Oak Park High School Academy Course Selection Sheet

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Oak Park High School

Academy Course Selection Sheet

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Human & Business Services


Media, Arts, & Communication


Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, & Medicine

  • Are you friendly, open, and understanding? Do you enjoy being a leader, organizing people, planning events, helping others? Do you like to work with people to solve problems? Do you like carrying through with an idea? Would you enjoy holding an office in a club? Do you like to see an idea through to an end product? This may be the Academy for you!

  • Are you creative? Are you imaginative, innovative, and original? Do you like to communicate ideas? Do you like making crafts, playing a musical instrument, taking photos? Do you like acting? Do you like dancing or choreographing? Would you like to see yourself on television or film? Would you like to publish a newspaper, magazine, or book? This may be the Academy for you!

  • Are you interested in science? Are you mechanically inclined and practical? Do you like reading diagrams and blueprints, and drawing building structures? Are you curious about how things work? Are you interested in science and/or medicine? Would you enjoy building a house, repairing cars, or designing and wiring electrical circuits? This may be the Academy for you!

  • Careers in this Academy relate to social, economic, business, and political systems. These include education, government, law, entrepreneurship, sales, marketing, management, law enforcement, child care, and social services.

  • Careers in this Academy relate to humanities and performing, visual, literary, and media arts. These include fine arts; architecture; graphic, interior, and fashion design; writing and journalism; film; media; advertising; public relations.

  • Careers in this Academy relate to medical science and technologies; to science and technologies necessary to design, develop, install, and maintain physical systems. These include medicine, engineering, manufacturing, construction, and more.

  • Career Clusters in the HBS Academy include:

    • Education

    • Finance and Accounting

    • Child and Family Services

    • Marketing

    • Hospitality and Tourism

    • Entrepreneurship

    • Law and Legal Services

    • Computer Information Technology

    • Cosmetology

  • Career Clusters in the MAC Academy include:

  • Advertising & Public Relations

  • Photography & Film Production

  • Journalism

  • Radio and TV Broadcasting

  • Graphic Arts and Design

  • Animation

  • Music

  • Architectural Design

  • Fashion / Set Design

  • Career Clusters in the STEM2 Academy include:

  • Engineering

  • Alternative Energy

  • Medicine

  • Robotics

  • Mechatronics

  • Biotechnology

  • Design and Simulation

  • Avionics

  • Nanotechnology


Please indicate your first and second choice of academies below, by writing your preferences in the appropriate box:

Academy Choices:


1st Choice:


2nd Choice:


3rd Choice:


A cumulative total of 20 credits or more are needed, in the designated courses that meet the state requirements for Michigan Merit Curriculum, for high school students in a four-year cohort for graduation.

4.0 Mathematics

3.0 Science

2.0 World Languages

0.5 Health

0.5 Community Service

4.0 English

3.0 Social Studies

1.0 Visual, Performing, & Applied Arts

0.5 Physical Education

1.5 + Electives

*20 Hours On-Line Experience

Student Signature





Mark your course selections by filling in the ovals in each box below for your Michigan Merit Curriculum Courses:


  • Algebra

  • Geometry

  • Pre-AP Geometry

  • Algebra II

  • Pre-AP Algebra II

  • Probability & Statistics

  • Pre-Calculus

  • Calculus


  • ELA-9

  • ELA-10

  • Pre-AP English Literature & Composition (10)

  • ELA-11

  • AP English Literature & Composition

  • ELA-12

  • AP English Language & Composition

  • Professional Writing & Literature


  • Biology

  • Pre-AP Biology

  • AP Biology

  • Chemistry

  • Pre-AP Chemistry

  • AP Chemistry

  • Conceptual Physics

  • Physics

  • AP Physics

  • Earth Science

Social Studies

  • U.S. History

  • AP U.S. History

  • World History & Geography

  • AP World History

  • Economics

  • U.S. Government(Civics)

  • AP U.S. Government

World Languages

  • French I

  • French II

  • Spanish I

  • Spanish II

  • Pre-AP Spanish

  • AP Spanish

°Physical Education

Mark your course selections by filling in the ovals in each box below for your 1st & 2nd choice of academies (only). You are eligible to elect 5 courses in each of your preferred academies:

Science, Technology, Engineering, Math, & Medicine (STEM²)

Academy Courses

Human & Business Services (HBS)

Academy Courses

Media Arts & Communication (MAC)

Academy Courses

°Introduction to Technology

°Foundations in Business

°Broadcasting Art & Film


° Current Local & Global Issues


°Forensic Science

°Political Science



°Speech & Communications

°Theatre Production I

°Introduction to Medicine

°Human Rights & Law


°Computer Graphics & Web Design

°Computer Graphics& Web Design

°Computer Graphic & Web Design

°Health Occupations (HOSA)

°Health Occupations (HOSA)


°Advanced Health Occupations

°Business Internships / Co-Op (must apply –see advisor)


°Health/Science CO-OP (must apply –see advisor)

°CASA (must apply –see advisor)

°Fundamentals of Art

°CASA (must apply –see advisor)

°O-TECH (must apply –see advisor)

°Speech & Communications

°O-TECH (must apply –see advisor)

°Exploration of Sound

°Exploration of Sound



°Exploration of Sound II

°Exploration of Sound

°Introduction to Marketing & Retail Co-Op/School Store

°CO-OP (must apply –see advisor)

°Environmental Science & Urban Planning


°CASA (must apply –see advisor)

°Animation Design & Gaming Technology


°O-TECH (must apply –see advisor)

°The Science of Wireless Technology & Cell Phones

°Children’s Theatre & Improvisation I

°Digital Photography


°Sociology Psychology


°Creative Writing

*Exceptions will be considered based on parent request and student interest/career aspirations. See your Academic Advisor regarding exceptions or any scheduling matters.

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