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10 books for you to listen to

We all know that reading to young children helps them to become more proficient readers but why should this practice cease so early in our lives? Listening to a book being read aloud allows the reader to interpret and understand the text in exactly the same way that they would if they were reading text from the page.

When listening to a book the reader encounters the same vocabulary, meets the same characters and becomes aware of the same events as any other reader, but without needing to decode the printed marks on the page. Audio books also have the added bonus of being able to be read almost anywhere and you can read them whilst you are doing other things like the washing up or driving the car!

The First Hippo on the Moon by David Walliams (read by David Walliams) Age 3 upwards

Walliams reads this book himself and unsurprisingly he is incredibly expressive. He adds brilliant voices for all of the characters bringing his words to life. His stories often involve a twisted reality and in this tale a group of animals are creating a rocket or Hippoporocket which will be powered by rhinoceros dung!

The Dinosaur that Pooped a Planet by Tom Fletcher and Dougie Poynter (Read by Tom Fletcher and Dougie Poynter) Age 3 upwards

Tom and Dougie first became famous for their singing and are now also well known for their funny picture books. Poop and dinosaurs are ideal features to include when creating a picture book which will make both adults and children laugh. Danny (a boy) and Dino (a dinosaur) decide to go to space together. Problems arise when Danny realises he has forgotten Dino’s lunch box and Dino is getting hungry. Dino starts to eat everything in sight, including their way of getting home. Fortunately Danny knows that whatever has gone inside Dino will have to come out again and in this case that will be via Dino’s bottom!

Horrid Henry by Francesca Simon (read by Miranda Richardson) Age 5 upwards

With Horrid Henry it’s easy to recognise yourself or someone you know in the characters. The stories are fun, light and entertaining. Miranda Richardson adds to them with her fantastically expressive voice easily creating images in the head of the listener. Listeners can enjoy Horrid Henry trying to be perfect for one day, learning to dance and arguing with his arch enemy Moody Margaret.

How to train your Dragon by Cressida Cowell (read by David Tennant) Age 7 upwards

Cressida Cowell manages to mix some factual history about Viking life with lots of dragons and non-facts. The book is engaging and entertaining and is brought to life by David Tennant’s dulcet Scottish voice.

The listener is introduced to Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III, who is a very put upon Viking. He isn’t tough enough to make himself heard at dinner with his father, Stoick the Vast, or hard enough to beat his chief rival, Snotlout, at Bashyball, the number one school sport. When he has to be brave enough to go into a cave full of dragons to find a pet, he learns he can be a hero.

Tony Robinson’s Weird World of Wonders by Tony Robinson (Read by Tony Robinson) Age 7 upwards

In this book Tony Robinson picks out lots of intriguing facts, titbits and lively anecdotes. Listeners will find silly, strange and disgusting elements that fans of Horrible Histories will love. As well as the jokes and quirky facts this book offers an accurate overview of the history of World War II with Robinson's enthusiasm for his subject coming across.

The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman (Read by Neil Gaiman) Age 10 upwards

You get a very unusual view of life if the people bringing you up in place of your parents are ghosts, especially when some of those ghosts died over 100 years ago. The cemetery becomes an unlikely place of safety for Bod after his family are murdered. Always expect the unexpected from the weird and wonderful Neil Gaiman and you won’t be disappointed!

Eragon: The Inheritance Cycle, Book 1 Part 1 by Christopher Paolini (read by Gerrard Doyle) Age 10 upwards

Eragon is a young farm boy who finds a strange polished stone in a forest. His initial thought is that he can sell the stone and use the money to ensure his family has food for the coming winter. He is unprepared for a dragon to hatch from the egg and quickly realise that this has changed his life forever. He travels across the empire with his dragon, running and even flying from danger and being taught the skills he needs along the way. Gradually he becomes aware that the future of the empire is linked closely to his own.

Noble Conflict by Malorie Blackman (read by Jack Hawkins) Age 11 upwards

Malorie Blackman is a prolific novelist and self-confessed geek. In Noble Conflict she has created a world where the terrorists attacking the city are dealt with in what appear to be humane ways. When Kaspar, one of the city’s guardians, digs deeper he finds that things are not as they seem.

You don’t know me by Sophia Bennett (read by Annie Hemingway) Age 12 upwards

Sasha and Rose had been best friends for as long as they could remember and they had always sung together. They accidentally end up being part of the TV show ‘Killer Act’ when a video of them singing is posted online. When they reach the live finals of Killer Act and are told that one of them must go - they have to make a decision that will change their friendship and their futures.

The Hit by Melvin Burgess (read by Christian Cooke) Age 15 upwards

Adult themes are covered in this book – not for the faint hearted.

Adam is feeling like his life is going nowhere his brother is gone, his parents are worn out from working so hard in their boring jobs and he has even lost girlfriend Lizzie, the one good thing in his life. With few opportunities available to him, and the growing sense that his life is worthless, Adam decides to take Death (a drug which he knows will start the best week of his life but end with his death. All too quickly, he realises that he still has plenty to live for and that seven days is not long enough.

Many libraries loan audio books and they can easily be down loaded. Depending on the site you use you may be able to download your first book for free. For more information on how to start using audio books, click here.

Happy listening!

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