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Alan Ward/Orch. [Recorded in England; TAS 96:150-51] [SD; 5S/1S] A- 14.00

1099.*LSC-2323: TCHAIKOVSKY - Capriccio Italien. RIMSKY-KORSAKOV - Capriccio Espagnole. Kondrashin/RCA Sym. [Mohr; Layton; TAS 83/84:242] [SD; 22S/10S] A-(brief lgt tks sd 1) 21.00

LP's: RCA's - continued
1100.*LSC-2342: SIBELIUS - Symphony #2. Monteux/LSO. [TAS 42:129; unlike many of the Monteux LSC's, this did not ever come back on VICS; I don't believe it saw reissue on vinyl until the rights reverted to Decca/London and it came back on STS] [SD; 7S/4S] A-(pristine!) 35.00

1101.*LSC-2352: BLACKWOOD - Symphony #1. HAIEFF - Symphony #2. Munch/BSO. [Mohr; Layton; TAS 77:136-8; 209:180] [Scarce! - in print only from January 1960 until February 1963] [SD; 1S/1S] A-- 59.00

1102.*LSC-2376: STRAVINSKY - Petrouchka. Monteux/BSO. [Pfeiffer; Crawford] [WD; 5S/6S] A- 16.00

1103.*LSC-2416: OPERATIC CHORUSES - Carmen, Faust, Nabucco, Otello, Trovatore, Lohengrin, Meistersinger, Mignon, Fledermaus, Cav, Tales, Rigoletto. Shaw/Chorale. [Slick; Crawford] [ND; 145S/13S] A- 8.00

1104.*LSC-2430: RACHMANINOFF - Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini (Reiner/CSO). FALLA - Nights in the Gardens of Spain (Jorda/SF Sym). Rubinstein (in both). [TAS 30:139; 65:158L] [SD; 1S/1S] A- 40.00

1105.*LSC-2438: BERLIOZ OVERTURES - Roman Carnival, Beatrice & Benedict, Corsair, Benvenuto Cellini; Royal Hunt & Storm from Trojans. Munch/BSO. [Mohr; Layton; TAS 69:150-2] [SD; 4S/4S] A- 35.00

1106.*LSC-2474: SCHUMANN - Symphony #1; Manfred Overture. Munch/BSO. [Mohr; Layton] [SD; 1S/1S] A-(demo copy; lovely!) 38.00

1107.*LSC-2514: FRANCK - Symphony in d. Monteux/CSO. [Mohr; Layton; TAS 29:122; 30:128; 90:136-7] [SD; 5S/5S] A- 12.00

1108.*LSC-2552: BEYOND THE BLUE HORIZON - Works of Youmans, Carmichael, Whiting, Weill, Rodgers, Arlen, Noble, Green, Simon & Warren. Gould/His Orch. [SD; 9S/6S] A-- 12.00

1109.*LSC-2603: BRUCH - Scottish Fantasy. VIEUXTEMPS - Violin Concerto #5. Heifetz; Sargent/New Sym, London. [Smith; Wilkinson] [SD; 4S/8S] A- 29.00

1110.*LSC-2621: PROKOFIEV - Love for Three Oranges Suite. CHOPIN (arr.Anderson & Bodge) - Les Sylphides. Fiedler/BPS. [Dellheim; Salvatore] [WD; 6S/10S] A- 5.00

1111.*LSC-2634: MOZART - Piano Concerti #21 & #23. Rubinstein; Wallenstein/Orch. [Wilcox; Layton; TAS 65:178] [WD; 8S/9S] A- 5.00

1112.*LSC-2647: CHAUSSON - Symphony. FRANCK - Chasseur Maudit. Munch/BSO. [Mohr; Layton; TAS 36:127; 94:145-6] [SD; 1S/1S] A-(scarce as an SD/1S/1S!!) 65.00

