Pre-trip Science Activities

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Pre-trip Science Activities

Here are just a few ideas to get you started. We are constantly amazed by what teachers have done with students in their classrooms before they visit us. Please do not feel limited or compelled by any of these suggestions, they are mealy some ideas to get your own creative juices flowing! Please feel free to send your ideas to us and we’ll include them here!


What is a watershed? What watershed is your school in? Are you in the Chesapeake Bay watershed? Visit the Chesapeake Bay Program to answer these questions!

Aquatic Food Chain Exercise

This activity will prepare students for on board estuarine life activities.

The following estuarine life has been caught in our trawl nets. Give your students a copy of this list:
Bluefish, Mud Crabs, Blue Crabs, Sea Nettles, Winter Flounder, Rockfish, American Eel, Atlantic Menhaden, Grass Shrimp, Naked Goby, Atlantic Croaker, Hogchoker, Spotted Seatrout, Summer Flounder, Catfish, Softshell Clam, Oyster Toad Fish, Alewife, Spot, Pipe Fish, Sea Squirts, Sea Horse, Bay Anchovy, Hard Clam, Ctenophores (comb jelly fish), Blood Worm, Striped Bass, White Perch, Cow Nosed Ray

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