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Tel./Fax No. 2287 3696

National Service Scheme Unit,

Vidyapeeth Vidyarthi Bhavan,

2nd Floor, ‘B’ Road, Churchgate,

Mumbai – 400 020.

No. NSS/ 774 /2012-2013.
Date : 16.11.2012

The Principal of Colleges having NSS Unit.

Dear Sir/Madam,
This is to inform you that, the NSS Cell, University of Mumbai have received a circular from Asstt. Programme Advisor, NSS Regional Centre, Pune, Govt. of India regarding to observe the “Quami Ekta Week” (National Integration Week) from 19th to 25th November 2012.

As mentioned in the letter received from the Home Ministry, Government of India “Quami Ekta Week” - National Integration Week - will be observed from 19th to 25th November 2012 to foster and reinforce the spirit of Communal Harmony, National Integration and pride in our vibrant composite culture and nationhood.

The National Integration Pledge may be taken on 19 November 2012. The bilingual text of the pledge is enclosed with the logo of National Integration. The list of the suggestive programme is enclosed herewith for your information & necessary action. The programme may be given proper publicity and organized in a manner that would include and involved participation of people from all walks of society, so that the message of Communal Harmony and National Integration could reach every part of society. The chain of activity may be organised in an adopted area and College on the theme of enclosed programme / schedule.
You are therefore requested to organize above appropriate function/ programmes and report (1-2 page consisting date, venue, details of the activity, number of participants-male/female along with 2-3 photograph) may be sent to University Cell, which will be sent further to the Ministry. The Circular & guideline uploaded on web site.
Looking forward for your co-operation.
With regards,

Yours sincerely,

Prof. Atul H. Salunke,

I/c. NSS Programme Co-ordinator.

C.C. to 1) Shri. M.S. Jambhule, Asstt. Programme Advisor, NSS RC, Pune.

2) Dr. P.N.Pabrekar, State Liaison Officer, NSS, Govt. of Maharashtra.

Pledge in English-

NATIONAL INTEGRATION PLEDGE :- “I solemnly pledge to work with dedication to preserve and strengthen the freedom and integrity of the nation.”

“I further affirm that I shall never resort to violence and that I will continue to endeavour towards settlement of all differences and disputes relating to religion, language, region or other political or economic grievances by peaceful and constitutional means”.

Pledge in Hindi

jk”Vªh; v[k.Mrk ‘kiFk :- ^^eSa lR;fu”Bk ls izfrKk djrk @ djrh gwW fd ns’k dh vktknh rFkk v[kaMrk cuk, j[kuss vkSj mls etcwr djus ds fy, lefiZr gksdj dk;Z d#Wxk @ d#Wxh**A

^^eSa ;g Hkh izfrKk djrk @ djrh gwW fd dHkh fgalk dk lgkjk ugha ywWxk @ ywWxh rFkk /keZ] Hkk”kk] {ks= ls lacaf/kr HksnHkko vkSj >xMksa vkSj vU; jktuSfrd ;k vkfFkZd f’kdk;rksa dk fuiVkjk ‘kkafriw.kZ rFkk laoS/kkfud rjhdksa ls djus ds fy, iz;kl djrk @ djrh jgwWxk @ jgwWxh** A

19 uoEcj ls 25 uoEcj] 2012 rd dkSeh ,drk lIrkg ¼jk”Vªh; v[k.Mrk lIrkg ½ ds nkSjku vk;ksftr fd, tkus okys dk;Zdze
19 uoEcj % jk”Vªh; v[k.Mrk fnol
/keZ fujis{krk] lkEiznkf;drk&fojks/kh vkSj vfgalk laca/kh fo”k;kas dks egRo nsus ds

fy, cSBds] fopkj&xksf”B;ka vkSj lsfeukj vk;ksftr fd, tk,a A

20 uoEcj % vYila[;d dY;k.k fnol
iz/kku ea=h ds 15 lw=h; vYila[;dks ds dk;Zdze dh ckrksa ij tksj fn;k tk, A naxk laHkkfor ‘kgjkas esa HkkbZ&pkjk c21 uoEcj % Hkk”kkbZ ln~Hkkouk fnol
fo'ks”k lkfgfR;d lekjksgksa vkSj dfo lEesyuksa dk vk;kstu fd;k tk, rkfd Hkkjr eas izR;sd {ks= ds yksx ,d&nwljs dh Hkk”kkbZ /kjksgj dks le> ldsa A
22 uoEcj % detksj oxZ fnol
fofHkUu ljdkjh dk;Zdzeks ds rgr vuqlwfpr tkfr vkSj vuqlwfpr tutkrh rFkk detksj oxZ ds yksxkas dh lgk;rk djus okyh enksa dk izpkj&izlkj djus ds fy, cSBdas vkSj jSfy;ka vk;ksftr dh tk,a vkSj vfrfDr tfeu] Hkwfeghu etnwjksa dks vkcaafVr djus ij tksj fn;k tk,a A
23 uoEcj % lkaLd`frd ,drk fnol
^^ fofo/krk eaas ,drk** dh Hkkjrh; ijEijk dks izLrqr djus vkSj lkaLd`frd laj{k.k rFkk v[kaMrk dks c24 uoEcj % efgyk fnol
Hkkjrh; lekt eas efgyk;ksa ds egRo vkSj jk”Vª fuekZ.k esa mudh Hkwfedk dks mtkxj fd;k tk, A
25 uoEcj % laj{k.k fnol
i;kZoj.k dks lqjf{kr j[kus ds izfr tkx#drk c

Programme to be observed during “Quami Ekta Week” (National Integration Week) from 19th 25th November 2012.


Meeting, symposia and seminars may be held to emphasise the theme of secularism, anti-communalism and non-violence.


Items of the PM’s 15 Point Programme for Minorities may be emphasised. In riot prone towns, special fraternal processions may be taken out.

Special literary functions and Kavi Sammelans may be organised to enable people of each region to appreciate the linguistic heritage of other parts of India.

Meeting and rallies may be organised to highlight items under various Government programmes which help SC & ST persons and weakes sections with particular emphasis on the distribution of surplus land to landless labourers.
Cultural functions may be organised to present the Indian tradition of unity in diversity and for promoting cultural conservation and integration.
The importance of Women in Indian Society and their rolr in development of nation-building may be highlighted.
Meeting and functions may be organised to emphasise the growing awareness and action to conserve the environment.

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