1113.*LSC-2701: SCHUMANN - Symphony #4. BEETHOVEN - Leonore Overture #3. Leinsdorf/BSO. [Mohr; Layton] [SD; 8S/8S] A- 6.00

1114.*LSC-2719: VAUGHAN WILLIAMS - Fantasia on a Theme of Thomas Tallis (solo quartet includes Walter Trampler; Greensleeves Fantasia; Folk Song Suite. COATES - London Suite. Gould/His Orch. [Habig; Layton] [WD; 7S/8S] A- 9.00

1115.*LSC-2973: MOZART - The Four Horn Concerti. Civil; Kempe/RPO. [oddly uncommon: my last copy sold in 1992!] [WD; 1S/1S] A- 14.00

1116.*LSC-2994: PROKOFIEV - Music from Romeo & Juliet. Leinsdorf/BSO. [Mohr; Salvatore] [WD; 1S/3S] A- 9.00

LP's: RCA's - continued
1117.*LSC-3130: "FIEDLER'S CHOICE" -- GOLD - Boston Pops March. SHOSTAKOVICH - Incidental Music to Hamlet. GERSHWIN-BENNETT - Porgy & Bess Symphonic Picture. GLAZOUNOV - Carnaval Overture. BPS. [Dellheim; Keville] [ND; 3S/2S] A-(c/c) 9.00

1118.*LSC-3243: PETER MENNIN - Piano Concerto. RICHARD YARDUMIAN - Passacaglia, Recitative & Fugue for Piano & Orchestra. John Ogdon; Buketoff/RPO. [Snashall; Auger] [ND; 2S/2S] A- 11.00

1119.*LSC-7041(2): MOZART - The 17 Sonatas for Organ & Orchestra. HAYDN - Organ Concerto in C. Weinrich; Fiedler/His Sinfonietta. [Dellheim; Begley; General Theological Seminary, NYC] [WD; 3S/2/1/4] A- 20.00

1120.*LSC-7047(2): HANDEL - The Six Organ Concerti, Op.6; Six Fugues. Weinrich; Fiedler/Arthur Fiedler Sinfonietta. [Dellheim; Keville; General Theological Seminary; New York] [WD; 2S/1/2/1] A- 20.00

1121.*LSC-7052(2): HANDEL - The Six Organ Concerti, Op.7. Weinrich; Fiedler/Arthur Fiedler Sinfonietta. [Dellheim; Keville; recorded at General Theological Seminary, New York; oddly scarce - this is my first copy of this!] [ND;5S/2/2/4] A- 20.00

1122.*LSS-2385: POULENC - La Voix Humaine (text by Jean Cocteau). Duval; Pretre; Paris Opera Comique. [Deluxe Soria Series issue in box with 22-page Sykes book including many Cocteau drawings] [SD; 1S/1S] A- 45.00

1123.*VICS-1016: SIBELIUS - Symphony #5; Karelia Suite. Gibson/LSO. [From LSC-2405: TAS 65:158L; 65:184] [PL; 1S/1S] A- 22.00

1124.*VICS-1030: CHOPIN - Piano Concerto #1. MENDELSSOHN - Capriccio Brillant. Graffman; Munch/BSO. [Wilcox; Crawford; from the very scarce LSC-2468] [PL; 7S/6S] A--(demo copy) 15.00

1125.*VICS-1031: BERLIOZ - Symphonie Fantastique. Monteux/VPO. [fr LSC-2362] [PL; 3S/3S] A- 10.00

1126.*VICS-1039: TCHAIKOVSKY - Piano Concerto #1. Gilels; Reiner/CSO. [1st stereo issue on LP - no LSC equivalent, though it was on 2-track tape; TAS 75/6:179] [PL; 5S/3S] A- 15.00

1127.*VICS-1102: BEETHOVEN - Symphony #4. LSO. WAGNER - Siegfried Idyll. SFSO. [Monteux in both; first issue - never on LSC or LM] [PL; 1S/1S] A- 27.00

