Participants to the Youth Event at the 6th unaoc global Forum in Bali, Indonesia 28 to 30 August 2014

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Participants to the Youth Event at the 6th UNAOC Global Forum in Bali, Indonesia

28 to 30 August 2014

The theme of the Youth Event at the 6th UNAOC Global Forum is The Role of Youth in Promoting “Unity in Diversity” through Education, Media, Migration and Entrepreneurship/Employment. The Youth Event is output-oriented as it focuses on collective reflection among youth rather than on presentations of individual projects implemented by youth organizations. The expected output is a short series of Youth Recommendations that will be presented at the beginning of the Forum on 29 August.

In addition, the Youth Event will help youth establish contacts, actively exchange and explore how they can collaborate together, before and after the Forum. Youth will join all other participants to the 6th UNAOC Forum on 29 and 30 August 2014.
The UNAOC and the Indonesian government received over 3,000 applications for the Youth Event. A total of 100 youth were selected by a committee composed of youth as well as UNAOC and Indonesian representatives. Of these 100 youth, 60 are Indonesians and 40 come from other countries. These young participants are aged between 18 and 30 years old and represent youth organizations or networks.
The following selection criteria were used in the selection process: Interest: Applicant is highly motivated to attend and will substantively contribute to the Youth Event, as well as to the 6th UNAOC Forum (35 points); Exposure: The applicant has shown past experience related to the UNAOC issues/focusing on cross-cultural dialogue (30 points); Impact: The applicant and his/her organization have the capacity to disseminate the results of the 6th UNAOC Forum back to the youth community (e.g. access to a large network of youth or youth organizations at a local level) (35 points). In the selection process, balance for gender and cultural or religious background was respected. It is important to note that these youth do not represent their countries; rather, they represent youth from their own organizations and networks.

Participants to the Youth Event at the 6th UNAOC Forum in Bali, Indonesia

  1. Aniss Labdaoui, Algerian, Graduate student at the International Trade at HEC Algiers, Vice President of Outgoing Exchange Department in AIESEC Blida

  1. Guillermo Daniel Bril, Argentinian, Student, Industrial Engineering at the National University of Rosario. Preparatory team member for the “100 Years Young!”

  1. Imogen Clare Riethmuller, Australian, Fifth year Law and International Relations student, University of Queensland in Australia, Brisbane Assistant Branch Director for the Young Australians In International Affairs

  1. Nafis Rafat Niloy, Bangladeshi, Undergraduate student at BRAC University in Bangladesh

  1. Milan Balaban, Bosnian, Professional PR and Marketing Manager, Travel Writer

  1. DK Siti Zulaikha PG HJ Ishak, Bruneian, National Youth Advisor for Brunei Darussalam in the South East Asia Youth Environment Network

  1. Atanas Genkov, Bulgarian, Volunteer AIESEC Bulgaria

  1. Dinna Lay, Cambodian, Senior Economic Development student at Phnom Penh International University

  1. Maximillian Peter Montgomery Seunik, Canadian, Student at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in the USA

  1. Barbara Lilian Contreras Preisler, Chilean, Project Coordinator, Peace Revolution, World Peace Initiative Project

  1. Simona Zimová, Czech, Medical student and youth-worker

  1. Scarlet Shirley Sanchez Contreras, Dominican, Lawyer and Master student in Senior Public Management, Coordinator of Institutional Relationships at the Presidential Office of Information and Communication Technologies of the Dominican Republic

  1. Mohamed Abouzid Elsaid Hassan, Egyptian, European Pharmaceutical Students' Association, Pharmacy student, Poznan University of Medical Science

  1. Mustafe Mohamed Tahir, Ethiopian, Vice chairperson of Somaliland National Youth Organization

  1. Alzima Elisha Bano, Fijian , Youth Coordinator, The Citizens Constitutional Forum Ltd

  1. Tyrone Dale Ramos Agas, Filipino, Graduate student in Industrial Economics at the University of Asia and the Pacific, Project Staff in Center for Research and Communication in UA&P

  1. Christoforos Pavlakis, Greek, Social entrepreneur

  1. Helen Leung Wai-Sze, Hong Kong, Graduate of International Politics and Sociology at The University of Hong Kong

  1. Dina Ghassan Al Liddawi, Jordanian, National Programme Officer at The International Media Support

  1. Aidana Kassymova, Kazakh, Head of Mass Media Department Youth Parliament and Student of Economics at the International University Nazarbayev University

  1. Mazen Abou Hamdan, Lebanese, Graduate student in Philosophy of Non-violence and Human Rights. President CHAML (Non-violent Non-sectarian Lebanese Youth).

