Pers-42 drumbeat (Reference) Last Update: November 2014

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PERS-42 DRUMBEAT (Reference)

Last Update: November 2014


Submarine Division Officer (DO) 3

Submarine Department Head (DH) 6

Submarine DH Screening Frequently Asked Questions 6

Department Head Inventory and Detailing 10

Department Head School Timing and SOAC Slating 11

Post-Department Head Detailing 12

Submarine Executive Officer (XO) 14

Submarine CDR and Post-XO Detailing 15

Submarine Commanding Officer (CO) 16

Submarine Post Command/Major Command 17

Additional Qualification Designators (AQDs) 22

Adjudication of Medical Issues 22

Tour Length, and Relief Policies 23

Board Information 26

LCDR (Line) Selection Board Discussion Points 28

Record Update and Maintenance 32

Record Maintenance Resources 32

Officer Data Card & Officer Summary Report Updates/Corrections 32

Fitness Reports 33

Officer Photographs 34

Personal Awards 34

Other Information 36

Operational Holds (OPHOLD) vs. Orders Modification (ORDMOD) 41

Custom Command Greeting to Prospective Gains in Their Orders 42

Career Navigator (NAVADMIN 149 & 150/13) 42

Why You and Your Sailors Need to Understand CMS/ID 43

PRD Management 44

Prototype Manning and Instructor Duty for Nuclear-Trained Personnel 46

Sea Duty Incentive Pay (SDIP) Changes 48

Information Systems Technician Submarines (ITS) Manning Update 49

Submarine Division Officer (DO)

Officer Staff Pick-ups at Prototype

To supplement the staff at the Ballston Spa and Charleston prototype sites to aid in enlisted student training, some officers will be selected to fleet up to the staff following their graduation from prototype. The total number of officers involved in this initiative and from which classes they are selected will be managed to avoid division officer manning shortfalls in the fleet. Officers participating in the program will serve on the prototype staff for one year following their graduation. These officers should be closely tracked with respect to meeting career gates in a manner similar to officers that have participated in the Immediate Graduate Education Program (IGEP) from their commission source.

Post DO Shore Assignment

When it comes time to rotate from sea to shore, many officers harbor anxiety because they are initially unfamiliar with the process. The following guide outlines this process:

Process Initiation: The Division Officer Tour and Engineer Qualification must be complete. This point of completion is guided by the nominal tour length of 36 months (including 12 months post-PNEO) and the Commanding Officer’s assessment of the officer’s readiness for Department Head.

PRD: The Projected Rotation Date (PRD) is the entering argument that defines the start of the detailing process. PRD is controlled by the Commanding Officer and can be affected by mission cycles, experience of the Wardroom, and operational commitments. Negotiations with the detailer regarding transfer dates must be fully vetted through the Commanding Officer prior to an officer officially playing a particular slate. Wardroom planning conference agreements are used by the Post-Division Officer detailer for the planning and organization of a particular slate. PRD extensions past the nominal tour should be made with careful regard for the tradeoff of real time experience and future career gate concerns (i.e. PERS-42 strives to ensure every Division Officer will serve at least 12 months as a DH before the officer is projected to be in zone for O4).

The Slate”: The Division Officer Shore Detailer (PERS-421C) will post a listing of all jobs available each quarter. Each slate will post approximately 6 months prior to the quarter. For example, the 2nd Quarter slate (Apr – Jun) will post in October and close in December. The slate can be found under ‘Career Info’ on the PER-42 website. Preferences are submitted in a ‘Top 10 format and must be received prior to the slate closing.

  • Each slate will be comprised of a variety of jobs to include: Flag Aide opportunities, Non-Traditional Shore Duty (NTSD), NROTC instructor, waterfront schoolhouse instructor (i.e. TTF, SLC, etc.), and overseas assignments.

  • All known Jobs are listed- with priority for fill. All higher priority (1 is highest) jobs will be filled prior to offering lower priority assignments.

SLATE “Do’s and Don’ts”

  • Failure to submit preferences for the slate associated with a given officer’s PRD will result in assignment based on historical preferences and the officer’s official record of performance. To avoid these situations, it is imperative that commands work to ensure that each of their Division Officers fully participate in the slate process, which includes communication with the detailer, submission of slate preferences, and feedback on slate options.

