Phonetics and Phonology: Course Briefing

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Phonetics and Phonology: Course Briefing

Shi Baohui

Beijing Foreign Studies University


  • Through this short course, the students are expected to be able to

  • speak English with correct pronunciation and prosodic patterns,

  • discuss issues in English phonetics and phonology, and

  • discuss issues in teaching the pronunciation of English to Chinese learners.

Teaching plan

  • Fundamentals of articulatory phonetics

  • IPA and speech transcription

  • English vowels and consonants

  • Phonological rules

  • Suprasegmentals; intonation

  • Features; phonological theories

  • Exam

Required readings

  • Roach, Peter. 2000. English Phonetics and Phonology. 3/e. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

  • Gimson, A. C. & Alan Cruttenden. 2001. Gimson’s Pronunciation of English. 6th ed. London: Arnold.

  • Yavaş, Mehmet. 2005. Applied English Phonology. Oxford: Blackwell.

Readings on English pronunciation

  • Carr, Philip. 1999. English Phonetics and Phonology: An Introduction. Oxford: Blackwell.

  • Kreidler, Charles W. 2004. The Pronunciation of English: A Course Book. 2nd ed. Oxford: Blackwell.

  • Wells, John. 2006. English Intonation: An Introduction. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

Readings on phonetics

  • Ladefoged, Peter. 2006. A Course in Phonetics. 5th ed. Boston, MA.: Thomson Wadsworth.

  • Catford, J. C. 2001. A Practical Introduction to Phonetics. 2/e. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

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  • Davenport, Mike & Stephen J. Hannahs. 1998. Introducing Phonetics and Phonology. London: Arnold.

  • Cruttenden, Alan. 1997. Intonation. 2/e. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

Readings on phonology

  • Gussenhoven, Carlos & Haike Jacobs. 1998. Understanding Phonology. London: Arnold.

  • Odden, David. 2005. Introducing Phonology. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

  • Spencer, Andrew. 1996. Phonology: Theory and Application. Oxford: Blackwell.

  • Roca, Iggy and Wyn Johnson. 1999. A Course in Phonology. Oxford: Blackwell.

  • Ewen, Colin J. & Harry van der Hulst. 2001. The Phonological Structure of Words: An Introduction. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

  • Gussmann, Edmund. 2002. Phonology: Analysis and Theory. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

Other readings

  • Celce-Murcia, Marianne, Donna M. Brinton & Janet M. Goodwin. 1996. Teaching Pronunciation: A Reference for Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

  • Wells, John. 2000. Longman Pronunciation Dictionary. 2/e. Harlow: Pearson.


  • Class participation and performance (30%)

  • Written and/or oral exam (70%)

Download 8.09 Kb.

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