Pablo Andrés Matamoros Systems Engineer (nzqa bcs)

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Pablo Andrés Matamoros

Systems Engineer (NZQA BCS)



168 Bowler Road, Te Aroha


+64 07 889 0009


+64 021 244 6809


Date of birth:

February 22, 1976

Visa Status:

Permanent Resident


Associate Member of the New Zealand Computer Society


  • Excellent command of written and oral communication

  • Self motivated and enthusiastic

  • High degree of accuracy and professionalism
  • Comfortable working under pressure

  • Able to pick up new concepts quickly and keen to learn


2000 – 2002 Systems Engineer (Assessed by NZQA as BCS Level 7) Interamerican Open University (Universidad Abierta Interamericana - UAI)

1996 – 2000 Systems Analyst

Superior Institute of Technical Formation (Instituto Superior de Formación Técnica N°38)

1989 – 1994 Electronic Technician High School of Technology (E.E.T. Nº 6 ex PF - SOMISA)


  • Crystal Reports Essential Skills v9,10,11,2008
    ACE Training (2010)

  • POU-TIRI-AKO - Certificate in Tertiary Teaching: Module Two & Three Bay of Plenty Polytechnic (2009)

  • CompTIA A+ - IT Technician (2009)

  • CompTIA A+ - IT Essentials (2008)

  • IT Essentials - Cisco Certified Instructor Cyberwaka Enterprises (2008)

  • POU-TIRI-AKO - Certificate in Tertiary Teaching: Module One Bay of Plenty Polytechnic (2007)

  • Microsoft Visual Studio .net Quick Training Seminary and Practice Laboratory (2001)

  • Next generation Networks and Ip Telephony Seminar dictated by Iplan Networks and Cisco Systems (2001)

  • Information Security course Course dictated in Interamerican Open University (UAI) (2001)

  • 1st year of Electronic Engineering (passed 5 papers) National University of Technology (Universidad Tecnológica Nacional - UTN) (1995-1996)

  • Turbo Pascal Course dictated in National University of Technology (UTN) (1993)


  • Fluent in spoken and written English

  • Native Spanish



July 2009 – Present Triodent Ltd.

Systems Developer

  • Web development of Triodent’s ecommerce platform using Joomla (CMS) integrated with Virtuemart (shopping cart) and custom made PHP scripts.

  • Implementation of Epicor 9 (ERP).

  • Business Analysis and design of Triodent’s information systems.

Key skills

Joomla (CMS),Virtuemart (shopping cart), Linux, Apache webserver, MySQL and PHP, HTML, CSS, SEO, Google Adwords, Google Adsense and other web technologies.

Epicor (ERP), VBA, BAQs, BPMs and Crystal Reports

DFDs, ERDs, UML and other analysis/design techniques.

September 2007 – Present Codespanish Ltd.

Freelance IT and translation services

  • Founded Codespanish Ltd as a way to maintain relevant commercial experience in IT.

  • Providing freelance IT and Spanish translation services.

Key skills

CMSs (Wordpress and Vanilla), Linux, Apache webserver, MySQL and PHP, HTML, CSS, SEO, Google Adwords, Google Adsense and other web technologies.

February 2006 – November 2009 Bay of Plenty Polytechnic

IT Lecturer

  • Teaching IT concepts in the following programmes: Diploma in Information and Communications Technology Level 5 (DipICT L5) and Bachelor of Computing Systems (BCS).

  • Concepts taught include: Business Applications, Electronic Commerce, Multimedia and Web Development, Operative Systems, Project Planning and Control, and Systems Overview.

  • DipICT L5 is a NACCQ ( approved course.

  • BCS is jointly awarded with UNITEC (

  • Mentoring and assessing final year students’ projects.

  • Involved in community projects (e.g.: Tauranga Art Gallery and Sport Bay of Plenty)

Key skills

CMSs (Wordpress, Joomla, MediaWiki, Vanilla, PHPBB), Apache webserver, MySQL and PHP, HTML, CSS, Javascript, SEO, Google Adwords, Google Adsense.

Linux, setup, commands and shell scripting

Windows XP and DOS, setup, commands and batch files.

DFDs, ERDs, UML and other analysis/design techniques.

May 2005 – Dec 2005 NIS (National Institute of Studies)

IT Lecturer

  • Teaching IT concepts in the following courses: NIS Diploma in IT and Business Applications (Level 5), National Diploma in Business (Level 5) and New Zealand Diploma in Business (Level 6)

  • Concepts taught include: hardware, information and data processing, IT support and networking.

  • Courses are NZQA ( accredited programs.

Jan 2004 – May 2005

Traveling in New Zealand

  • Studying English in the Upper Intermediate Level at ALC (Auckland Language Center)

  • Working in Hospitality: Esquires Café (Barista), First Base Backpackers (Housekeeping and Handyman) and Fat Camel Backpackers (Handyman).


