Personal Data Name: Mariano Sandro Villegas González

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Personal Data

Name: Mariano Sandro Villegas González

Date of birth: 3 / 9 / 67

Marital Status: Married

Nationality: Argentine

Language: Spanish - English

Address: S. de Bustamante 2156 7ºB Buenos Aires - Argentina

Telephones: ( 5411 ) 4823 - 0676 e-mail:



● Graduated from "Escuela Nacional de Profesores Nº2 Mariano Acosta" - 1985

● Graduated as a Graphic Designer from the University of Buenos Aires ( UBA ) - 1989

● Typographic Seminar lectured by professor Rubén Fontana, director of "Tipográfica" magazine.

● Aerography Course given by professor Ignacio Otero at the University of Buenos Aires.

Course in Animation, cartoons and Special Effects, given by professor Alejandro Berman at

Sica ( Sindicato de la Industria del Cine Argentino ) -Union of Argentine Movie Industry-

● Attended to the complete series of Siggraph'98 conferences. ( Orlando, USA. )

● Training of Softimage|3D at "Torneos y competencias".

● Course of Avid|DS at "SVC", Avid reseller , with the instructor Juan Carlos Monzón.

Macintosh, PC, Amiga and Silicon Graphics user for Graphic Design and computer animation.
Professional Experience:

● Graphic Designer responsible for creation, production, and supervision of printing and photographic

process, at Henel S.A. ,argentine exportation company of pet food and goods.

● Free lance Designer for promotional projects at " Coconor" entertainment park.

● Designer for promotional projects at " La Imprenta " Gymnasium.

● Graphic Designer at RGB Marketing & Communication company, working on projects for clients such as

Comodex ( diaper company ) and La Rambla ( Bakery products ).

● Logotype and stationery design for Woody Television.

● Designer and production supervisor for the creation of exposition booths for Henel S.A.

( Ferigat exposition ), and also for P.J.Newmeyer ( Textile ).

● Billboard, program and scenographic design for:

* The panthomime School for Children & Teenagers Show at the Banco Patricios Fundation .

* The play "Arround the World in 80 days " Cervantes National Teatre.

* Plays for the Theatre Group "Gambas al Ajillo". Empire Teatre.

● Idea and Production for mural design in Engelberg Discotheque.

● Street Sign Ilustrator in aerograph at Canter company.

● Graphic Designer for printer specialized in menus for restaurants printed in serigraph.

● Macintosh Operator at Catú Cine Animación, animating TV commercials in 2D and 3D cartoons for

national and international broadcast , created for Agencies such as Walter Thompson (Chile &

Argentina) McCann Ericson ( Panama & Argentina ) for their clients Johnson & Johnson (Raid),

Telefónica de Argentina, Nestlé ( Nesquick, Bananita Dolca ), Vivere, Granby, Nutrasweet, etc.

● 2D & 3D animator at " Nanni Studio", working with software such as SOFTIMAGE|3D, Infini-D,

Animation Master, Animation Stand, After Effects, Photoshop, Premiere, Debabelizer, etc.

● Digital composition and FX for FILMS at Garcia Ferre Entertainment, making the animated movies

"Manuelita" and "Las alegrias de Pantriste", working with software like TOONZ, Softimage|3D,XSI,

Maya, After Effects,Photoshop, Premiere, Elastic Reality, etc. Knowledge of Discreet Logic Combustion.

● Digital composition at Rodolfo Mutuverría Studio ( "Dibu" character creator ) for "Verano Animado", channel 13 TV.

● 2D & 3D animator at " IDEAS DEL SUR ", TV production directed by Marcelo Tinelli,

for the programs Todo x 2 $, Cuatro Amigas, Fugitivos, VideoMatch, Odisea Patagonia, NúmerosRojos,

Pasapalabra and commercials. Making of "test programs" like "La Agencia" and sport TV programs for PSN,

working with Avid|DS, After Effects, Maya and Softimage| XSI.
Expectation for the Future :

The making of movies with 2D / 3D characters and digital FX.-

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