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Jon-Paul Brett

Personal Details

Role : Project Manager E-mail :

Nationality : British Mobile : 07966 488954

Post Code : WC2H 7AS Other : 020 77665209

Date of Birth : 1984 Linkedin :

Education & Qualifications

2006 BSc Honours Degree in Health Science with Management - First Class

2006 Security Cleared (SC)

2012 Prince2 - Practitioner & Foundation

2011 CTLLS (BTEC) Coaching, Training & Presentations

2007 Commissioning Course - Management and Leadership



Security Cleared Project Manager with 5 years experience implementing business change and IT projects. Expertise in running projects from the security planning for London 2012 Olympics, to e-commerce, IT and training solutions. Development and project implementation using Prince2, Waterfall and Agile SCRUM methodologies both onsite and off shore.
A highly driven, motivated First Class honours graduate with a track record of achieving tangible results. Personable and consistently building strong relationships with stakeholders and team members at all levels. Significant experience of managing teams of up to 120 people through the full project life cycle.
A confident professional with excellent communication and presentation skills. Highly versatile, quick to adapt to new business models, and always looking to add maximum value. A results oriented team player able to motivate and lead the team to success. Possesses a proven track record of consistent achievement with all projects finished on time and to budget.
Flexible and willing to travel internationally, as much as is required to meet the projects objectives. Available immediately and seeking contract work within London and the South East.

Project Manager Skill Summary:

Methodologies: PRINCE2 Foundation & Practitioner, Waterfall and Agile SCRUM.

Documentation: Business Justification, Project Brief, Project Product Descriptions, Benefits Review Plan, Project Definition, Technical Specifications, Project Initiation Documentation, Project Planning, Risk Management Strategy, Risk Log, Configuration Management Strategy, Issue Log, Roles and Responsibility Definitions, Daily Log, Quality Management Strategy and Learning Log.

Project Experience: Relationship Management, Stakeholder Management, Senior Stakeholder Management, Influence and Negotiation, Resource Management (onsite and off shore), Budget Management, Risk Management, SWOT analysis, Prince 2, Conflict Resolution, Full Product Life Cycle, Business Case Development, Milestone and Stage Management, Business Justification, Business Change, Full Project Life Cycle

Market Sectors: Project Manager, Security Cleared, e-commerce, Education, Government, Technology, E-Learning.

Technologies: MS Project, MS Excel, MS Word, MS Power Point, MS SharePoint, Microsoft Office, Joomla

References available on request

Jon-Paul Brett
Employment History
Aug 2012 – Jan 2013 Adducology Systems, UK

Adducology Systems is a provider of Interactive Educational Software designed for Schools and Local Authorities. It has an extensive client base across the UK in higher education schools and colleges.
Project Manager

Brought in to Project Manage a Greenfield development of a new Interactive Educational Portal for schools and colleges. This was a renewed contract following successful completion of previous work.


  • Ensured all projects were delivered using PRINCE2 governance (i.e. Business Case, PID, Communications Plan, Status Reports, Issue and Risk logs, variation orders etc)

  • Motivated and led a 6 person team located onsite in the UK with a further 25 located off-shore to agreed milestones, outcomes and budget.

  • Consulted and managed business change and user stakeholders up to board level, to identify needs and design product solutions.

  • Assigned and controlled concurrent and sequential work packages on multiple development sites and with partner companies.

  • Full product lifecycle development from planning through to implementation.

  • Contract development, negotiation and preservation of the business case.

I worked on the following project:

  1. Web-interface platform project:

As the Project Manager I organised and managed the development of a user web-interface platform using Prince2. A new company direction designed to boost repeat sales and generate company cross selling. The product produced was an interactive gateway to allow schools and students to manage university applications and specifically the University Interview Process using Prince2 methodologies. This consisted of interactive training videos and used a large pool of past questions from Oxford and Cambridge Universities and other top institutions. Significant business relationships were also developed, one of which led to the inclusion in a large national campaign supported by Vince Cable PM, James Cann and Richard Branson.

  • Over the project I developed a new business relationship which increased the product reach from 200k to over 7million with a new business partnership. This was achieved by partnering with the Changing Britain: Innovation & Employment initiative and the NUS.

  • My contribution directly resulted in an increase in sales of 20% in the first 2 weeks after completion. These were negotiated with a test group beyond my PM responsibilities.

  • Project successfully completed on time and budget despite difficulties with 3rd party suppliers.

Project Management and Technical snapshot:

MS Project, MS Excel, MS Word, MS Power Point, MS SharePoint, Microsoft Office, Joomla, Prince2, Waterfall and Agile SCRUM, Business Change, Change Management, Stakeholder Management, e-commerce, client facing, Budget Management, Budget Control, Prince 2, Business Case Management, Resource Management, 3rd Party Engagement, Milestone and Stage Management, Business Justification, business change, Risk Management, Full Project Life Cycle

Jun 2012 – Aug 2012 London 2012 Olympics Games, UK

London hosted the 2012 Olympic & Paralympic Games across multiple sites around London and across the UK. At its time it was the largest project in the Europe and widely considered the most successful games in a generation.
Security Cleared Project Manager

Responsible for the organisation and management of the full security life-cycle from pre-training and selection through to post event closure, completed in a Prince 2 environment.

