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KEVIN M. MORGAN ________________________________________________________________________________

14 West Hollow Lane Webster, MA 01570 508-943-2886

QUALIFICATIONS Professional Profile:

SUMMARY • Effective communicator with excellent interpersonal and organizational skills

• Cooperative and flexible; readily adapt to changing needs and circumstances

• Resourceful, persistent and diplomatic approach to problem resolution

• Highly motivated, conscientious and confident self-starter who performs well under pressure

• Interact effectively both interdepartmentally and at all organizational levels

• Enthusiastic team player who embraces a challenge and consistently achieves desired results

• Able to manage multiple tasks, set priorities, work within budget and meet deadlines

• Demonstrated ability to qualify, hire, train, motivate, supervise and evaluate staff

Functional Skills:

• Knowledge of personal lines multi-state regulations • Excellent research & analytical skills

• Address & resolve multiple state compliance issues • Manage & mentor underwriters

• Consistently provide outstanding customer service • Develop & implement product changes

• Manage complex projects from inception to completion • Software - Microsoft Word & Excel


2011 -2016

Concord Group Insurance Company:

Senior Personal Lines Underwriting - Massachusetts

• Responsible for underwriting and servicing personal lines business for agents.

• Responsible for agency management and quality submission of new business.

• Personal Lines Contact for Massachusetts Claims Department

• Researched competitive products throughout the state of Maine.

• Visited with agents periodically to review guideline and product changes as well as any issues or opportunities related to writing new business.

EMPLOYMENT Northeast Insurance Agency, Auburn MA

2009-2011 Account Executive

• Sold insurance to the general public.

• Effectively managed existing accounts to maximize customer retention.


2003-2008 & 1996-1999 Product Analyst, Personal Lines - Home Office

• Analyze state regulations to ensure personal lines products are in compliance.

• Provide assistance to state management regarding decisions on company products.

• Research forms and rules to be used with new products such as multi-variant auto.

• Communicate changes with various disciplines within the organization.

• Provide quality and timely customer service to both internal and external partners.


Roll out of multi-variant auto product in 3 key states:

Reviewed state regulations related to coverage offerings, researched competitive products and

developed new auto policy forms.

Roll out PAP (Personal Auto Policy) 98 in several states:

Provided business analyst with system requirements detailing form/coverage changes when PAP

94 was replaced with PAP 98. Revised rules and policy form numbers in agent manual to reflect

changes related to PAP 98 implementation.

Exit states and associated compliance work:

Decision was made to discontinue writing unprofitable group business in a number of states.

Monitored the non-renewal process and notified the process center if there were changes in

state regulations that would affect the non-renewal of group policies.

KEVIN M. MORGAN _______________________________________________________________________________

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New Jersey Rate Reduction Act:

State of New Jersey passed a regulation requiring companies to reduce personal automobile rates

and offer 3 auto policies, a standard policy and 2 policies with reduced coverage offerings.

Analyzed the rate reduction regulation and developed 2 new personal lines automobile policies

and several new policy forms.

California Proposition 103 - Unclaimed Funds:

State of California notified Hanover that all unclaimed refunds related to California Proposition

103 must be remitted to the state including a special report with the refunds. Supervised 8 tem-

porary employees to assist in completing the special report, performed a quality review of the

report and worked with Hanover’s California Branch Manager, the Regional Underwriting

Manager and a Hanover Corporate Tax Attorney to complete the project.

Setup of new company in New Jersey:

Decision was made to roll the entire New Jersey personal lines automobile book of business

Researched, identified and provided corporate legal team with all auto policy forms, policy-

holder notices and underwriting communications used with personal auto in New Jersey.


2000-2003 Personal Lines Underwriting Manager - New England

• Managed personal lines underwriters and assistant underwriters with total written premiums in

excess of $84 million.

• Reviewed all underwriting work and conducted a monthly underwriting audit with the home office

technical underwriting team.

• Oversaw daily activities of the policy processing team addressing and resolving any issues.

