Peninsula Wide September 2015

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Peninsula Wide

September 2015 | Issue #118
Paws’ for some fun at Pet Expo

The Peninsula Pet Expo will be held Sunday November 29 at the Village Green, Rosebud.

With something for everyone and their pets, Peninsula Pet Expo is FREE to attend. Dogs welcome on leads.

For more information see page 15

Spring into Sundays at our libraries

Mornington Peninsula Shire’s libraries have again flung open their doors to open on Sundays from 11am-3pm until November 29.

The 2015 Spring into Sundays program offers a wealth of activities with a little bit of something for everyone.

The first Sunday of each month is Music Mayhem where you can have a bite to eat as you listen to accomplished local musicians at the libraries. On the other Sundays you may be interested in finding out what the fuss is with 3D printing, learn about cryptic crosswords with David Astle, find ways to organise your house with Dr DeClutter or stretch your limbs with pilates.

Your local library is a great hub of resources, offering a range of services including both physical and electronic versions of books, talking books and magazines, as well as computer, internet and Wi-Fi access. Our libraries also offer a quiet place for you to study or work.

Hastings Library, 7 High Street – 5950 1710

Mornington Library, Vancouver Street – 5950 1820

Rosebud Library, McDowell Street – 5950 1230

Somerville Library, 1085 Frankston-Flinders Road – 5978 0834

Your Councillors


Cr Anne Shaw

0409 514 238


Cr Bev Colomb (Mayor)

0418 506 638


Cr Andrew Dixon

0428 273 947


Cr David Gibb

5981 0906


Cr Graham Pittock

0408 332 197


Cr Antonella Celi

0408 974 143


Cr Hugh Fraser

5985 7203


Cr Tim Rodgers

0417 585 142


Cr Lynn Bowden

5977 9530


Cr David Garnock

0428 343 822


Cr Tim Wood

0418 983 564


For Appointments and Meetings please contact:

Mayor: 5950 1411

Councillors: 5950 1428

The Shire’s Customer Service team provides telephone hours from 8am until 5.30pm each weekday, excluding public holidays, simply call 1300 850 600 or 5950 1000.

Outside of these hours, your call to 1300 850 600 or 5950 1000 will be taken by our after-hours contact service. In an emergency, our key duty officers are available on a standby basis. The Shire’s Customer Service Centres are open from 8.30am to 5pm, Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays.


Rosebud: 90 Besgrove St (Mel: 170 A4)

Mornington: 2 Queen St – Cnr Main St (Mel: 104 D10)

Hastings: 21 Marine Pde (Mel: 154 K11)

Somerville: 14 Edward St (Mel: 107 E12)1300 850 600 or 5950 1000
The information in this publication is of a general nature. The articles contained herein are not intended to provide a complete discussion on each subject and/or issues canvassed.

Mornington Peninsula Shire does not accept liability for any statements or any opinion or for any errors or omissions contained herein.

Council & Committee Meetings

Council and committee meetings are generally conducted on a Monday evening and rotated around the Shire.

Meetings are open to the public except where matters of a confidential or ‘in-camera’ nature are discussed.

The Council conducts community Council meetings monthly which commence with community briefings to the public, followed by dinner and the Council meeting.

Agendas are available at all Shire Customer Service offices and branch libraries on the Wednesday prior to the meeting. Agendas and minutes of the meetings are also available on the Shire’s website at:

Please refer to the Shire website at for any changes to the Council meeting arrangements.

Monday 12 October, 7pm

Council meeting, Council’s Rosebud Office, Besgrove Street, Rosebud

Monday 26 October, 7pm

Council meeting, Council’s Rosebud Office, Besgrove Street, Rosebud

Monday 9 November, 6pm

Annual Council meeting, Council’s Rosebud Office, Besgrove Street, Rosebud

Monday 23 November, 7pm

Council meeting, Council’s Rosebud Office, Besgrove Street, Rosebud

Monday 14 December, 7pm, Council meeting

Council’s Rosebud Office, Besgrove Street, Rosebud


How to pay your rates

There are a number of ways to pay your rates including Online, Direct Debit and in person. See for more information. If you are experiencing difficulty paying your rates, please contact the Shire on 5950 1080 to discuss the potential of a payment arrangement.

Paying by instalments

If you want to pay by instalments, the first instalment is due Wednesday 30th September 2015. Call the Shire on 5950 1080 for more information.

Paying in full

If you choose to pay your rates in full, the total amount is due by February 15, 2016.

Pay Online or Direct Debit

Go to and choose ‘Make a Payment’ from the right-hand menu to pay your rates online. You can also Direct Debit your payments – contact the Shire to register for Direct Debit.

Receive Notices via email

You can now receive your Rates Notices electronically via email. To register to receive your Rates Notice via email please contact the Shire on: 5950 1080.