1128.*VICS-1109: BRAHMS - Piano Concerto #1. Graffman; Munch/BSO. [Pfeiffer; Crawford; from LSC-2274] [Pink; 2S/3S] A- 14.00

1129.*VICS-1168 (BRITISH): WALTON - Facade Suites. LECOCQ - Mamzelle Angot Suite. Fistoulari/ROHCG. [Williamson; Wilkinson; British Decca pressing; from the rare and highly sought-after LSC-2285, which was only in print from 10/59 - 3/62. This VICS issue is not much more common: issued in February 1966, it was dropped from the catalog in August 1969. See TAS 69:152; 75/76:72-6] A- 22.00

1130.*VICS-1197: TCHAIKOVSKY - Francesca da Rimini; Romeo & Juliet. Munch/BSO. [LM-2043; recorded 1956; 1st LP stereo release; Romeo not to be confused with 1961 remake] [Pink; 2S/5S] A- 11.00

1131.*VICS-1379: VILLA-LOBOS - Rudepoema. BUSONI - Six Elegies. David Bean, piano. [Gardner, engineer; no producer listed; first release: no LSC-series issue] [Pink; 1S/1S] A-(c/c) 9.00

LP's: RCA's - continued
1132.*VICS-1402: MOZART - Clarinet Concerto (Munch/BSO); Clarinet Quintet (BSO String Quartet: Burgin; Krips; de Pasquale; Mayes). Benny Goodman (in all). [from LM-2073 (mono-only); this Victrola was 1st stereo release] [Pink; 1S/2S] A-(brief lgt tks early sd 2; c/c) 9.00

1133.*VICS-1444: RIMSKY-KORSAKOF - Scheherazade. Pollikoff, violin; Morton Gould/Orch. [recorded September 1955; this 1969 release was its first stereo issue; originally on LM-1956, mono only] [Pink; 2S/1S] A- 15.00

1134.*VICS-1625 (BRITISH): MENDELSSOHN - Midsummer Night's Dream (excerpts). BIZET - Symphony. Martinon/CSO. [Scott; Goodman] [Never available on LSC; this British issue actually slightly pre-dated its U.S. issue on VICS-1628; terrific CSO brass in the Mendelssohn; sleeper CSO record!] A- 35.00
LP's: Miscellaneous Audiophile & Special Label
1135.*AMERICAN GRAMAPHONE AG-359: FRESH AIRe II. Chip Davis/Mannheim Steamroller. [TAS 65:160L] FS 20.00

1136.*ARGO ZRG--542: HAYDN - Heiligmesse. Cantelo; Minty; Partridge; Keyte; Guest/ASMF; St. John's College Choir, Cambridge. A- 5.00

1137.*CROSSROADS 22 16 0160: D'INDY - Istar Variations; La Mort de Wallenstein. BERLIOZ - Benvenuto Cellini & Corsair Overtures. Fekete/Prague Sym. FS 5.00

1138.*DECCA 335-6(2): BRUCKNER - Symphony #8. Solti/VPO. [FFSS labels] Decca SET-335-6(2). A-(minor box tape repair) 25.00

1139.*DECCA SXL-2134: BERLIOZ - Rakoczy March; Overtures - Roman Carnival; Beatrice & Benedict; Corsaire; Benvenuto Cellini. Martinon/PCO. A-(lovely wide-band FFSS issue) 25.00

1140.*EMI ASD--548: ELGAR - Enigma Variations; Cockaigne Over. Barbirolli/PO. A--(brief tks Enigma) 14.00

1141.*EMI ASD-2970 (ODEON): ELGAR - Falstaff; The Sanguine Fan Ballet. BACH-ELGAR - Fantasia & Fugue in c (trans. Elgar from Bach). Boult/LPO. [Bishop; Parker & Eltham; TAS 6:184; 65:154L] A- to A 6.00

