Director of Outreach (a k. a. Director of Connectional Ministries) Draft job description (Revision 12-28-10) Primary Responsibility

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Director of Outreach

(a.k.a. Director of Connectional Ministries)

Draft job description (Revision 12-28-10)

Primary Responsibility: To lead the outreach efforts of First Church through personal relationships, public relations, advertising and effective internal communications with the goal of increasing attendance, participation, and assimilation of newcomers into the congregation. The person supports the larger mission of our church (Love, Grow, Serve) by moving people into ministries of fellowship, spiritual growth, and service.
Reports to: Pastor
Overview of Tasks:

To accomplish this objective, this person shall have responsibilities in three areas: (A) Direct Contact, (B) Administrative Leadership, and (C) Communications.

A. Direct Contact

  1. Attend all services on Sunday and focus on meeting and getting to know current members and new and repeat visitors.

  2. Work with the Welcoming Team to ensure that the congregation is hospitable to newcomers in every way.

  3. Review the information provided on communication cards for follow-up phone calls, e-mail, and letters.

  4. Initiate prompt and personal follow up with all newcomers in ways that are appropriate to each, including but not limited to:

    • Telephone, e-mail, and/or written response contacts

    • “Moves Management,” in which newcomers are invited to activities that fit their particular interests.

  5. Promote assimilation of newcomers by finding out the special needs and interests of people who visit our church and then contacting small group leaders, ministry team leaders, and/or other church members who could act as friends and mentors to these newcomers.

B. Administrative Leadership

  1. Direct the community group program at First Church including:

    • Initiating new groups that meet the needs of newcomers as well as current members

    • Training and supporting group leaders

    • Publicizing community groups each quarter to the congregation, to newcomers, and to the community at large.

  2. Cultivate participation in discipleship classes, particularly Membership 101, 201, and 301.

  3. Document a process for integrating people into the life of First Church, from first time visits to full participation, including suggesting metrics which will be used to measure

    • Numbers of first and second time visitors Sunday by Sunday and compare to previous months and years.

    • Numbers of visitors who become engaged in congregational activities.

    • Numbers of people involved in community groups programming.

  4. Attend team meetings appropriate to the tasks, including but not limited to the Church Council, Communication/Evangelism Team (as staff liaison), and Welcoming Team on Sunday morning (as staff liaison).

  5. Report data gathered from metrics on a monthly basis to the senior pastor, COSPAR, and the Church Council, and provide feedback to ministry team leaders as appropriate in order to make use of the information gleaned from newcomers.

C. Communications

  1. Lead establishment and implementation of First Church branding.

  2. Manage all external advertising.

  3. Manage internal communications, including:

    1. Produce 24 Chimes newsletters per year;

    2. Oversee format, editing, and list management for eChimes electronic newsletter;

    3. Produce or manage the graphic design and production of special publications (small groups brochures, stewardship campaign materials, sermon series postcards, program logos, special event graphics);

    4. Oversee quality of Sunday bulletins and multimedia.

  4. Contract with photographers, web designers, and other professionals as needed.

  5. Oversee creation and maintenance of an outstanding First Church website.

  6. Manage media relations, including:

    1. Traditional media (print, TV, radio) – through press releases and by serving as media contact;

    2. Social networking media – by publicizing engagement opportunities through emerging social networking media.

  7. Manage relevant budget line items to accomplish above tasks.


  • Bachelors’ degree in communications and/or marketing.

  • Excellent interpersonal communication skills.

  • Effective “meet and greet” ability.

  • Energetic and approachable personality.

  • Very strong web and software skills, with preference for Adobe Creative Suite applications, Joomla web content management, and Shelby church database programs or equivalents.

  • Strong commitment to the mission and ministry of First Church Seattle.

Hours and Compensation

This is a full-time salaried position. Compensation dependent on experience.

The successful candidate will work a long, full day each Sunday, attending all three services and following up on visitors within 24-36 hours. He or she will be expected to appropriately adjust his or her schedule to attend the weekly staff meeting and monthly meetings of the Church Council and other relevant team meetings.

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