Part A: Identify the time zone for each city. Toronto est – Eastern Standard Time

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Time Zones Review: ANSWERS

Answers to questions #1-7 you will find on the Powerpoint!

Part A: Identify the time zone for each city.

  1. Toronto EST – Eastern Standard Time

  2. St. John’s NST – Newfoundland and Labrador Standard Time

  3. Ottawa EST – Eastern Standard Time

  4. Fredericton AST – Atlantic Standard Time

  5. Yellowknife MST – Mountain Standard Time

  6. Victoria PST – Pacific Standard Time

  7. Regina CST – Central Standard Time

  8. Edmonton MST – Central Standard Time

  9. Charlottetown AST – Atlantic Standard Time

  10. Winnipeg CST – Central Standard Time

Part B: Determine the time from one time zone to another across Canada.

  1. What time is it in Victoria when it’s midnight in Whitehorse? 12:00am

  2. What time is it in St. John’s when it’s 9am in Winnipeg? 11:30am

  3. If the Oilers game starts at 7pm in Edmonton, what time is it in Halifax? 10:00pm

  4. What time is it in Montreal when it’s 1:47pm in Quebec City? 1:47pm

  5. What time is it in Regina when it’s 4:30pm in St. John’s? 2:00pm

  6. If it is 3:45pm in Winnipeg when Mr. Felsen is calling his Aunt, then what time is it in Toronto? 4:45pm

  7. What time is it in Charlottetown when it’s 6pm in Quebec City? 7:00pm

  8. What time is it in Yellowknife when it’s 3am in Whitehorse? 4:00am

  9. If the Blue Jays game starts at 1pm in Toronto, what time is it in Calgary? 11:00am

  10. You are going to fly to Yellowknife from Toronto. If your flight leaves at 10:30am and it takes 3 and ½ hours to get there. What time would it be in Yellowknife when you arrive?


  1. The Raptors are playing an exhibition game in Vancouver. The next day they need to fly to Halifax to play another game. If they leave Vancouver at 9am and the flight takes 4 hours to get there, what time does the team arrive in Halifax?


Download 8.79 Kb.

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