  • NROTC and Naval Postgraduate School (NPS) assignments require original copies of transcripts submitted to PERS-42. Officers interested in these types of assignments must do this as early as possible. Additionally, officers should have greater than a 3.0 GPA to be competitive for these assignments.

  • To receive orders to NPS, you must have your Academic Profile Code (APC). To get your APC calculated, apply online at

Slate Timing






1st QTR

2nd Week in July

2nd Week in Sep


2nd QTR

2nd Week in Oct

2nd Week in Dec


3rd QTR

2nd Week in Jan

2nd Week in Mar


4th QTR

2nd Week in Apr

2nd Week in Jun

NTSD: There are several Non-Traditional Shore Duty (NTSD) opportunities available on each slate. These are considered ‘non-traditional’ due to the nature of the job (i.e. sea time, frontline GWOT support, etc.). NTSD jobs include ASW liaison for various destroyer squadrons (DESRON), amphibious squadrons (PHIBRON), expeditionary strike groups (ESG), and split tour to VA-class NEWCON. Officers assigned to an NTSD get a follow-on shore duty upon return. Returning NTSD participants get to choose their job off the applicable slate and are assigned prior to the slate closing. Alternatively, you may choose to play the slate as normal and receive a Homeport Guarantee for your Department Head tour. Follow-on assignment and tour length are subject to individual career milestone concerns. Specifically, follow-on tour length could be truncated based on projected LCDR and XO screening gates (i.e. the post-NTSD shore tour may be shortened from 24 months to 20 months). Division Officers, who are interested in a follow-on PCU or Prototype assignment, can rotate from their initial sea assignments at the 24 month point, provided they are PNEO qualified.

PCU Split-Tour Division Officer: The VIRGINIA class build cycle has reached a steady state. As we lay the keel for the new boats, the call remains to initially man the wardrooms with experienced officers. Each PCU will have 5 ‘split-tour’ division officers assigned. To be eligible for assignment, you must be submarine and PNEO qualified. Upon completion of Sea-Trials, each officer will continue on to a follow-on shore duty.

NPTU: Prototype duty is critical to the continued training of all new nuclear officers. Every slate will have NPTU Shift Engineer jobs listed and they will always be filled. Interest in these jobs continues to be less than required. This leads to officers being involuntarily selected for NPTU (i.e. a ‘red’ detail).

  • A follow-on option is offered to all officers serving as Shift Engineer that are committed to returning as a Department Head. Shift Engineers may select one of the two follow-on options:

    • After 24 months as Shift Engineer, you may participate in the NPTU Follow-On Option. This program affords you the opportunity to pursue further education. You remain attached to NPTU but no longer serve in the capacity of Shift Engineer. You will be allotted up to one year to complete graduate education and/or Joint Professional Military Education Phase I (JPME I). Upon completion of the Follow-On Option, you will proceed directly to SOAC.

    • NPTU officers committed to Department Head, but not interested in executing the Grad Ed/JPME third year option can elect to forgo the follow-on option and proceed directly to SOAC. Officers that elect to do this will be offered their choice of homeport and preferential detailing for their Department Head assignment.

Shore Tour Length and PRD: With the exception of NTSD assignments, the nominal post division officer shore tour length will be 24 months. This length may be adjusted at the request of the service member by submitting a PRD Extension Request to PERS-42 for consideration. These requests should be submitted 12 months prior to the original PRD. Submitting any PRD change requests 12 months prior to the original PRD is beneficial to the member for several reasons: First, if the officer decides to proceed on to a Department Head Tour, this is the point where SOAC rosters are being generated, so there is flexibility with specific classes because they have not been filled. Second, it offers the opportunity for those that intend to resign to determine their PRD while they are still in the window to submit a resignation. Finally, submitting a request this far in advance prevents a request from being denied because a relief has been identified off the next Post-Division Officer Shore Duty Slate.

Your record: Personal performance plays a large part in shore assignments. Those performing well shall enjoy preferred consideration of their preferences. However, strong officers may be encouraged to play for high visibility jobs and other assignments where they are considered ‘good fits’. Junior officers should work with their commands to ensure that the detailer has the most current and up-to-date record of performance. This may require special letters or other correspondence to bridge gaps between reporting periods, provide insight into special recognition like Junior Officer of the Year, and to provide insight into suitability for specific jobs.

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