Rates Notices via BPay View

With BPay View you can receive, store and pay your bills all within your online banking. Refer to your individual bank for registration and details.


The provisions of the Valuation of Land Act 1960 specify that all Victorian Councils are required to separately rate each part of a property that is able to be separately occupied, which results in you receiving more than one rate notice for a single property.

You may not realise that Council is also able to combine multiple titles onto one rate notice where the titles are occupied by the same person. This is known as contiguous rating.

Having your properties rated together is a financial benefit as you will only be charged one Municipal Charge (currently $180). In some circumstances combining multiple titles onto one rate notice can change the rating category, resulting in further savings e.g. when residential vacant land is combined with an adjoining residential dwelling the rate notice will be levied at the General Rate. The rate in the dollar for General Rate is currently 20% less than the Vacant Land Rate.

Properties can be abutting or may be separated by a public purpose reserve or open space, street, road, lane, footway, court, railway, thoroughfare or travelling route.

For further information or general advice of contiguous rating please contact our Property & Valuation team on 5950 1090.

Note: Mornington Peninsula Shire’s policy is to regularly review all contiguously rated properties. Should you sell one or all of your properties the contiguous rating will be cancelled.

Tidy Towns: wishing locals luck

Hastings and Mornington are township finalists in the Keep Victoria Beautiful 2015 Tidy Town - Sustainable Communities Awards, alongside 14 other Mornington Peninsula groups that are category finalists.

Category finalists are:

• St Mary’s School Hastings - Active Schools - Linking Schools and Early Years Partnership

• Students of Western Port Secondary College, Hastings - Active Schools - Promoting Sustainability in Our College and Beyond

• Luke Reardon, Western Port Secondary College Hastings - Young Leaders - Sustainability Leadership

• Students of St Joseph’s Primary School, Crib Point - Protection of the Environment - The Sea is My Friend

• Young Leaders, St Joey’s Café, Year 6 Students St Joseph’s Crib Point

• Green Army Mount Eliza Linear Reserves and Access & Fuel Management Project - Community and Government Partnership - The Green Army

• Southern Peninsula Community Information and Support and Mornington Peninsula Shire - Government Partnership - Fresh Food Program

• Wallaroo Residents Action Group, Wallaroo Primary School and Mornington Peninsula Shire - Community Government Partnerships - ‘Wallaroo Reserve’ Redevelopment

• Victorian Maritime Centre - Cultural Heritage - ‘Otama’ Project

• Mills Beach Friends - Environmental Sustainability - ‘Mills Beach’ Restoration

• Friends of Flinders Coastline - Protection of Environment - Restoring Indigenous Vegetation at Flinders Shoreline

• Mornington Peninsula Shire - Clean Beach/Waterway - Managing Source Point Pollution in a Busy, Popular Coastal Town

• Mornington Peninsula Shire - Litter Prevention - Cleaning Up ‘Ballar Creek’

• Mornington Peninsula Shire and Regional Waste Management Group - Resource Recovery & Waste Management - Think Less Waste

The Tidy Town - Sustainable Community Awards encourage, motivate and celebrate sustainability achievements of rural and regional communities across Australia.

We wish all local finalists the best - winners announced Saturday 17 October.


14th and 15th November 2015

Dispose of your green waste for ‘no charge’ at Mornington Peninsula Shire’s ‘No Charge’ Green Waste weekend at all Resource Recovery Centres (tips) on 14th and 15th November 2015.

The ‘No Charge’ Green Waste Weekend is for Shire residents or ratepayers only, with green waste to be delivered only from residential vehicles and trailers. No commercial vehicles or commercial green waste accepted. Proof of residency is required to dispose of green waste for no charge on this weekend; for example your driver’s licence, with your current address.

Delays are to be expected particularly at the beginning and end of the day. Consider using the Tyabb site to avoid delays at Mornington. Mornington can only accept up to 3 cubic metres of green waste per trip.

Green Waste includes all types of garden waste and untreated timber.

You can also opt-in to receive a 240 litre fortnightly kerbside green waste bin collection if you live in the ‘urban area’ of the shire. There is a cost for this service. Contact us for more information.

Resource Recovery Centres

Rye: Truemans Road

Tyabb: McKirdys Road

Mornington: Watt Road

Opening hours are from 8.00am until 5.00pm Saturday and Sunday.


The Mornington Peninsula Shire Council recently committed to a policy of carbon neutrality. Council is taking a proactive approach to managing the risks associated with climate change. Work has progressed to understand the Shire’s carbon footprint and the Shire has begun to develop an approach that maximises greenhouse gas emissions reduction.

Nepean Ward Councillor Tim Rodgers is a strong advocate for a proactive approach to managing the risks associated with climate change and said there are some significant opportunities for the Shire to not only reduce its current emissions, but to also invest in renewable energy options that set the Shire up to be resilient to any future changes.

