Pre Modern History

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Course Name

Pre Modern History

Course Classification


Course Framework


Course Developers




Nanette Bragg


Burgmann Anglican School

Murray Chisholm

B.A. (Hons), Grad. Dip. Ed, M.A. Grad. Cert. TESOL

the Canberra College

Dr. Christopher Kenna

B.A. (Hons), Grad. Dip. Ed, PhD

Hawker College

Sarah Langford

B.A. (Hons), Grad. Dip. Ed, Grad. Cert. Information Studies

Orana Steiner School

Michael Lemmey

B.Ed. Grad Cert. Special Education

Gungahlin College

Bridget Martin

B.A. Postgrad. Dip. Teach

Erindale College

Lee Morthorpe

B.A. Grad. Dip. Ed, M.A.

Canberra College

Elise Quodling

B.A. Grad Dip Ed.

Gungahlin College

Evaluation of Previous Course

This is written according to the senior secondary course design specifications.

Course Length and Composition

The following standard units will be the usual mode of delivery. Half standard units 0.5 (‘a’ and ‘b’) are for students who leave early or start late in a unit.

Unit Titles

Unit Value

Unit 1: Transformation


Unit 2: Golden Ages


Unit 3: Conflict


Unit 4: Power


Available course pattern

A standard 1.0 value unit is delivered over at least 55 hours and can be as long as 63 hours. To be awarded a course, students must complete at least the minimum number of hours and units over the whole minor or major – both requirements must be met. The number of units may vary according to the school timetable.


Number of standard units to meet course requirements


Minimum of 2 units


Minimum of 3.5 units

Major Minor

Minimum of 5.5 units

Double Major

Minimum of 7 units

Implementation Guidelines

Suggested Implementation Patterns

Implementation Pattern


Semester 1, Year 11

Unit 1: Transformation

Semester 2 , Year 11

Unit 2: Golden Ages

Semester 1, Year 12

Unit 3: Conflict

Semester 2, Year 12

Unit 4: Power

It is recommended that Units 1-4 are studied sequentially. However, units may be studied in any sequence.

Prerequisites for the course or units within the course


Compulsory units


Arrangements for students continuing study in this course

Students studying units in this course must study units that do not cover content previously studied as part of a History course in Years 11 and 12. Please refer to Duplication of Content rules below.

Duplication of Content Rules

Students cannot be given credit towards the requirements for a Senior Secondary Certificate for a unit that significantly duplicates content in a unit studied in another course. The responsibility for preventing undesirable overlap of content studied by a student rests with the principal and the teacher delivering the course. Students will only be given credit for covering the content once.

Relationship to other courses


Units from other courses

Refer to the Integrated History course.

Duplication of units


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