Peter S. Menner 3756 Wargrave Walk

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Peter S. Menner

3756 Wargrave Walk

Lexington, KY 40509

Peter Menner

3756 Wargrave Walk

Lexington, KY 40509


248-219-5757 (cell)

I am seeking a challenging and rewarding position in which I will apply my extensive experience, talents, and aptitude to further my employer’s goals and objectives. I have experience in the advertising, printing, healthcare, automotive, manufacturing, and utility industries. My prior positions have included the following job functions:

  • Web Design

  • Web Development

  • Desktop Publishing

  • Training

  • Supervision

  • Coding

  • Database Design/Analysis

  • Multimedia Development

  • QA Analysis & Testing

Skills Summary





Macromedia Dreamweaver


Adobe Illustrator 8

Adobe Photoshop CS2

MS Office 95/98/2000

Adobe Flash 9/8 & ActionScript 2

Caligari trueSpace 3.1/5.2

(3D design and animation tool)


Video conversion and web deployment


Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP)

Designing and Implementing Desktop Applications with Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0
Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP)

Developing Applications with Microsoft Visual Basic® 5.0

Chronology of Experience

Bloodhorse Publications, Lexington, KY July 2007 to February 2008
Position: Web Designer

Environment: Windows XP

Tools: Flash/ActionScript, Photoshop CS2, Dreamweaver, JavaScript, HTML, XHTML, DHTML, XML

Created web site design templates. Developed concept and production advertisements (flash-based, gif animations, and static jpgs) for multiple clients. Created flash-based online surveys. Designed and developed flash-based games. Developed streaming video solution for in-house and third party videos, including creation of video player, video conversion and dynamic content exchange across multiple servers. Maintained content on three primary corporate websites. Provided technical recommendations for future business strategies and hardware/software purchases. Mentored and gave instruction on Flash development to team members.

Host Communications, Lexington, KY April 2007 to June 2007
Position: Web Designer

Environment: Windows XP

Tools: Photoshop CS, Dreamweaver, JavaScript, HTML

Created user web site designs for Division IA collegiate websites. Duties included client design and feature consultation, development of user interfaces, production of website artwork using Photoshop. Secondary duties included HTML and graphic changes to existing sites.

ePrize, LLC, Pleasant Ridge, MI December 2003 to April 2007
Position: Interface Developer

Environment: Windows XP

Tools: HTML, XHTML, DHTML, CSS, JavaScript, Flash 8 / ActionScript 2, Adobe Dreamweaver, Photoshop CS, CVS

Created web-based incentive-driven websites, including sweepstakes, instant-wins, and rewards programs. Duties included creation of backend web space and promotion configurations, creation of graphic look and feel, conversion and optimization of graphic content to web-ready images, coding HTML/XHTML web pages and creation/integration of proprietary toybox scripting tags, creation of flash-based games, Analysis and implementation of disability accessibility (508 standards).

Secondary duties included team member mentoring, process documentation, project management, and client consultation.

Compuware Corporation, Detroit, MI April 1997 to October 2003

Assignment experience:
Client: Compuware Corporation Duration: 12 months

Position: QA Analyst

Environment: Windows 2000, Windows 98

Tools: Microsoft Office, Compuware TrackRecord, Compuware QARun

Coordinated Quality Assurance (QA) activities for internal applications. Analyzed project requirements and definitions, and developed QA plans and system test plans. Authored and implemented test cases. Maintained defect management databases. Developed Capability Maturity Model (CMM) processes for Key Process Area gaps for CMM level-2 compliance.

Client: General Motors Corporation Duration: 3 months

Position: User Interface Developer

Environment: Windows 2000

Tools: HTML, DHTML, JavaScript, Adobe Photoshop 6, Macromedia Flash 5, Macromedia Dreamweaver

Designed user web interface for conversion of client-server VB testing application to web-based application. Developed static graphic, HTML, JavaScript, and style sheet content. Attended design meetings and advised customer on design and functionality.