1142.*EMI ASD-3486: BRIAN - Symphonies #8 & #9. Groves/Royal Liverpool Phil. [quad] [TAS 16:513; 73:147L] A- 19.00

1143.*EMI ASD-3952: ELGAR - The Light of Life. Marshall; Watts; Leggate; Shirley-Quirk; Groves/Royal Liverpool Philharmonic & Cho. [Willan; Kurlander] A- to A 6.00

1144.*EMI ESD-7135: HOLST - The Planets. Boult/NPO. [Andry; Parker] A- to A 8.00

1145.*EMI ESDW-711(2): ELGAR - The Starlight Express - Incidental Music, Op.78. Masterson, soprano; Stroud, baritone; Handley/LPO. [Bishop; Parker] A- to A 10.00

1146.*EMI PASD-2356 (ODEON): ELGAR - Wand of Youth, Suites #1 & #2; Three Bavarian Dances; Chansons de Matin & Nuit. Boult/LPO. A- 9.00

1147.*EMI SLS--976(3): ELGAR - The Apostles. Armstrong; Watts; Tear; Luxon; Grand; Case; Boult/LPO & Cho; Downe House School Cho. [On side #6, Boult discusses the Apostles, The Kingdom and other Elgar works w/illustrations from his recordings (and Barbirolli's of Dream of Gerontius)][Bishop; Parker] A- 20.00

LP's: Miscellaneous Audiophile & Special Label - continued
1148.*EPIC BC-1039: SCHUMANN - Symphony #1; Manfred Overture. Szell/CO. A- 9.00

1149.*FRANKLIN MINT 51/52(2): BRITTEN - War Requiem. Vishnevskaya; Pears; Fischer-Dieskau; Composer/LSO; Melos Ens; Bach Choir; Highgate School Boys' Choir. [Culshaw; Wilkinson; from London OSA-1255; TAS 71:133 in Wilkinson's account of problems with Vishnevskaya (whom he does not mention by name)] [One of FM's "100 Greatest Recordings of All Time." Pressed on red vinyl; in deluxe oversized album. A- 17.00

1150.*FRANKLIN MINT 81/82(2): BACH - Arias from St. Matthew Passion (Schwarzkopf; Ludwig; Klemperer/PO & Cho). HANDEL - Excerpts from Messiah (Mackerras/ECO). [One of FM's series of "The 100 Greatest Recordings of All Time." Pressed on red vinyl; in deluxe oversized album.] A- 14.00

1151.*LYRITA SRCS--36: JOHN IRELAND - Piano Concerto (Parkin); These Things Shall Be (Case, baritone); LPO Cho. Boult/LPO (in both). A- 6.00

1152.*LYRITA SRCS--37: BAX - November Woods. HOLST - A Fugal Overture. MOERAN - Sinfonietta. Boult/LPO. [TAS 39:146] A- 10.00

1153.*LYRITA SRCS--54: BAX - Symphony #2. Fredman/LPO. [TAS 60:126] A- 12.00

1154.*LYRITA SRCS--58: BAX - Symphony #5. Leppard/LPO. [TAS 60:126] A- 12.00

1155.*LYRITA SRCS-104: FRANK BRIDGE - Oration (Concerto Elegiaco for Cello & Orchestra); Two Poems; Allegro Moderato for String Orchestra. J. Lloyd Webber, cello; Braithwaite/LPO. [TAS 33:98] A- 12.00

1156.*LYRITA SRCS-114: FRANK BRIDGE - Dance Rhapsody; Overture "Rebus;" Dance Poem. Braithwaite/LPO. A- 9.00

1157.*MHS 3490: HUMPHREY SEARLE - Symphony #1 (Boult/LPO) & #2 (Krips/LPO). [from Decca (#1) & Lyrita(#2) originals] A- 9.00

