petrov. Definitely one of Bardoseneticcube's most singular and musical works, with a mixture of irradiated electronics, hazy lunar jazz, sedated drones and dark urban soundscapes. Limited to 500, digipack CD. Eu 12,00

-BARDOSENETICCUBE “The Other Heaven” CD (Athanor) Fascinating second opus from the Russian (St Petersburg) dark ambient masters. This time atmospheres are developed in a less abstract way than the first CD on Athanor. Bardoseneticcube use of percussions, bowls, bells and ritual chants are mixed with strange ambiance to give it an exquisite and mysterious martial and virile mystical touch. The progression of the album invites us to be a part of the mystery, like we were witnessing the surrouding and the heart of an ancient religious secret society order. A new sound approach for BSC, not far away from some early ritual Coil or Deutsch Nepal recordings. 1st print: limited edition 500 copies stunning 4 page digipack with clear tray. Eu 12,00

-BASS TONE TRAP “Trapping” CD (Music A' La Coque) Reissue of 1983 LP: funk wave / free jazz esperimental! Eu 10,50

-BAUHAUS “Mask” CD (Beggars Banquet) Eu 9,00
-BAUHAUS “Press the Eject And Give Me The Tape” CD (Beggars Banquet) Eu 9,00
-BAUHAUS “Burning From The Inside” CD (Beggars Banquet) Eu 9,00

-MARC BEHRENS “Animistic (For Donnatella)” (Auf Abwegen) Released in 2004. Limited edition of 500 copies, CD in DVD case with 7 colour postcards. This CD contains two lengthy pieces; “Animistic (For Donatella)” concentrating on mixing location recordings with 'played' objects to obtain a complex soundscape in three parts that is inspired by the idea of an animist understanding of nature. “Decaying Study 3” on the other hand offers a dense and dynamic drone-like composition built from the generative transformations of two sound files. The cover features 7 full colour cards in a DVD box that show photographs by the artist, complete with liner notes and texts explaining the nature of the location recordings. Eu 14,90

-BELLE & SEBASTIAN “The Life Pursuit” CD (Rough Trade) Eu 12,50

-BELLE & SEBASTIAN “Dear Catastrophe Waitress” CD (Rough Trade) Eu 12,50

-BEYOND SENSORY EXPERIENCE "Urmula" CD (Old Europa Café) Digi-CD, 2003. € 13,00

-BEYOND SENSORY EXPERIENCE “Korrelations” CD (Old Europa Café) BSE 4th album presents a series of unreleased tracks + remixes by: Nordvargr, Alk0, Do Shaska, & more…Eu 12,00

-MAURIZIO BIANCHI "Blut Und Nebel" CD (Slaughter Productions) 2006. € 12,00

-MAURIZIO BIANCHI & ATRAX MORGUE "M. Plus T." CD (Silentes) 2008 release. € 13.00

-MAURIZIO BIANCHI & MAOR APPELBAUM “Enviromental Meditations” CD (Topheth Prophet) Experimental / ambient – noise collaboration, out on Israeli label Topheth Prophet. Special price. Eu 9,00

-MAURIZIO BIANCHI & MAOR APPELBAUM “Electrostatic Deflection” CD (Silentes) Abstract industrial experimental noise, 2007 release. Artwork by Akifumi Nakajima. Eu 12,00

-MAURIZIO BIANCHI / SIEGMAR FRICKE “Stroma Konkret” CD (Monochrome Vision) Extra heavy fusion of industrial noise and musique concrète, this exclusive collaboration unites forces of two legendary musicians who were witnessed the roots of industrial music movement. It consists of three long tracks of mechanical aggression, clinical obsession and uncompromizing psychic attack. Dedicated to the memory of Pierre Schaeffer, this is the second part of ongoing series, started by Tibprod label CDr-release. 2006. Limited edition of 500 copies. Eu 12,00

-MAURIZIO BIANCHI & SIEGMAR FRICKE "Primordium" CDr (T'an!Kaven!!Ash!!!) Limited to 250 copies, pro-CDr on The Eastern Fron's experimental music / industrial sublabel. Eu 10,00

-MAURIZIO BIANCHI & SPARKLE IN GREY "Nefelodhis" CD (Cold Current / MCL) 2007, more ambient / electronics / experimental; CD in cardboard sleeve. € 10,00