• Oversaw daily activities of the nationwide personal lines cancellation (ODEN) unit.

• Met with senior corporate and regional management and underwriters semi-annually to review

each agent.

• Frequently visited existing and prospective agents throughout New England and participated in

agency council meetings.


Book Roll: Reviewed reports on books of business being considered for Hanover to determine

if business appeared profitable and decide whether to accept the book roll over.

Texas Homeowner Conversion: Responsible for the cancellation unit sending notifications to

Texas homeowner policyholders stating that their renewals were being placed in another Hanover

company requiring canceling out the Hanover renewals in the system and re-entering the policies

into the system and re-issuing them.

• Provided resources to assist the New York Underwriting/Processing Team in issuing Vehicle

Insurance Identification Cards in a timely manner.

Customer Service Bonus Program: New England Underwriting/Processing Team was awarded

this bonus for the first time in my 2nd year as manager.

KEVIN M. MORGAN _______________________________________________________________________________

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1999-2000 Senior Personal Lines Underwriting - Maine

Specific areas of responsibilities include:

• Agency management and quality submission of new business including reviewing endorsement

requests, assessing risk, follow-up with agent and ensuring proper documentation.

• Handle all transactions in a timely manner with attention to detail and accuracy.

• Order property inspections according to risk characteristics and provide agents with answers to

Underwriting and/or coverage questions.

• Mentored underwriters for the states of Connecticut, Maine, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and


• Projects included several book rolls: Pre-screened (underwrote) the declaration page from the

prior company to ensure that Hanover offered the same policy coverage provided by the previous

company and contacted agents to discuss any endorsement differences.


Maine Team Senior Personal Lines Underwriter

• Responsible for underwriting and servicing personal lines business for agents.

• Responsible for agency management and quality submission of new business.

• Developed and implemented new homeowner coastal guideline strategies for the state of Maine.

• Researched competitive products throughout the state of Maine.

• Visited with agents periodically to review guideline and product changes as well as any issues or

opportunities related to writing new business.

Account Executive

• Sold insurance and financial service products to both small business owners and the general public.

• Effectively managed existing accounts to maximize customer retention.


Personal Lines Underwriter

• Handled $14 million of annual written premiums along with the selection and retention of risks

with the goal of achieving a profitable loss ratio and proper business mix.

• Participated in a project investigating the potential of writing voluntary business with specific

agents having good loss ratios and successful track records.
Prior experience Sales Representative - Prudential Insurance Company, Auburn, MA

Recipient of Gold Record Award.

Production Supervisor - Cranston Print Works, Webster, MA

A.S. in Business 1980

Licenses / Designations:

Massachusetts Brokers License - Life & Health; Property & Casualty

Certificate of General Insurance; CIC; CPCU

Previously held securities licenses - Series 6 & 63

Professional Training & Development:

Participated in semi-annual agency council meetings for the states of Connecticut, Maine and

New Hampshire

Participated in New Hampshire Reinsurance Facility Meeting for personal automobile

Attend annual update classes to maintain CIC designation

Completed classes in Team Building, Customer Service & Change Management

Sponsored through Hanover Insurance Company

Participate in CPCU Association meetings where subject matter has included discussions

related to the Massachusetts Fair Plan and issues it is facing with coastal properties.

KEVIN M. MORGAN __________________________________________________________________________________

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Professional Training & Development Cont’d
LUTC, P&C, NASD - industry sponsored courses

Prudential Insurance Training Program

Completed Massachusetts Automobile Fraud Training Class
Completed Mandatory Massachusetts Flood Training Class
Completed MAIA Massachusetts Personal Automobile Training Class

Completed MAIA Ethics Class

Completed MAIA RMV Class

AFFILIATIONS Past member, Worcester Life Underwriting Association

Member, local CPCU chapter

Member of Society of CIC
INTERESTS Coach Softball, Physical Fitness, Fishing, Music, Classic Movies
PERSONAL Married, 2 Children, Excellent Health, Able to Travel

References Available Upon Request

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