1158.*READER'S DIGEST RD4-15(12): TREASURY OF GREAT MUSIC. Stunning 12-record set recorded by RCA in 1963 (Charles Gerhardt, producer; Kenneth Wilkinson, engineer) in Walthamstow Assembly Hall, all with the Royal Philharmonic, but with twelve different conductors. I am abbreviating work titles since they are very familiar. Kempe (Pines of Rome; Don Juan); Munch (Bizet Symphony; Francesca da Rimini); Fistoulari, with Earl Wild, piano: (Tchaikovsky Concerto #1); Reiner (Brahms 4th); Krips (Mozart 35th; Haydn 104th); Horenstein (Siegfried Idyll; Dutchman Overture; Venusberg Music); Leibowitz (Grieg Piano Concerto with Earl Wild; Mendelssohn Violin Concerto with Hyman Bress); Dorati (Salome's Dance; Berlioz Romeo excerpts); Barbirolli (Sibelius 2nd); Pretre (Daphnis Suite #2; Psyche et Eros; 2 Nocturnes); Sargent, with Earl Wild: (Chopin 1st & Liszt 1st concerti); Danon (Petrouchka; Love for Three Oranges Suite). [With very nice booklet including many session photos. Sadly, production values fell apart in pressing this project: as with my last copy a few years ago, I have had to go through multiple copies of this set to find a copy of every disc which I could grade "A--" since few rise above "A- to B+" and many really are "B+" at best, even though almost all showed little or no sign of use. So I am confident that this is as fine a copy of this set as anyone will ever locate! Some copies of this set (only a few, in my experience) included a bonus disc of Leibowitz in misc short pieces: this copy does not include that record.] A-- 100.00

LP's: Miscellaneous Audiophile & Special Label - continued
1159.*REFERENCE RECORDINGS RR-17: STRAVINSKY - L'Histoire du Soldat Suite. RIMSKY-KORSAKOV (arr. Easley Blackwood) - Capriccio Espagnole. Chicago Pro Musica (almost all CSO members; Blackwood on piano). [45-rpm] A- to A 25.00

1160.*TELARC DG-10052: RAVEL - Daphnis & Chloe, Suite #2; Bolero; Pavane. Slatkin/St. Louis Sym. [Woods; Renner; dig] A- to A(minor cover scuffs) 5.00

1161.*TURNABOUT TVS-34146: IVES - Holidays Symphony. Johanos/Dallas Symphony. [Mowrey; Hancock; Jones; recorded April 1967] A- 9.00

1162.*VARESE SARABANDE VC-81041: SIBELIUS - The Origin of Fire; Pohjola's Daughter. Thor Johnson/Cincinnati Sym; Helsinki University Chorus (in Fire; and also a cappella in eight Finnish Songs on side 2). [Recorded in stereo in 1953(!), but original Remington LP issue was only in mono: first stereo LP issue on this disc, 1978] Varese Sara VC-81041. FS 15.00

1163. WESTMINSTER W-LAB 7008: MENDELSSOHN - Symphony #4. Boult/Philharmonic Promenade Orch. Missing the original plastic sleeve, but includes 32-page booklet with detailed notes] A--(superb pressing for this series) 12.00

1164. WESTMINSTER W-LAB 7010: HONEGGER - Mouvement Symphonique #2; Tempest Prelude; Rugby; Pacific 231. Scherchen/PSOL. [Not in original zip-open plastic sleeve, but jacket is in very good condition; no booklet] A- 12.00

1165. WESTMINSTER W-LAB 7028: WAGNER - Die Meistersinger: Prelude to Act I; Excerpts from Act III; Lohengrin Prelude (Act I). Rodzinski/PSOL. A-- 7.00

1166. WESTMINSTER W-LAB 7035: WAGNER - Tannhauser Overture; Tristan Prelude & Liebestod. Rodzinski/PSOL. [later issue; notes on back of standard jacket] A- 14.00

