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National Community Disclosure Project Launched in Northern Constabulary
Embargoed until: 00:01 hours on Monday 31 January 2011
Northern Constabulary is today (31 January 2011) offering parents and guardians in the Highlands and Islands a formal way to contact police with concerns about anyone who have direct contact with their children.
Community Disclosure – Keeping Children Safe is a Scottish Government project, which was initially piloted in the Tayside Police Area in 2009, is now being rolled out by Northern Constabulary.
Parents, guardians and carers of those aged under-18, who have concerns about anyone who has contact with their child, can make an application to Northern Constabulary. Following suitable assessment of the information provided by the applicant, where appropriate, they will be given limited information about an individual in order to protect their children.
Northern Constabulary is encouraging anyone who has concerns about an individual’s access to children, to share those concerns under the scheme. However, information would only be shared with individuals in a position to protect those children, such as parents, guardians and carers.
Acting Detective Inspector Eddie Ross who is the Keeping Children Safe Project Manager for Northern Constabulary said: “Community Disclosure – Keeping Children Safe is a positive and welcome initiative that will contribute to and enhance existing child protection measures in the Highlands and Islands. Not only this, but the project will provide a consistent approach to this form of concern across Scotland, when it is live in all areas at the end of March 2011.
“We have always encouraged anyone who has concerns about any child to share these with police. Each application will be assessed and where necessary and appropriate, certain information may be shared with an individual to help them protect their child.”
Anyone who wishes to find out more information about Community Disclosure should visit or to file a concern phone 01463 723422.


Download 5.83 Kb.

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