Jul 2002 – Dec 2003 EDS (Electronic Data Systems)

Team Member of the Solution Centre (Analyst / Programmer / Application Support)

  • Design, development and technical support of the production planning system of SIDERAR SAIC (the major Argentinean iron & steel company).

This system consisted of a C++ application called Steel Planner created by AIS (Austria) and Visual Basic modules written by our team (1 to 3 programmers). These VB modules fed Steel Planner every day with the previous day production gathered from nine different plants and stored in an Access Database. Steel Planner then generated the production plan for the current day that was then shown through a VB GUI application. Some of the features of this GUI included: daily, weekly and even monthly production plan reports, historical reports, statistics, graphs, etc.

The creation of the VB modules required the analysis and simulation or improvement of the decisions taken on by the production managers of each plant. This project also involved data analysis of the information managed by SAP and several proprietary systems of the company.

My tasks also included improving the performance of modules developed prior to my arrival in the team. Through a combination of Object Orientated techniques, Procedural programming, optimization of SQL queries and the analysis of other applications running on the main server, I managed to reduce the response time of the whole system from up to 3 hours to 10/15 minutes.

Many of the modules developed by our team were included into the C++ code of Steel Planner by AIS staff.

  • In my final year in this project, I was Lead Programmer assisting and guiding the young programmers in my team.

Key skills

Visual Basic 6 (with a combination of object oriented and procedural programming), Ms Access, Crystal Reports, basic Windows 2000 administration and batch files creation.

May 2000 – Jul 2002 TESIS

Junior Engineer (Analyst / Programmer / Application Support)

  • Design, development and technical support of SOTR ELCOM90, a real-time communication system used by the electricity industry to transmit information to CAMMESA (the Argentinean electricity commission who supervises the wholesale electricity market).

This software was developed in C modules on QNX 4.x in combination with a Realflex SCADA. The system processed the data following a Scandinavian protocol called ELCOM90 and then transmitted it using the X25 communication protocol.

My colleague and I managed to increasingly improve this system over two years to optimum performance. This platform was used in 16 different locations including two nuclear power plants. We often wrote contracts and proposals for new installations of the system.

  • This role also involved changes in a few C++ modules and consultancy in other Automation projects.

Key skills

C, C++, Visual Basic 5, Microsoft Access, QNX 4.x, basic electronics knowledge like RTUs and PLCs.

May 1998 – Jan 2000 IAS (Argentinean Institute of Iron & Steel)

Young professional / Trainee

  • Computer modeling of the hot steel mill of SIDERAR SAIC using languages such as Fortran, C and VBA for MS-Excel.

  • Migration of physics and mathematical models from Fortran-77 on DOS to C on QNX.

  • Analysis of industrial process variables using databases (queries on SQL) and spreadsheets (MS-Excel and VBA)

Key skills

Fortran, C, DOS, QNX 4.x and VBA.


Programming Languages:

Operative Systems:



Graphics and Web design:

Very good knowledge of C, HTML, Fortran, Visual Basic and VBA. Basic knowledge of C++, Cobol, PHP, Pascal, Smalltalk and Clipper.

Good knowledge of Dos, Linux, Windows 9.x, Qnx 4.x and Windows XP. Basic knowledge of Windows NT and Windows 2000.

Good knowledge of MS Access, MySQL and SQL query language.

Basic knowledge of TCP/IP, X.25, RS232 and others.

Good knowledge of tools like Dreamweaver, Flash, Fireworks and Adobe Photoshop.

Very good knowledge of Open Source applications: Wordpress, Joomla, etc.

Good knowledge of Crystal Reports.

Advanced knowledge of Microsoft Office Tools: Word, Excel, Access, Project, PowerPoint and Visio.

Good knowledge of firewalls and proxies like Proxy+ and Zone Alarm Security Suite.

Good knowledge of Antivirus like Norton, Kaspersky, AVG, etc.

Good knowledge of PC hardware and many electronics devices.

In depth knowledge of EPICOR Erp.


  • Sports in general: football, basketball, running, etc.

  • International cinema.

  • Reading.

  • Traveling.

  • Working in small freelance projects for


- Karen Phillips (Group Leader - Information Technology Programmes of Bay of Plenty Polytechnic )

e-mail: / Phone: 64-7-5440920 ext 5568

- Dolly Gahlout (Business Diploma Teacher & Human Resources Manager of NIS)

e-mail: / Phone: 64-9-3062288

- Daniel Nguyen (Director of Studies of NIS)

e-mail: / Phone: 64-9-3062288

- Gustavo Sánchez (Team Leader of the project I worked as EDS member)

e-mail: / Phone: 54-3461–438100

- Pablo Berman / Ariel Mercogliano (CEO and owners of TESIS)

e-mail: / Phone: 54-341-4499602

- Jorge Tormo (former Manager of the Physics Laboratory of IAS)

e-mail: / Phone: 54-3461-428866


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