  1. Arturo Castellanos Canales, Mexican, Political and Communication Advisor, Electoral Institute of Mexico City, Co-founder and co-director of Contrarreplica

  1. Sana Afouaiz, Moroccan, Task Team member of Cultural Innovators Network- Goethe Institute, Regional Coordinator of “Moroccan Youth Climate Movement” and Media Regional Coordinator of “Women Earth Climate Network”.

  1. Han Ni Tin Hlaing, Myanmar, Intern House Officer, Yangon Children Hospital, Vice President of the Health Sector in Myanmar Youth Initiative

  1. Olga Shimbereva, New Zealander, Student of the University of Auckland majoring in International Business and Marketing

  1. Omowumi Omotayo Ogunrotimi , Nigerian, Graduate of Law

  1. Andrea Vela Alarcon, Preuvian , Professor of Qualitative Research Methods at Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú

  1. Alin Tudor Dobrea, Romanian, Global Brand and Marketing for Marks & Spencer, International Services Director for Rotaract

  1. Elena Kiseleva, Russian, Journalist student at Lomonosov Moscow State University. Writer, Russian online magazine Hopes & Fears.

  1. Mohammed Mubarak Alsubaie, Saudi Arabian, Medical doctor at the King Khalid Hospital and young activist

  1. François Xavier Diatta, Senegalese, Financial officer, ADAFEST

  1. Naim Leo Beširi, Serbian, Executive Director, Youth Education Committee on four programmes related to Conflict Prevention, Anti-Corruption, Public Accountability and Democratisation

  1. Ayanda Nxusani, South African, Vice-Chairperson, United Nations Association of South Africa UCT and Chairperson of Amnesty International UCT

  1. Mokgobi Koketso Marishane, South African, Arts Education & ICT Consultant, Researcher at the National Digital Repository of South Africa, Treasurer for Organisation of African Youth, Adjudicator at the National Eisteddfod Academy.

  1. Claudia Patricia López Bagaria, Spanish, Member, United Nations Student Association of Barcelona

  1. Thennakoon Mudiyanselage Kavindya Thennakoon, Sri Lankan, Law student, Adviser on Gender Equality to the UN Youth Advisory Panel

  1. Anna Postovoitova, Ukrainian, Volunteer, European Volunteering Service (EVS)

  1. Shohruh Uktamov, Uzbek, Leader of think tank club “Dilemma”, Member of NGO “Ashoka Japan” and NPO “Giovani Nel Mondo”.

  1. Pham Van Anh, Vietnamese, Founder of ECO Vietnam Group

  1. Sifiso Maposa, Zimbabwean, Founder and Director of Culture Axis

  1. Santika Nindya Hapsari Wibowo, Indonesian, Manager, Consulting Department, Manager Consulting Department,

  1. Hamzah Ramadhan, Indonesian, Coordinator, The Climate Reality Project Indonesia and The Inconvenient Youth

  1. Larasati Nur Pratama, Indonesian, General Secretary, Onegai Shelter

  1. Wilson Luganto Sitompul, Indonesian, President, Accounting Student Union

  1. Agus Burniat, Indonesian, Co-founder/Secretary, CINTAindonesia (Community for Interfaith and Intercultural Dialogue)

  1. Agustina, Indonesian, Youth Project Officer, the Wahid Institute

  1. Ainun Mardhiah, Indonesian, Teacher, Global Village

  1. Ajar Pradika Ananta Tur, Indonesian, Secretary of Youth Employment Board, Regional Board of Muhammadiyah Student Association Yogyakarta

  1. Alfons Manibebyar Sroyer, Indonesian, Youth participant

  1. Asrul Sidiq, Indonesian, Project Officer and Junior Researcher, International Center for Aceh and Indian Ocean Studies (ICAIOS)

  1. Aveline Agrippina Tando, Indonesian, Student, International Relations, Universitas Katolik Parahyangan

  1. Ayudyah Dian Imasari, Indonesian, Returnee of Exchange Student and Volunteer, AFS (American Field Service), Bina Antarbudaya

  1. Bernadetta Aloina Ginting, Indonesian, Member of the Art and Culture Division,

  1. Chevy Andhika Putra, Indonesian, Student, Prasetiya Mulya Business School

  1. Dani Aristya Prihatini, Indonesian, Founder/Chaiperson, Komunitas Bali Bersih

  1. Dedi Palaemea, Indonesian, Deputy of Education, Yayasan Peduli Loloda

  1. Dian Agustin , Indonesian, Project Coordinator, Accelerated English Society (ACCES) of Tsunami and Disaster Mitigation Research Center (TDMRC) B. Aceh 

  1. Diovio Alfath, Indonesian, Member of EDS, Research Staff of Scientific& Research Organization, Manager of Legal Research and Development

