Physical Map of Africa

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Physical Map of Africa

How to complete a map correctly:

-Print legibly in blue or black ink ONLY

-Use map pencils ONLY (no markers, crayons, or highlighters)

-No abbreviations (exceptions: Mountains = Mts., Island = Is., River = R.)

-Include your name

-Give your map a title

-Include a compass rose

**Label each feature on your map by writing the name, THEN color the feature according to directions (do not simply color the name)

-States / countries should be in ALL CAPS, everything else is upper and lower case

*After you have labeled a feature, cross it off this list

-Be sure to follow all directions carefully

AFRICA PHYSICAL FEATURES (use pgs: 403, 415, A-3, A-18, and any atlas)
Bodies of water and rivers: (label, then color blue; p. 403)

-Red Sea -Mediterranean Sea -Atlantic Ocean -Mozambique Channel

-Indian Ocean -Gulf of Aden -Strait of Gibraltar -Nile River

-Lake Chad -Victoria Falls -Niger River -Lake Victoria

-Congo River -Lake Nyasa -Zambezi River -Suez Canal

-Lake Tanganyika

Plains and Basins: (label, then color green; p. 415, 403)

-Chad Basin -Congo Basin (rainforest) -Kalahari Basin -Djouf Basin

-Sudan Basin -Great Rift Valley -Sahel (stretches from coast to coast)
Mountains and Plateaus: (label, then color brown; p. 403)

-Atlas Mountains -Ahaggar Mountains -Mount Kenya Mt. Kilimanjaro

-Ethiopian Plateau -Drakensberg
Peninsulas, Islands, and Capes: (label, then color yellow; p. 403)

-Canary Islands -Madagascar -Cape Verde -Cape of Good Hope

-Sinai Peninsula -Comoros Island -Seychelles Island -Sao Tome

-Principe -Maritius -Horn of Africa
Deserts: (label, then color orange)

-Sahara -Kalahari -Namib -Nubian

Others: (label, then color red)
-Equator -Prime Meridian -Tropic of Cancer -Tropic of Capricorn

Download 34.76 Kb.

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