1167. WESTMINSTER W-LAB 7041: RESPIGHI - Rossiniana. SUPPE - Morning Noon & Night in Vienna Overture. Boult/Philharmonic Promenade Orch. [Actually has the original zip-open plastic sleeve and the zipper still works (a collectors' item all by itself!); Includes booklet by C.G.McProud (Audio Magazine editor) going through each piece for the audiophile highlights] A-- 11.00

1168. WESTMINSTER W-LAB 7043: TCHAIKOVSKY - 1812 Overture. RIMSKY-KORSAKOV - Russian Easter Overture. Scherchen/LSO. [later jacket with notes on the back cover rather than booklet insert] A-(very fine for a W-Lab!) 12.00

LP's: Orchestral & Instrumental Repertoire
1169.*ANTHEIL: Symphony #5. MAXWELL DAVIES: St. Thomas Wake. Dufallo/Louisville Orch. Louisville LS-770. A- 9.00

1170.*ARNE: Symphonies #1 - #4. SAMUEL WESLEY: Symphony in D. Montgomery/Bournemouth Sinfonietta. EMI/Angel ESD-1060241. A- 4.00

1171.+BALAKIREV: Piano Concerto, Op.1 (Zhilinsky); Islamey; Russia; In Czechia. Gauk/USSR Sym. [recorded 1947-57] Melodiya CM-03557-8. A- 9.00

1172.*BALAKIREV: Symphony #1. LIADOV: Polonaise in Memory of Pushkin. Jarvi/City of Birmingham Sym. [dig; DMM] EMI/Angel EL-27 0050 1. A- to A 4.00

1173.*BALASSA: (Sandor): Chant of Glarus for Orch; The Island of Everlasting Youth; Tresses (Kincses, soprano); Motet for Mixed Choir. Lehel/Budapest Sym; Sapszon/Hungarian Radio-TV Cho. Hungaroton SLPX-12223. A- 5.00

LP's: Orchestral & Instrumental Repertoire - continued
1174. BARTOK: Sonata for Two Pianos & Percussion (the composer & his wife, Ditta Pasztory Bartok, pianos); Ten Pieces from For Children; Evening in Transylvania & Bear Dance from 10 Easy Pieces (composer, piano; he announces the works in Hungarian). Turnabout TV-4159. A- 16.00

1175.*BAX: Symphonic Variations for Piano & Orchestra; Morning Song. Fingerhut, piano (in both); Thomson/LPO. [dig; DMM] Chandos ABRD-1226. A- to A 8.00

1176.*BEETHOVEN: Triple Concerto. Oistrakh; Richter; Rostropovich; Karajan/BPO. Angel S-36727. A- 4.00

1177.*BLOCH: Israel Symphony (5 vocal soloists in finale); Schelomo (Nelsova). Abravanel/Utah Sym. Van VCS-10007. A- 4.00

1178.*CHIHARA: Forest Music for Orchestra. MORTON GOULD: Viola Concerto (Glazer); Flourishes & Galop. Louisville Orchestra conducted by Endo (in Chihara) & Smith (rest). Louisville LS-788. A- 9.00

1179.*CHIHARA: Saxophone Concerto. AMRAM: Ode to Lord Buckley. Pittel, saxophone (in both); Endo/Louisville Orch. Louisville LS-781. A- 9.00

1180.*CHOPIN: Chopiniana. Zuraitis/Bolshoi Orch. Mel-Angel SR-40231. A- 8.00

1181. COATES: "The Music of Eric Coates." Twenty-two works recorded between 1910 and 1937, fourteen conducted by the composer; other artists include John McCormack, Alfred Piccaver, De Groot Trio; also includes a track of Coates speaking. The Vintage Light Music Society no number(2). FS 16.00

1182.*COPLAND: Lincoln Portrait (Adlai Stevenson, narrator); Fanfare for the Common Man. IVES: Three Places in New England. Ormandy/Phila. Col MS-6684. A-(early "2-eyes" labels) 5.00

