October 18th (Monday) Springfield Fair Parade October 19

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BDC Elite Company Calendar

(Fall 2010-Spring 2011)

October 18th (Monday) Springfield Fair Parade
October 19th (Tuesday) Dancers receive- Tickets for Barnes Boston Butts

Warm-up Fittings (dancers that need to order)

November 6th (Saturday) Fundraiser @ BDC Parking Lot- Yard Sale
November 9th (Tuesday) Costume Fees are due (detailed info soon to come)

Performance Package & Warm-up fees are due

Turn in fees for tickets- Barnes Boston Butts

Dancers start selling Spaghetti Dinners

November 13th (Saturday) Fundraiser @ Kroger (Tiny & Mini Elite)

(Baked Goods)

November 13th (Saturday) Fundraiser @ Harvey’s (Teen Elite)

(Baked goods & Bag Groceries)

November 20th (Saturday) Rincon Christmas Parade

November 21st (Sunday) Performance at the Holiday Classic
November 30th (Tuesday) Spaghetti Dinner Fees Due
December 3rd (Friday) Spaghetti Dinners-Delivered
December 11th (Saturday) Fundraiser @ Harvey’s (Junior Elite)

(Baked goods & Bag Groceries)

December 14th (Tuesday) LA Dance Magic (Greenville) Fees are due
January 4th (Tuesday) Hollywood Vibe (Atlanta) Fees are due
January 18th (Tuesday) Dancers receive Auto Shine Tickets to sell

(Junior & Teen Only)

January _____________ Spirit Party
January 28th-30th (Friday-Sunday) LA Dance Magic (Greenville, SC)
February 4-6th (Friday-Sunday) Hollywood Vibe (Atlanta, GA)

? February 19th (Saturday) Fundraiser @ Auto shine (Junior & Teen Only)

*Waiting on approval from the owner*
February 22nd (Tuesday) Encore (Savannah) fees are due

NRG (Charleston, SC) Fees are due (Junior & Teen)

Turn in all Corporate Sponsorships
March 1st (Tuesday) Recital fee (non refundable) $50 per Dancer Due
April 2-3rd (Saturday & Sunday) Encore (Savannah)*Competition only*
April 15-17th (Saturday & Sunday) NRG (Charleston, SC) *Junior & Teen Elite Only*
___________________________ SEMS Pageant Performance (waiting on date)

(This will be the only fundraisers for this season, we will brainstorm next summer & then choose for the following season. If you have any ideas for the next upcoming season, please let us know.)
LA Dance Magic (Greenville, SC)

$9 Window Decals (personalized with dancers name)

Kroger (Baked Goods) & Harvey’s (Baked Goods & Bagging Groceries)

Barnes Boston Butts

Hollywood Vibe (Atlanta, GA)

Yard Sale

$7 Spaghetti Dinners

Encore (Savannah, GA) *Competition Only*

Corporate Sponsors

NRG (Charleston, SC) *Junior & Teen Only*

Auto shine Carwash

Please see Katie W. at the front desk in the next few weeks to sign up for company parent leaders. Each fundraiser is required to have one leader per division ex) Tiny/Mini, Junior, & Teen Elite. This parent in charge will be the person who is over that fundraiser. This includes planning certain details, times, shift changes, ect. They will also be required to turn in a Fundraising form to BDC after the fundraiser has finished, along with the fees raised. (forms can be received at the front desk). Forms will consist of: the division, the names of dancers that participated, & the total fees raised. All fees raised will be kept in a Elite Company account & then divided out accordingly. Using this system for fundraisers will allow people to not feel obligated to do all fundraisers (choosing which ones they are able to do) or to participate in all.

*Keep in mind that both LA Dance Magic (Greenville) & Hollywood Vibe (Atlanta), we will meet Friday night at the host hotel. Solos, Duos, Trios, ect. may compete Friday night.
* BDC Live! 2011 (detailed info soon to come) Date: ____________________________

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