Jon-Paul Brett


  • Mixed methodologies due to partner working and multi agency projects. Project control through PRINCE2, Agile SCRUM and Waterfall, Full project Life-cycle

  • Development and implementation of a plan involving all aspects of personal management from transport, accommodation, feeding, welfare and the motivation.

  • Significant multitasking with rapid change in risk levels and the Risk Management Strategy.

  • Written and oral presentations to the 120 person security cleared workforce.

  • Integration into a complex multi-agency programme which involved liaising and senior stakeholder management of the Olympic Authority, Military and Armed Police, volunteers etc.

I worked on the following project:

  1. Earls Court Venue Security Project

Project managed security at Earls Court during the London 2012 Olympic Games. Earls Court was the venue of Indoor Volleyball and the location of a significant media station covering several acres. The role formed part of a wider multi-agency force of c900 people at the venue. As a Project Manager I controlled, managed and implemented a security plan for 120 security cleared staff during the training and games. This included 15 security cleared team managers who were direct reports. The project involved a complex shift rotation running 24/7 with 2-4 daily peak periods with rapidly changing requirements run in parallel on multiple sites. Risk Management played a large role.

  • My efforts and those of my team were graded at the highest standard by External Project Assurance.

  • I was selected to organise and co-host a visit for a member of the Royal Family during the games.

Project Management and Technical snapshot:

MS Project, MS Excel, MS Word, MS SharePoint, MOSS, Prince2, Waterfall, SCRUM Agile, Senior Stakeholder Management, Change Management, client facing, Full Project Life-cycle, Quality Management, Schedule Management, Security Cleared, business change, Risk Management, Full Project Life Cycle

Nov 2011 – Jun 2012 Adducology Systems, UK

Adducology Systems is a provider of Interactive Educational Software designed for Schools and Local Authorities. It has an extensive client base across the UK in higher education schools and colleges.
Project Manager

Hired as a Prince 2 Project Manage to design a Business Development Plan and integrate it into the existing Business Case and Strategic Direction of the company.


  • Use of the PRINCE2 methodology throughout the product development ensuring solid governance and to support the underlying business case.

  • Contract development and negotiation with various external companies on and off sore.

  • Work package design, development and monitoring across multi sites.

  • Creating and ownership of management products such as the Risk Management Strategy.

  • Quality control and external user stakeholder liaison to manage business change.

  • Direct report to a small UK team of 6 and a larger international development team.

  • Initial work on integration of existing systems with a new bespoke e-commerce and e-learning environment including an eBook with an estimated 7 million copy circulation in year one. See Adducology Systems Aug 12- Jan 13 above.

  • Managed the CMS and web platform development of a new multi security user database.

Jon-Paul Brett

I worked on the following project:

  1. Business Change Project

Project managed business change options as the company considered several directions for investment. Consulted multiple stakeholder groups while developing a Business Case and predicting future outcomes for profit vs. investment. The end of the project started to set the conditions for future investment, see Adducology Systems Aug 12 – Jan 13.

  • Successful completion of the project on time and under budget.

  • Due to the quality of work I was selected as the contract project manager for the next phase.

Project Management and Technical snapshot:

MS Project, MS Excel, MS Word, MS Power Point, MS SharePoint, Microsoft Office, Joomla, Prince2 Foundation & Practitioner, Waterfall and Agile SCRUM, client facing, Full Project Life-cycle, Proposal Development, Budget Management, Budget Control, Business Case Management, Resource Management, 3rd Party Engagement, Milestone and Stage Management, business change, Risk Management, Stakeholder Management, Full Project Life Cycle

Jul 2009 – Oct 2011 British Army, UK

UK Armed Forces, specifically the Royal Artillery and principally for 5th Regiment RA.
Personnel & Project Manager / Officer (Security Cleared)

Managed and led an experienced training team of 9 in the planning and delivery of training products.


  • Development of a tailored Risk Management Strategy to suit a unique training environment.

  • Line and reporting management for 30 people.

  • Significant change management over the full product life cycle of the programme.

  • Multiple concurrent work package; creation and monitoring across global sites.

  • External stakeholder liaison and international presentation to 100+ people.

I worked on the following projects:

  1. Training Development Project

Created a tailored training program to prepare people for an arduous selection course which was both physically and mentally challenging. The project management and implementation team of 9 people significantly increased the pass rate for the course. The project involved up to 12 weeks of training at various locations developed over the full project life cycle.

  1. Aircraft Control Projects

Deployed to Afghanistan as part of the Brigade Reconnaissance Force, a unit brought together for the role of reconnaissance and airmobile strikes, primarily behind enemy lines. My role was Joint Tactical Air Controller (JTAC) with command and control of multinational air assets on the front line. Responsibility in financial terms was c£21 million over 6 months.

  • Recognised as one of the top JTACs in Afghanistan by Joint Helicopter Command.

  • Presented the Honourable Artillery Companies’ Best Young Officer Sword of Honour.

  • Increased pass rate of selection by 22% through the package I designed.

Project Management and Technical snapshot:

MS Project, MS Excel, MS Word, MS Power Point, MS SharePoint, Prince 2, Microsoft Office, Security Cleared, Project Manger IT, Risk Management, Full Product Life Cycle

Oct 2007 – Jul 2009 Aston Carter, UK

Business Development Project Manager at Aston Carter, an elite search firm based in the city.

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