1183.*CORDERO: (Roque): Symphony #2. LEONARDO BALADA: Homage a Sarasate. HENRY BRANT: On the Nature of Things. Mester/Louisville Orch. Louisville LS-765. A- 12.00

1184. COWELL: Symphony #11. ALEXANDER TCHEREPNIN - Suite, Op.87. BERNARD WAGENAAR: Concert Overture. Whitney/Louisville Orch. [blank jacket; notes included] Louisville LOU-545-2. A- 12.00

1185. COWELL: Thesis (Symphony #15). RODOLFO HALFFTER: Ballet Suite, "La Madrugada del Panadero." Whitney/Louisville Orch. [blank jacket; includes notes] Louisville LOU-622. FS 9.00

1186.*DEBUSSY: Complete Piano Music Volume 3: Etudes, Books I & II. Demus. MHS OR-D-133. A- 5.00

1187.*DEBUSSY: Complete Piano Music Volume 8: Reverie; Nocturne; Ballade; Hommage a Haydn; Danse; Mazurka; Valse Romantique; Danse Bohemienne; Le Petie Negre. Demus. MHS OR-D-138. A- 5.00

1188.*DELALANDE: Simphonies pour les Soupers du Roy. Kehr/Mainz Chamber Orchestra. [quad] Candide QCE-31096. FS 4.00

1189.*DELALANDE: Simphonies, Suite #4. MOURET: Fanfares, Suite #2; Simphonies, Suite #2. Scherbaum, trumpet; Kuentz/Ch Orch. Archiv 198 333. A- to A 4.00

1190. ELGAR: Three Bavarian Dances; Chanson de Matin; Chanson de Nuit; Pomp & Circumstance Marches #1-#5; Salut d'Amour; Mazurka. Composer/Misc British Orchestras. [recorded 1926-33; transfers by A.C.Griffith] EMI HLM-7005. A- 9.00

LP's: Orchestral & Instrumental Repertoire - continued
1191.*FAURE: Shylock (Senechal, tenor); Pavane; Madrigal; Caligula. Almeida/ORTF Ch Orch; Paris Opera Cho. Inedits 995 012. A- 10.00

1192.*FERRER: (Jose; 18th Century): Twelve Sonatas. Cano, piano. [Spanish-only notes] Etnos 02-A-IX. A- 5.00

1193. GILLIS: Tulsa - A Symphonic Portrait in Oil (Brown/Vienna Tonkunstler Orch; 1950). DANE RUDHYAR: Sinfonietta; GLANVILLE-HICKS: Three Gymnopedies (Perlea/Berlin Radio; 1953). JOHN FREEMAN: String Quartet (Koeckert Quartet; 1954; 1st issue here). Varese Sarabande VC-81046. A- 25.00

1194.*GLAZOUNOV: Cortege Solonnel; Poeme Lyrique; Scenes du Ballet (8; Op.52). Rozhdestvensky/Moscow Radio Orch. Mel-Angel SR-40225. A-(s/s) 4.00

1195.*GLAZOUNOV: Variations on a Finnish Folk Song; Prelude, Caprice-Impromptu & Gavotte; Three Studies; Prelude & Fugue; Barcarolle & Novelette. Howard, piano. Pearl SHE-548. A- 7.00

1196. GLIERE: Symphony #2. Composer/Moscow Radio Orch. Melodiya 03812-13. A- 6.00

1197.*GLIERE: Symphony #3 ("Ilya Murometz"). Rakhlin/Moscow Radio Orch. [complete - uncut] Col-Melodiya MG-33832(2). A- 11.00

1198. GOMEZ: (Julio): Suite en La (Composer/Orquesta Sinfonica Espanola). FALLA: Three-Cornered Hat (Argenta/Spanish National Orch). Montilla FM-LD-18. A- 12.00