-MAURIZIO BIANCHI & TH26 “Arkaeo Planum” CD (Small Voices) Recommended. Eu 12,00

-MAURIZIO BIANCHI & TELEPHERIQUE “The House Of Mourning” CD (Cold Current / Radiotarab) More fine collaborative material, another outstanding album. Eu 12,50

-BISCLAVERET “Les Mannequins” CD (Zoharum) Gloomy dark ambient / avantgarde soundtrack material by Bisclaveret, plus spoken work stuff written by Bruno Schulz. Digipack. Eu 8,90

-BISCLAVERET “Psyche noMine” CD (The Eastern Front) Bisclaveret - A Polish dark ambient/dark wave duo presents its album “Psyche noMine”. It took two years to conceive, resulting in 6 songs (clocking at around 53 minutes). Musically, it's a piece for those interested in moving, yet extraordinary art. Lush strings, industrial rhythms and even noise tones at times summarize the background for Dragos' voice coming from the other, subconscious side of his mind. Lyrically, it's a concept-album of sorts. All the lyrics deal with human sub consciousness. The words on “Psyche noMine” shows a man entangled in the arcane of the world, somebody who does not notice phenomena around him. The man whose recklessness or even arrogance so natural for him is the cause for him being lost in the surrounding reality. The album's ambiguous title suggests what receivers will deal with when listening to new Bisclaveret album. A must-have album for fans of Nordvargr, Dead Man's Hill and Cold Meat Industry acts, such as In Slaughter Natives & Sanctum. Special 3 parts folded cardboard belt with a postcard. Limited to 1.000 copies. Eu 12,00

-BJERGA & IVERSEN / SKULLPTURE “Split” CDr (Musically Incorrect Records) The dynamic duo of Sindre Bjerga and Jan M. Iversen offer you a long, skillfully constructed piece that begins with nice, mellow drones, turns into Nurse With Wound-like sound collage, and further into enjoyable noisy textures. Skullpture also presents one lengthy track, improvised in one take with guitars and a bunch of effect processors. It starts out as minimalist, jerky improv, and little by little transforms into a droning wall of sound that recalls Dead C. at their most glorious as well as some of Throbbing Gristle's finest live works. Eu 5,00

-BLACK LEATHER JESUS "First You Destroy Their Faith" CD (Spatter) Noise! Special price. Eu 7,90

-BLACK SEAS OF INFINITY "Hieros-Gamos" CD (Autumn Wind Productions) Ritualistic dark ambient, consisting of four compositions glorifying the marriage of gods and men. Eu 12,00

-BLACK SUN PRODUCTIONS "The Milky Smell Of Phantom Sperm" CD (Old Europa Café) 2008. € 13,00

-BLACK SUN PRODUCTIONS "Chemism" CD (Old Europa Café) 2007. Featuing contributions by Val Denham, Bahntier, Testing Vault. € 13,00

-BLACK SUN PRODUCTIONS "The Impossibility Of Silence" CD (Old Europa Café) 2006. With contributions by: Lydia Lunch, Jhonn Balance, Testing Vault, Sudden Infant, Sonne Hagal. € 19,90

-BLACK SUN PRODUCTIONS "Dies Juvenalis" CDr (Anarcocks) 2007. Limited to 100 copies only. € 19,00

-BLACK SUN PRODUCTIONS "Dies Juvenalis" CDr (Anarcocks) 2009 release. Strictly limited. € 23,00

-BLEIBURG "Open Wound" CDr (The Eastern Front) Live In Kassel, Germany 23.06.2007. It's a collection of well known Bleiburg's pieces . Audio version of the concert. Come in high quality 3 folded Croatia themed artwork packing. Limited to 300. € 10,90

-BLEIBURGWay Of Crosses” CD (The Eastern Front) Labels' presentation: Though only people themselves create history, they always prefer to re-write it afterwards, being horrified and embarassed by what they have commited. But sometimes we must make bold to face the truth and to acknowledge the fact that we are guilty in what we made. 14 outstanding compostions of one of most controversial artists of German neo folk/industrial scene. Beautiful oversized 3-panels cardboard packing. Eu 12,00

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