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Panasonic SD5 cameras: has video motion detection (can be configured to detect and track intruders, and also detect left or removed objects) – http://www.prosecurityzone.com/Customisation/News/Surveillance/IP_and_Megapixel_cameras/SD5_technology_cameras_available_from_Norbain.asp

  • Panasonic IP Cameras - http://catalog2.panasonic.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/ModelDetail?displayTab=O&storeId=11201&catalogId=13051&itemId=373000&catGroupId=14471&surfModel=WV-NW502S; http://catalog2.panasonic.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/ModelDetail?displayTab=O&storeId=11201&catalogId=13051&itemId=360500&catGroupId=14471&surfModel=WV-NP502

  • ONSSI Ocularis: IP Video Management System, incorporating BriefCam26 search and review analytics, enabling – http://www.onssi.com/ocularis.html

  • Vista Bullet Camera VBC520: Discrete IP camera – http://www.vista-cctv.com/news/ref:N4AC47CCD37F0D/

  • Copper Eye IPRS: IP Camera data retention and retrieval system – http://www.coppereye.com/news_press/pressreleases/?id=46

  • Napco iSee Video: Products enabling remote viewing of CCTV camera feeds over internet connections, including “live video on the Apple iPhone, and...live Motion JPG images on any web enabled cell phone”. Latest addition “Single Channel Gateway” extends this ability to analogue camera feeds – http://www.napcosecurity.com/video.html

  • Samsung Techwin SDC-435: Day and Night camera – http://www.samsungtechwin.com/prd/pro_view.asp?pro_uid=4682&cat_uid=14&cat_biz=CTV&cat_lev=AA

  • Vista SmartDisc: IP camera recording and alarm transmission system - http://www.vista-cctv.com/news/ref:N4AE01F49D923B/

  • Axis M3203 Network Camera – Fixed Dome Cameras http://www.axis.com/products/cam_m3203/index.htm

    • Axis P3304 Network Camera – HDTV Fixed Dome Cameras http://www.axis.com/products/cam_p3304/

    • SUI Goodrich’s SU320KTX – Infrared camera, publicised as suitable for covert surveillance http://www.sensorsinc.com/downloads/SU320KTX.pdf

    • SUI Goodrich’s SU640KTSX – Infrared camera, publicised as suitable for covert surveillance http://www.sensorsinc.com/downloads/SU640KTSX.pdf

    • IQeye’ Minidome – IP Dome camera http://www.iqeye.com/component/content/article/120.html?lang=en

    • Texas Instrument’s DMVA1 – IP Camera with built in video analytics http://focus.ti.com/apps/docs/mrktgenpage.tsp?contentId=41246&appId=79

    • Behavioural Recognition Systems’ AIsight 2.1 – Video analytics system that derives models of ‘abnormal behaviour’ on the basis of previous footage, ‘learning’ as it goes http://www.brslabs.com/files/pdf/AISight_2%201_Final.pdf

    • Vista CCTV VBC500 – long range bullet camera with in built infra red illuminators for night vision http://www.vista-cctv.com/go.php?structureID=S45C8A2209666D&ref=I4BAB37EA36149

    • SightLogix Sightsensor Camera – Built in GPS based analytics and night vision http://www.sightlogix.com/visible-sightsensor.html

    • NDI Recognition System’s ST200 – Portable Automatic Number Plate Recognition system. http://ndi-rs.com/ukrs/st200

    • Samsung Techwin SCP – Fixed dome Internet Protocol cameras with video analytics. http://www.samsungtechwin.com/prd/pro_view.asp?pro_uid=5502&cat_uid=129&cat_biz=CTV&cat_lev=AG

    • Sanyo HD CCTV Cameras http://www.fullhdcctv.com/ and http://prosecurityzone.com/Customisation/News/Surveillance/Analogue_and_HD_Cameras/Full_HD_Cameras_Draw_IFSEC_Visitors_to_Sanyo_Stand.asp

    • iOmiscient Smart Cameras http://iomniscient.com/index.html and http://prosecurityzone.com/Customisation/News/Surveillance/Video_Analytics_and_ANPR/Crowded_Scene_Analysis_Brings_BAE_Award_To_iOmniscient.asp

    • Vivotek’s IP7361 – Internet Protocol Bullet Camera http://norbain.co.uk/go.php?structureID=S3EC0C6423876F&ref=G4C04CB7326550