1199.*GRIFFES: Piano Sonata. IVES: "Three-Page Sonata." DETT (Robert; 1882-1943): In the Bottoms. Lythgoe, piano. Philips 9500 096. A- to A 5.00

1200. GROFE: Hudson River Suite (with bowling balls, dog barks, fire sirens, etc!) PRINCE NORODOM SIHANOUK (no kidding): Cambodian Suite. KAY: Saturday Night. TUCCI: La Bamba de Vera Cruz. WHITE: Mosquito Dance. Kostelanetz/His Orch. Col CL-763. A-(red "6-eyes" labels; rare in fine condition!) 25.00

1201.*HANDEL: Suites #1 & #2 fr "Diverse Symphonies;" Sonatas for Recorder and for Oboe. Schulze/Telemann Soc Wind & Percussion Band. Vox STPL-514.140. FS 4.00

1202.*HAYDN: Symphony # 59 & #70. Blum/Esterhazy Orch. Vanguard VSD-71161. A-(demo copy) 5.00

1203.*HAYDN: Symphony # 74 & #75. Maerzendorfer/Vienna Ch Orch. MHS OR-H-233. A- 4.00

1204.*HAYDN: Symphony # 78 & #79. Maerzendorfer/Vienna Ch Orch. MHS OR-H-235. A- 4.00

1205. HAYDN: Symphony # 83 & #84. Heiller/Collegium Musicum, Vienna. Haydn Soc HS-9116. FS 4.00

1206.*HERBERT: (Victor; 1859-1924): Symphonic Poem, Hero and Leander, Op.31. Karl Krueger/RPO. Society for the Preservation of the American Musical Heritage MIA-121. A- 16.00

1207. HINDEMITH: Mathis der Maler Symphony; Symphonic Metamorphoses on Themes of Carl Maria von Weber. Composer/BPO. [rec 1955; German notes] DGG 2535 820. 15.00

1208. HINDEMITH: The Four Temperaments (Otte, piano); Symphonic Dances. Composer/BPO. [rec 1954/55; German-only notes] Heliodor 2548 724. A- to A 12.00

1209. HONEGGER: Suite Archaique. ALEXANDER TCHEREPNIN: Piano Concerto #2 (Composer, piano). Whitney/Louisville Sym. [in blank jacket; includes notes insert] Louisville LOU-615. A- 12.00

LP's: Orchestral & Instrumental Repertoire - continued
1210.*HUSA: (Karel; b.1921): The Trojan Women. Endo/Louisville Orch. Louisville LS-775. A- 7.00

1211.*IVES: Three Places in New England (Ormandy/Phila); Washington's Birthday (Bernstein/NYP); Robert Browning Overture (Stokowski/American Sym). Col MS-7015. A- 9.00

1212. JANACEK: The Ballad of Blanik Hill; The Fiddler's Child (Bakala/Brno State Philharmonic). Suite for String Orchestra (Prague Chamber Orchestra, without conductor). Supraphon SUA-10053. A- 12.00

1213.*KALINNIKOV: Symphony #1. Kondrashin/Moscow Philharmonic. SERGE LIAPOUNOV: Piano Concerto #2 (Bakhchiev/Moscow Radio). EMI ASD-2720. A- 12.00

1214.*KARLOWICZ: Symphonic Poems #1 ("Recurring Waves") & #4 ("Stanislaw & Anna Oswiecim"). Salwarowski/Silesien Philharmonic. Wifon LP-063. A- 16.00

1215.*KARLOWICZ: Symphonic Poems #2 ("Lithuanian Rhapsody") & #6 ("An Episode During a Masquerade"). Salwarowski/Silesien Philharmonic. Wifon LP-064. A- 16.00

1216. KAY: (Ulysses): Concerto for Orchestra (Perlea/Orch del Teatro la Fenice). NORMAND LOCKWOOD: Concerto for Organ & Brasses (

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