Client: Archdiocese of Detroit Duration: 4 months

Position: User Interface Developer / Graphic Designer / HTML Developer

Environment: Windows NT4/ 2000

Tools: HTML, DHTML, JavaScript, Adobe Photoshop 6, Macromedia Flash 5, Adobe Illustrator 8, Microsoft Content Management Server 2001

Designed user web interface and navigation templates for Internet site. Developed static graphic, HTML, JavaScript, and style sheet content. Tested and reported graphic application purchase recommendations to customer. Developed interactive virtual tour web presentation.

Client: General Motors Corporation Duration: 18 months

Position: Web Developer

Environment: Windows

Tools: HTML, DHTML, Adobe Photoshop 5.5/6, Caligari trueSpace 3.1, 5, Macromedia Flash 5, Adobe Illustrator 8, JSP, SQL

Designed, developed, and maintained Intranet web content and applications including database design and server scripting. Designed new web user interface for corporate assembly plant Intranets and developed centralized method for web site maintenance. Designed departmental logo. Developed standalone and web based multimedia training interface. Provided HTML, scripting, and graphics training to internal customers.

Client: Compuware Corporation Duration: 8 months

Position: Web Developer

Environment: Windows

Tools: HTML, DHTML, JavaScript, Paint Shop Pro 5/6, Caligari trueSpace 3.1

Developed and maintained corporate Intranet web sites and applications utilizing HTML, DHTML, JavaScript, and graphics creation tools. Created interactive user help applications and provided user training.

Client: Ford Motor Company Duration: 6 months

Position: Web Developer

Environment: Windows 95, NT

Tools: HTML, DHTML, MS Access, Opentext Livelink, UNIX

Maintained corporate enterprise document repository. Included database maintenance and proprietary object-oriented scripting. Developed and maintained Intranet web sites.

Client: Detroit Edison Duration: 12 months

Position: Web Developer - Webmaster

Environment: Windows 95, NT

Tools: HTML, DHTML, Adobe Photoshop, Caligari trueSpace 3, Corel Draw 5

Maintained corporate Internet and Intranet accounts as webmaster. Responsible for server and developer account administration. Designed, developed, and maintained web Internet and Intranet applications and web sites. Developed training materials and taught HTML classes. Developed user testing processes and supervised acceptance-training sessions.

Client: Detroit Medical Center Duration: 8 months

Position: Y2K Analyst

Environment: Windows 95, NT

Tools: Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel

Evaluated existing applications on PC and UNIX platforms for Y2K compliance. Recommended and supervised application upgrade purchases and replacement of Y2K non-compliant applications. Developed and implemented application test plans for Y2K compliance.

Greenlake Communications, Southfield, MI July 1996 to April 1997
Position: Web Developer / Account Specialist

Environment: Windows 95

Tools: HTML, DHTML, Paint Shop Pro 5/6, Caligari trueSpace 3.1

Designed and developed web Internet sites. Developed and maintained customer accounts. Provided off-site consulting to clients to determine web presence needs and requirements.

Parish Publications, Madison Heights, MI October 1995 to July 1996
Position: Pre-press Operations Supervisor

Environment: UNIX

Tools: Interleaf

Responsible for supervision of all pre-press print manufacturing departments. Included hiring, scheduling, evaluations, workflow management, and quality control.

Monarch Printing, Ypsilanti, MI March 1995 to October 1995
Position: Account Specialist

Environment: PC

Responsible for generating inside sales opportunities for large forms printer. Duties included printing specification generation, cold-call phone sales, estimating, job tracking, and customer service.

Printers’ Service (Prisco), Newark, NJ October 1992 to March 1995
Position: Office Manager

Environment: Mainframe ordering system

Front-office management for major printing supply manufacturer. Managed customer service department, reception area, and shipping clerks. Duties included scheduling, hiring, evaluations, and workflow management.

Bachelor of Science - Graphic Communications

Clemson University, Clemson, SC

Available upon request



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