Commercial/ Industrial

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Height: 6’2

Weight: 180

Hair: Black

Eyes: Brown


Commercial/ Industrial

Voice Commercial (Liquids) Radio HOT 103.9 Columbia, SC

Palmetto Health Hospital Patient Columbia, SC

De Puy Basketball Player DePuy

Denmark Technical College Lead, Student Sharper Identity

Titleist Caddy Radical Media

Title Max Lamar Omnipath


Madjeska Simpkins Story(ETV) Joseph DeLaine, Principal Role SCETV

What A Black Woman Wants James, Lead Kingdom Level Films

AFIYA Derrick, Lead ASV Productions

Boulevard West Monte Silva, Supporting Greenway Entertainment

Unspoken Words Nate, Principal Atlanta Dream Team

Matriculation (Pilot) Jason Taylor, Lead PRIDE Productions

Necessary Roughness (Pilot) Drunk Guy #2 Woodridge Productions

Trading Up Trent Pennington, Principal Empra Creative Group
Fashion Shows

Golden Scissors Runway Columbia, SC

Kappa Magic Runway Atlanta, GA

Atlanta International Fashion Week Runway Atlanta, GA

Hautelanta Fashion Week Runway Atlanta, GA

Arctic Ice Fashion Show Runway Las Vegas, NV

Polow Cause 4 Cancer Fashion Show Runway Atlanta, GA

Billionaire Mafia Magic Takeover Runway Las Vegas, NV


To Touch Gods Hands Deon, Lead New Life Productions

Forbidden Love Rayquan Todd, Lead JB Produdutions
Professional Training

Personal Acting Coach: GregAlan Williams Atlanta, GA

YourACT Ongoing Masters (Margie Haber Affiliate) Atlanta, GA

Deabreu Modeling/Acting Consultation, LLC Columbia, SC

Fundamentals of Acting I (Benedict College) Columbia, SC Fundamentals of Acting II (Benedict College) Columbia, SC

Acting For the Camera (Workshop Theatre) Columbia, SC

Personal Acting Coach: Deborah Leopard Columbia, SC

Voiceover Workshop (GregAlan Williams) Columbia, SC

Special Skills Very Athletic; Basketball, Boxing, Baseball, Football, Swimming, Weightlifting, Hip Hop Dancing, Spoken Word

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