Office of the [Attorney General or Governor]

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[Month Day], 2015


Office of the [Attorney General or Governor]

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[Attorney General X or Governor X]:
As the nation’s largest coalition of immigrant rights organizations, we write to share with you a petition signed by X supporters of expanded deferred action for immigrant families demanding an end to the politically motivated lawsuit you and 25 other attorneys general and governors have brought to block the commonsense measures announced by President Obama last November. Simply put, the lawsuit is nothing more than an attack on immigrant families who must now live with the constant fear of deportation.
Administrative relief measures such as expanded deferred action are long overdue. These new policies would allow up to five million mothers, fathers, sons and daughters to contribute to their communities in new and meaningful ways. Indeed, the evidence is clear that the administrative relief measures announced by President Obama would spur economic growth and job creation while saving taxpayers money by reducing unnecessary spending on the detention and deportation of hardworking immigrant families. In [Your State] alone, expanding deferred action will generate $[YOU CAN INCLUDE STATE SPECIFIC DATA FROM THE CENTER FOR AMERICAN PROGRESS] million in tax revenue over the next five years.
Expanding deferred action will also finally bring relief to those hurt most by our broken immigration system: hardworking families, until the day that Congress passes a permanent solution through comprehensive immigration reform. Allowing the lawsuit to stand only prolongs the suffering of millions of families, squanders state resources and growth, and alienates Latino and immigrant voters from those working to block relief.
The country has had enough of politicians playing games with the lives of struggling families. The vast majority of Americans supports the President’s actions and wants sensible, humane immigration policies that meet our country’s needs and values. On behalf of supporters of a more rational and humane immigration system, we demand that you drop the lawsuit against expanded deferred action immediately.

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