“The research says that we must do something about it and we have got to do something about it now – both to mitigate and adapt,” he said.

Nepean Ward Councillors, Tim Rodgers and Hugh Fraser recently attended the ICLEI World Congress in Seoul where they had the opportunity to engage with other local government representatives on initiatives to build a climate resilient community. Seoul was presented as a model of accelerated urbanization with its pledge to cut emissions by 40% by 2030 and to reduce energy consumption by as much as one nuclear reactor power plant’s capacity by developing renewable energy.


Saturday 28th November 2015

Dispose of unwanted household chemicals for free at the Mornington Detox your Home mobile collection event on Saturday 28 November from 8am-4pm.

Items from acids and alkalis, to fire extinguishers and rat poison can be disposed of safely. For a full list of items that are accepted visit

Register online to choose your preferred time slot and to be advised of the site address provided:

Advocacy in action: transport, roads and public transport

Ongoing maintenance and improvement programs are required to improve the conditions and safety of our arterial roads (managed by VicRoads) and to alleviate congestion on the southern peninsula.

Inadequate public transport is creating barriers to mobility including access to critical services, education and employment opportunities.

Mornington Peninsula Shire Councillors are very active in advocating for the matters that are important to our community, and advocacy priorities are:


• Funding for PenBus or the implementation of an alternative public transport solution

• Increased frequency 788 Bus Service (Frankston to Portsea)

Intersection safety improvements at:

• Intersection of Nepean Highway and Forest Drive, Mount Martha

• Intersection of Mornington-Flinders Road and Shands Road, Red Hill

• Intersection of Jetty Road and the Mornington Peninsula Freeway

Pedestrian safety improvements at:

• Mornington-Tyabb Road (near Civic Reserve Mornington)

• Point Nepean Road (entire length)

• Shoulder sealing on roads (for example Coolart Road)

• Upgrading freight routes to support peninsula industries

• Consultation on Vic Roads road classifications consultation and performance standards

UPDATE: The Shire has been successful for funding for 15/16 to secure $3.5m of blackspot and blacklength funding at the following locations:

• Wooralla Drive, Mount Eliza – Installation of roundabouts at St Kilda Street and Brighton Crescent

• Jetty Road and Old Cape Schanck Road, Rosebud – Installation of a roundabout

• Humphries Road and Walkers Road, Mount Eliza – Installation of a roundabout

• Bungower Road and Jones Road, Somerville – Modifications to existing roundabout

• Old Cape Schanck Road between Jetty Road and Cleek Crescent, Rosebud – Roadside safety improvements

• South Beach Road and Disney Street, Bittern – Modifications to existing roundabout

• Barkly Street and Herbert Street,
Mornington – Intersection improvements.


Mornington Peninsula Shire will ease burn off restrictions on small properties (those less than 1500 square metres) throughout October 2015 to allow residents to burn off for fire prevention purposes.

For the month of October 2015 Open Air Burning is permitted on land less than 1500 square metres only on Fridays and Saturdays between 9:00 am and 4:00 pm provided that:

• No more than 1 cubic metre of vegetation is burnt at any one time;

• The fire is not within 10 metres of any neighbouring dwelling; and

• The General Fire Safety Provisions are followed at all times

Open Air burning is prohibited on properties smaller than 1500 square metres at all other times.

Mornington Peninsula Shire’s Municipal Fire Prevention Officer Damien Taylor said the easing of restrictions for land less than 1500 square metres would assist owners of smaller properties to reduce fine fuels in the lead up to the fire season.

Open Air Burning regulations for land more than 1500 square metres and more than 40,000 square metres remain the same.

For more information on the Open Air Burning Local Law and the altered regulations for October 2015 visit

For assistance call Customer Service on 1300 850 600 or 5950 1000.

Customer Service Excellence

The Shire recently held community consultation sessions where residents, ratepayers and visitors provided feedback on how the Shire interacts with residents.

Shire Mayor Bev Colomb said the consultations were part of the Shire’s customer service review, “The feedback gained will assist the Shire in reviewing its existing customer service arrangements”, she said.

If you were unable to attend a consultation session or have further feedback, you can still contribute online at the Shire’s website

For more information, please contact Lisa Gray via email: or 5950 1832.

Your say:
Footpath to connect Blairgowrie and Rye

A footpath is being proposed along Point Nepean Road, between Canterbury Jetty Road and Minnimurra Road, and is currently in the preliminary planning and design phase.

The aim is to provide sealed pedestrian connectivity between Rye and Blairgowrie. The Shire is seeking feedback with regards to the proposed alignment, which aims to maximise amenity and pedestrian safety for the community and minimise impact to vegetation and cultural heritage. Path is proposed for construction in 2016/2017, with planning and design in 2015/2016.