    • Samsung/Techwin SCB-3001 – Analogue day and night camera with built in video analytics27 http://www.sourcesecurity.com/docs/fullspec/SCB-3001ENG%20Catalog.pdf

    • Vista VBC 300 – Day and night bullet cameras http://www.vista-cctv.com/go.php?structureID=S45C8A2209666D&ref=I4C07631ADF13A

    • Human Recognition System’s Mguardian – Video analytic management system (including facial recognition) http://www.hrsltd.com/solution.php?page=27

    • Vi-System Event Dispatcher – Sends real time notifications of particular events identified by video analytic systems http://www.agentvi.com/61-Products-62-Vi_System

    • Smart-tec STC-3002 – Day and night CCTV camera http://smartec-security.eu/en/new/2010/stc-3002.htm

    • Vista VBC440 – Day and night bullet CCTV camera http://www.vista-cctv.com/go.php?structureID=S45C8A2209666D&ref=I4C0FB953DAE45

    • Bosch Autodome Easy – Internet Protocol dome camera. Can be adapted to have point, tilt and zoom, day and night or motion tracking functionality. http://www.autodome.com/

    • Nanjing Yuan Tuo’s HRC-168-IIATM – Digital Video Recorder designed for use of footage of bank atm machines. Enables search by, for example, card no. Date or time. Also certain algorithms can be set to trigger alarms. http://yuantuo.en.alibaba.com/product/298405830-209836346/ATM_DVR.html

    • Nextiva S5000 – Internet Protocol dome camera http://verint.com/video_solutions/section2b.cfm?article_level2_category_id=7&article_level2a_id=359&article_level2b_id=759

    • Vicon’s MPD-980DN-O – CCTV dome camera. Uses compression technology. Functional both in day and night and has a removable infrared filter. http://www.sourcesecurity.com/new-products/listing/1/technical-details/cctv/image-capture/domes/vicon-mpd-980dn-o.html

    • Bosch’s MIC 500 – High speed ‘pan, tilt and zoom’ CCTV camera. http://www.boschsecurity.co.uk/content/language1/html/5971_ENU_XHTML.asp

    • Y-Cam Bullet – Internet Protocol enabled bullet camera with infrared night vision, two way audio and automated motion alerts. http://www.y-cam.com/y-cam-bullet

    • Honeywell’s HD4MDIPX – Internet protocol enabled high definition mini dome camera, with infrared capabilities. http://www.security.honeywell.com/uk/video/products/cameras/ip/292538.html

    • Logitech Alert Web Commander and Mobile Commander – Video security system for viewing the user’s CCTV camera feeds from internet browsers and smart phones. Can be set so that motion triggers alerts. http://www.logitech.com/en-gb/webcam-communications/video-security-systems/monitoring-services/devices/7261

    • Airlive’s WL-350-HD – Internet protocol enabled camera that can network via mains electricity. Built in web interface for viewing via web browser or smart phone. http://www.airlive.com/product/product_3.jsp?pdid=PD1269281040999

    • Optibase’s FITIS (Fully Integrated Tactical IPTV System) – Stores and analyses video and data from range of different sources, including unmanned aerial vehicles. Designed for government and military use. http://www.optibase.com/FITIS/

    • Toshiba’s IK-WB30A – Internet protocol enables ‘point, tilt and zoom’ camera with day and night capability. http://www.toshibasecurity.com/products/prod_camera_detail_ikwb30a.jsp

    • SUI Goodrich SU640HSX – Compact infrared camera, capable of “persistent surveillance, laser detection, and penetration through fog, dust, and smoke” as well night vision. Suitable for covert surveillance and capable of being used on unmanned aerial vehicles.28 http://www.sensorsinc.com/downloads/SU640HSX.pdf

    • Draganflyer X8 – Unmanned Aerial Vehicle for still and video photography. Offered with a range of camera options including high definition and infrared. Delivers live pictures to laptop and can be set up so that pictures can be viewed via a web browser.http://www.draganfly.com/uav-helicopter/draganflyer-x8/index.php

    • Samsung’s SRD-450 – Digital Video Recorder aimed at the home security market, enabling viewing of camera feeds online http://www.samsungsecurity.co.uk/news/product_view.asp?iPage=1&seq=331&selSearch=all&txtSearch=

