Principal Function

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Director of Discipleship and Assimilation

The Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd

Sacramento, CA

Principal Function

The Director of Discipleship and Assimilation (DDA) is responsible for managing the Spiritual growth activities and increasing the involvement of all worshippers in the mission of The Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd (aka Good Shepherd or GS). The target audience of this position ranges from first time attendees to new members to long time members.

Personal Qualifications

  • Demonstrate broad church or theological ministry experience as evidenced by an active growing faith.

  • Exhibit significant skills in enhancing a sense of connection among organizational members of a wide demographic.

  • The principles of assimilation must be fully understood and demonstrated.

  • A Degree in Theology is preferred, but can be substituted with significant experience in church (or church related) organization.

  • A firm grasp of the tenets of the Lutheran denomination and the beliefs and values of GS is required.

  • Ability to align key staff, key leadership, program volunteers and GS members in the beliefs and values of GS must be demonstrated.

  • Excellent written and oral communication skills, strong leadership and interpersonal skills, strong customer service skills, strong computer skills and strong decision making skills are all required.

Reporting Relationships

  • Reports directly to the Senior Pastor.

  • Interfaces with GS Program Directors to enhance optimization, participation and synergy of all GS program activities.

  • Provides appropriate and timely communication to GS Trustees and GS Council.

  • Acts as primary resource to GS Members and Volunteers in carrying out their activities.

Requirements of the Position

First Impressions - Radical Hospitality

  • Create an environment that welcomes new guests. This can include equipping and empowering guest service volunteers, defining and implementing programs/activities/training to enhance guest experiences and continuously improving follow-up methods to insure new guests are assimilated into GS.

  • Work with other GS outreach programs to enhance their program effectiveness.

New Member Assimilation

  • Develop and implement programs and activities to allow visitors to become formal members of GS.

  • Define and create systems and programs for assimilating new members to 1) increase their spiritual growth and 2) to become involved in additional ministries. This can include working with ministry teams to recruit, train and empower additional volunteers.

  • Maintain a sense of the Congregation to minimize “backdoor” membership losses. Define and mitigate causes for such losses.

Spiritual Growth

  • Define, create, and teach discipleship classes as needed to allow members to define and enhance their spiritual gifts.

  • Propose special events for spiritual growth and renewal.

  • Enhance current emphasis for spiritual growth including prayer ministries and generosity opportunities.

Congregational Enhancement

  • Define, develop and implement a systematic process to engage all members in multi-generational small groups and other focused demographic/affinity groups (e.g.: women’s and men’s ministries, young adults, singles, retirees, widows, etc.).

  • Provide and/or define resources, training and guidance to lay leaders to enhance the opportunities of such groups.

  • Insure development and use of detailed databases to provide a matching of member’s needs and opportunities with GS existing and proposed programs and activities.

  • Support the Senior Pastor in defining programs and curriculums for adult education programs.

Other Duties

  • Perform other duties as assigned by the Senior Pastor as needed to meet Council policies.

Total Compensation Range : $45,000 – 70,000

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