  1. Ewaldo Antonio Reis Amaral, Indonesian, Founder and Coordinator, Young Leaders Indonesia

  1. Fadhlya Chandra Kirana, Indonesian, Vice-President, Leo Club Jakarta Lentera

  1. Fahadil Amin Al Hasan, Indonesian, Secretary, Indonesia Youth Education and Social (I-YES), Region of Bandung

  1. Faikha' Fairuz Firdausi, Indonesian, Expert Staffs of Foreign Affairs Division, International Relations Department Student Union, University of Muhammadiyah Malang

  1. Fery Sandria, Indonesian, General Secretary, ASEAN Youth Leaders Association

  1. Fitri Ika Purwasih, Indonesian, Member, Forum Indonesia Muda (FIM)

  1. Gatra Priyandita, Indonesian, President, Indonesia Student Association Australia ANU Branch

  1. Ginanjar Gailea, Indonesian, Teacher, Lembaga Indonesia America

  1. Grace Chandra, Indonesian, Member, Purwa Caraka Muda Indonesia

  1. Gunawan Setiadi, Indonesian, Senior Volunteer, Youth Development Project (YDP) of Consortium for Village Strengthening in Aceh (ConVis).

  1. Iga Bagus Jaya Wardhana, Indonesian, Recruit Manager and President, AIESEC and Indonesia Volunteer Academy

  1. Ismurrozi Arianto, Indonesian, Program Manager, Indonesia Student Assocaition in the Univesrity of Malaya, Malyasia

  1. Jane Celine Hasjim, Indonesian, Diversity and Inclusion Youth Camp Ambassador

  1. Jawahirul Mahbubi, Indonesian, Head of Marketing Division, Putih Abu-abu Scholarship

  1. Kemas Rahmat Zenvani, Indonesian, Chief of Debate Division, Mimikri Debating and Public Speaking Consultant

  1. Khairunnisa Adiaty Yahya, Indonesian, Volunteer, Community of the Street Children’s Lovers

  1. Kunto Nurcahyoko, Indonesian, Coordinator, Polyglot Indonesia

  1. Lidya Sophiani, Indonesian, Team Member of Incoming Global Community Development Program, AIESEC

  1. Mahrita, Indonesian, Member of Social Community Service division, Student Executive Council of Social and Political Science Faculty of Airlangga University

  1. Makhyan Jibril Al Farabi, Indonesian, Head of Health Applied Science and Technology Development, Indonesia Medika

  1. Maryati Baharuddin, Indonesian, Active Member, Forum Indonesia Muda

  1. Mathelda Titihalawa, Indonesian, Core Team Member in Program Development Division, Non Violent Study Circles – Inspiring Development

  1. Merlinta Anggilia, Indonesian, Program Manager for Indonesia programs, Generations For Peace – Indonesia programs

  1. Mira Fitria Viennita Zakaria, Indonesian, Executive Director, Polyglot Indonesia

  1. Mohamad Fikri Pido, Indonesian, Regional Program Coordinator, Asian Muslim Action Network

  1. Muhammad Fadhun, Indonesian, Director Executive and Team Founder of The Leader,

  1. Muhammad Rizky Anugerah, Indonesian, Student, Murdoch University

  1. Natasha Karina Ardiani, Indonesian, Co-chair, Indonesian Youth Diplomacy

  1. Nathasa Tiara Ramadan, Indonesian, Senior Member, International Studies Club

  1. Ngungrum Qurani Isdarmadji, Indonesian, Vice-Treasurer, Student Council of Vocational Program,

  1. Niwa Rahmad Dwitama, Indonesian, Co-founder and Advisor, Indonesian Future Leaders

  1. Sarah Nabila Yasmin, Indonesian, Member of Public Relation Division, Banda Aceh Student Association

  1. Septian Adinegara, Indonesian, Founder and Advisor, Khatulistiwa English Community

  1. Sisca Ameliawati Rudy, Indonesian, Reporter, Radio Telekomunikasi Cipta Universitas Indonesia

  1. Steven Yohanes Polhaupesy, Indonesian, Member, Ayovote

  1. Stevie Leonard Harison, Indonesian, Member, World Youth Movement for Democracy

  1. Thalita Evani Hindarto, Indonesian, Advisory Council, Jogja Debating Forum

  1. Valentino Dhiyu Asmoro, Indonesian, Service Division Member, Catholic Youth Community maGis Jakarta

  1. Wida Wahyuni, Indonesian, Senior Council, English Debating Community Universitas Gadjah Mada

  1. Yos Fahleza Rahmatullah, Indonesian, Volunteer, Global Peace Youth Corps Chapter Palembang

  1. Zakiyah Pratiwi, Indonesian, Head of Education Department, Forum for Indonesia Chapter Semarang

  1. Ziadah, Indonesian, Leader, Lombok Page

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