    • Toshiba’s IK-WD12A – Mini Dome Internet Protocol camera with day/night capability http://www.toshibasecurity.com/products/prod_camera_detail_ikwd12a.jsp

    • SUI Goodrich’s SU640KTS – Compact thermal imaging camera http://www.sensorsinc.com/downloads/SU640KTS.pdf

    • Siqura’s MSD 620 – Internet Protocol Point, Tilt and Zoom camera with day/night capability, 2 way audio, and privacy masking. http://www.sourcesecurity.com/docs/fullspec/MSD620-EN.pdf

    • Basler IP Cameras – range of Internet Protocol cameras with day/night functionality, motion detection and intelligent alarms. http://www.baslerweb.com/downloads/21425/BAS1102_8S_IP_Camera_AE_Web_110211.pdf

    • Vista VBC600 – Long range bullet camera with day/night capability. http://www.vista-cctv.com/news/ref:N4D00C565489E9/

    • Toshiba IKWB80A – Day/night Internet Protocol camera http://www.toshibasecurity.com/products/prod_camera_detail_ikwb80a.jsp

    • Samsung SCO 2370 – Day/night bullet camera with motion detection and privacy masking http://www.samsungsecurity.co.uk/product/product_view_feature.asp?p=1150.

    • Vista VBC503 – Long range dual infrared bullet camera. http://www.vista-cctv.com/news/ref:N4D2ED5247698C/.

    • Intamac Halo – Home Monitoring Service enabling online access to camera feeds in the home. Applications cited includes ‘Smart Energy, Home Security, Telecare, View, and Home Automation & remote control’. Now enabled for 3G access.29 http://www.home-halo.co.uk/

    • Basler BIP2-D1300c-dn - High Definition Internet Protocol Dome Camera with day/night functionality. Equipped with microphones for audio capability http://www.baslerweb.com/beitraege/beitrag_en_118102.html

    • Lilin DVR-304 – Digital video recorder able to recognise preset alarms (which can be used to trigger higher quality recording, as a hard drive maximising function) and supporting remote online access including smart phone specific applications. http://www.meritlilin.co.uk/generic_62.htm

    • Sony Image Sensing Solutions Micro XCD – Miniaturised camera (19x29x29mm) http://www.imveurope.com/products/product_details.php?product_id=1201

    • Stemmer Imaging Miniature High Definition Board Level Camera – 42 x 42 x 34 mm camera, marketed as low cost and suitable for mounting in awkward positions or on moving objects http://www.stemmer-imaging.co.uk/en/pages/news/item.php?item=4135

    • Synectics SimplicityDigital video recorder enabling remote access and programmable to respond to specified alerts http://www.synx.com/simplicity/?s=about

    • Smartec STR-0484 – Digital video recorder equipped for audio inputs, programmable alerts and search capabilities http://smartec-security.eu/en/product/str-0484.htm

    • Ethernet Direct EDS-741WH - Outdoor Internet Protocol camera, equipped with two way audio http://www.controlglobal.com/vendors/products/2010/388.html

    • Samsung Techwin SNP-3430H - Long range dome camera, with day/night functionality, intelligent video analytics and privacy masking http://www.samsungtechwin.com/product/file_data/manual/20101027_0_1009.SNP-3430H_E(10.09.28).pdf

    • Oncam Global IPZoom – Internet protocol 360 degree vision camera complete with video analytics software enabling, in addition to identification of preset events, may also target abnormal behaviour and enables the operator to tag an item or individual for tracking by other co-located cameras on the system http://www.oncamglobal.com/ipzoom.html

    • Ovation System - Covert surveillance system with digital video recorder for use with additional miniaturised camera, microphones and GPS receiver http://www.ovation.co.uk/FlashBack-3-Connectors/FlashBack-3-digital-video-recorder-with-connectors.html

    • Face Watch – ‘Internet based partnership between business and police’ to combat low level crime by enabling the sharing of images between users http://facewatch.co.uk/home/about-what

    Audio Surveillance

    • Range of bugs using GSM, UHF and VHF technology disguised as clocks, plugs etc. e.g. http://www.spycatcheronline.co.uk/spy-phones-c-52.html?spyid=7f03f93e6286532489e51fbcf141f859

    • Connexion 2’s Lone Worker Device – covert bug to designed to be worn by social workers going in to potentially hostile situations. When activated works as a bug. Also available as software to be loaded onto a blackberry smart phone. http://www.connexion2.com/content/88/index.html


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