The Shire is also undertaking preliminary planning to allow for the missing link of the Bay Trail in this section, and will advocate for state government funding when the opportunities arise. The proposed alignment has been positioned to minimise impact to vegetation and cultural heritage. Council is seeking feedback from the community in relation to these two proposed paths. Please see the Shire’s website for a full map detailing both path alignments.

Closing date for submissions: 12th October 2015.

More info and feedback:

Farmers find ‘Common Ground’

Rural landholders across the Shire are reaping the rewards of sharing experiences and information through participation in the Shire’s Small Rural Landholder Network.

This network is open to all rural landholders and agribusinesses on the peninsula. It hosts regular training and discussion group activities on land, soil, water and animal management topics to broaden agricultural knowledge and enhance landuse capability.

The Shire has recently launched a new 12 part Fact Sheet series called ‘Common Ground’, to support more targeted learning for local producers on a range of themes including soils, water, pastures and livestock.

Download the fact sheets at

Sisters’ views protected

The view of an historic settlement site from the impressive land outcrops known as the ‘Sisters’ in Sorrento has been preserved.

A VCAT hearing in June determined on a number of decisions, including that planted vegetation is not allowed to impact on the view from the Eastern Sister lookout of Sullivan Bay and the Western Sister.

Sullivan Bay is where Europeans first attempted to settle in 1803 – known as the Collins Settlement, and VCAT’s decision pays tribute to the historic importance of this site and provides strong support for the protection of the view of the area.

Council welcomed the VCAT decision, and thanked the community and local groups such as the Nepean Historical Society, Nepean Conservation Group, Friends of the Collins Settlement Sorrento and Nepean Ratepayers Association Settlement Action Group for their support.

Gallery: Rabble-rousers and racing

10 October – 29 November, MPRG

The irreverent and playful rabble-rouser of the Archibalds, the Salon des Refusés comes to Victoria for the first time in October at the Mornington Peninsula Regional Gallery. Showcasing ‘the ones that got away’ from the 2015 Archibald and Wynne Prizes, the exhibition is a prized selection of the humorous, innovative, mad, bad and dangerous entries that were too fabulous to resist.

Alongside the Salon exhibition will be Mornington Peninsula Artist Ivan Durrant’s Horsepower. This exhibition combines Durrant’s long-standing interest in horse racing with photorealist techniques to create what he refers to as ‘supraphotolism’. Durrant turns up the volume on the vitality and excitement of race day.

Gallery: Gardener’s delight

8 October, MPRG

Join us at the Mornington Peninsula Regional Gallery for Gardeners’ Delight, an earthy panel conversation with Costa Georgiadis, host of Gardening Australia, ABC TV, Clive Blazey, Founder of the Diggers Club, Heronswood, Gordon Morrison, Director of Art Gallery of Ballarat, moderated by Tim Entwisle, Director and Chief Executive of the Royal Botanic Gardens, Victoria. Thursday 8 October, 4.30pm–6.30pm, $30.

Gallery: Young at Art

13 October & 10 November, MPRG

Pre-schoolers can enjoy a Young At Art session at Mornington Peninsula Regional Gallery with Matteo the storyteller and musician on Tuesday 13 October and Tuesday 10 November. Bookings essential, phone 5975 4395.

More info:

Gallery: $80,000 for refurb plans

Detailed planning will be undertaken for the Shire’s Mornington Peninsula Regional Gallery to better equip the popular gallery and attraction.

Mornington Peninsula Shire Council and Friends of the MPRG have committed $40,000 each towards the preparation of concept designs, project scoping, financial modelling, business planning, and costings for a redeveloped gallery to provide improved facilities and a potential tourism boost for the Mornington Peninsula.

The Shire has established a working group to guide the redevelopment planning process, consult with arts organisations and the community, and engage architectural consultants. It is anticipated that planning will commence in October with a redevelopment plan finalised in early 2016.

Following a review of the redevelopment plan by Council, a comprehensive business case will be taken to state and federal governments and potential benefactors to support the proposed development and attract funding.


Twenty-three flags featuring images by local artists have been installed throughout Rosebud, Rye and Sorrento as part of Mornington Peninsula Shire’s ‘A Creative Peninsula’ arts flag project.

The flags display a range of images created by local peninsula artists that reflect their lives on the Mornington Peninsula.

The flags display works by Justine McNamara, Miodrag Jankovic, Sharron Okines, Michael Leeworthy, Jennifer Ellen, and Sabra Lazarus.

Council and artists worked closely with local chambers of commerce and businesses to bring the project to life.

See the arts flags at:

• Rosebud: near the corner of Boneo Rd and Nepean Highway

• Rye: at the entrance to Rye pier on Pt Nepean Rd.,

• Sorrento: along Ocean Beach Road

Council plans to progress the colourful project across the townships of Blairgowrie, McCrae, Dromana and Safety Beach in late 2015.

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