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King’s College London School of Medicine

Student Admissions Office
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Notes for guidance

This application form is designed for applicants who wish to join the MBBS course in the third year of the standard five-year programme (admission to year one is only considered via UCAS). King’s does not have a quota of places for transfer students, but we never take more than one or two each year. Therefore competition is intense.
To be eligible, applicants must be either:

  1. Enrolled on year 2 of an MBBS programme at the UK campus of a UK registered Medical School, with a comparable curriculum.


  1. About to successfully complete an intercalated degree, having already completed year 2 of the MBBS programme.

Applicants must have successfully completed sufficient years, to allow exemption from parts of the MBBS curriculum, and to enter into the third year. Applicants must also be Fit to Practise and proceed to the clinical years of study. Due to the large number of applications we will only consider applications from those with an outstanding academic record and exceptional mitigating circumstances.


For admission to the 3rd year of the five-year MBBS, applications should be received by the Student Admissions Office no later than 4th February at 5pm. Interviews normally take place in spring.
No applicant is admitted to any part of the MBBS course without interview.
Section 1 - Personal Details

Please enter your personal details including contact and home addresses if appropriate

Section 2 – Proposed programme of study

Students studying Medicine at another institution in the UK

The School will consider requests for transfer to the 3rd year of the MBBS course from students who are enrolled at medical schools within the UK. Places are offered subject to satisfactory examination performance to date and on condition that we are satisfied that the content of the applicant’s previous course is equivalent to that of the King's course. Competition for the few places available each year is very keen. Special reasons for request for transfer should be included.

NB: Please also enter your proposed point of entry, e.g. 3rd year MBBS
Transfers from outside the UK

The School is unable to consider requests for transfer into any stage of its courses from other medical schools based outside the UK, whatever the circumstances.

Section 3 – Language

Please give details of your study and any qualifications in English.

Section 4 – School Education

Please list all educational establishments and dates of attendance and all qualifications achieved at secondary school

Section 5 – Higher Education

Please list all qualifications achieved, or to be achieved at University or College. For University/College undergraduate examinations, please list each examination/module/unit with result

Section 6 – Employment details

Please list all employment, paid or voluntary

Section 7 – Personal statement

Please state your reasons for applying for the intended programme of study and any relevant experience or achievements. Please also include details of any relevant work experience. Include any further information you believe to be relevant and which is not given elsewhere on the form.

Section 8 – Academic reference

An academic reference should be sent with the application. Confidential references should be sent in a sealed envelope. An application without an academic reference cannot be considered. References will not be taken up if not enclosed with an application.

Section 9 - Fee Status

Please complete all details, including your current permanent place of residence, your nationality (as in your passport), your status in the UK (if you are not a UK passport holder) and any periods of residence outside the EEA in the last five years.

Please also state the fee paying status for your last or present course, Home, EU or Overseas, and indicate how you intend to fund your course at King's.
Lack of money and the associated anxiety this can produce can lead to student failure at university. It is therefore important that students and their sponsors are aware of the costs involved in a university course and should ensure that funds will be available for fees and living expenses for the whole of the course.
Authorisation from current Medical School

All applicants applying to transfer must submit additional documentation, on headed paper, from the Head of School/Programme Director with the following information:

  • Your name and date of birth

  • Confirmation that you are enrolled as a medical student

  • A full list of subjects examined and marks obtained

  • Confirmation that there are no Fitness to Practise issues that would prevent you completing a Medical programme and registering with the GMC.

  • Their name, position and signature.

Applications will only be considered by candidates who provide all of this information by the deadline.

Completed application forms and references should be sent to:

Direct Entry Medical Admissions

Student Admissions Office

1st Floor, Capital House

King's College London, Guy’s Campus

London SE1 3QD

Tel. 020 7848 7971

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