Questions for discussion

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Questions for discussion

Episode 10

6th may 2008
olar Subsidies

  1. Describe what is happening at Mawson Lakes School.

  2. What are some advantages of solar power?

  3. What are solar cells made from?

  4. How are they made?

  5. Why aren’t more people installing solar cells to generate energy?

  6. Why is it difficult for solar power to compete with coal?

  7. What happened at Pittwater High School in Sydney?

  8. What are some people saying the Government should do to encourage solar energy use?

  9. Why is it difficult for solar power to compete with coal?

  10. Do you think the Government is doing enough to encourage solar power? Explain your answer.

`Should all schools have solar power?’ Vote in the online poll
Internet Censorship

  1. What was the main point of the story?

  2. What has happened to Internet access in China?

  3. Why does the Chinese Government want to control what people see on the Internet?

  4. How does the Chinese Government monitor Internet use?

  5. What happened to the journalist in China?

  6. Do you think it was fair? Explain your answer.

  7. What is going to happen to Internet censorship during the Beijing Olympics?

  8. What are the advantages of Internet censorship?

  9. The Internet has been described by some people as one of the greatest inventions for democracy in history. What do you think is meant by this and do you agree?

  10. Have you experienced Internet censorship? Explain your answer.

Test your knowledge in the online quiz.
Seals Tracking

  1. How are the Weddell seals being used by researchers in Antarctica?

  2. What is happening to the waters around Antarctica?

  3. How did the researchers collect the data?

  4. What did they learn from tracking the seals?

  5. How deep can the Weddell seals dive?

  6. Why is it important that scientists discover how the ocean is changing?

  7. Finish the following sentence: `The saltier water is the…’

  8. Explain the connection between ice formation and climate change.

  9. How is the food chain affected by how much ice there is?

  10. Do you agree with using animals to help with scientific research? Explain your answer.

Generate an A-Z list of words that you know about Antarctica.

Women Truckies

  1. Why is the truck driving industry trying to get more female truck drivers?

  2. Why did Hayley want to be a truck driver?

  3. What does Hayley enjoy about truck driving?

  4. How have trucks changed?

  5. Why do you think there is a shortage of truck drivers?

  6. Why is it such a problem?

  7. How is the industry trying to encourage more people to become truck drivers?

  8. Hayley believes that younger people see truck driving as a job taken on by uneducated people. Why would some young people have this view of truck driving?

  9. What influences peoples opinions/judgements about occupations?

  10. Think of an occupation and the type of person that might do the job. What has influenced your view?

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Olympic BMX

  1. What is significant about BMX racing at the upcoming Beijing Olympics?

  2. How fast can the riders go?

  3. Why was the World Cup Supercross an important event?

  4. Why is sponsorship important to BMX racers?

  5. Why did Khalen move to America?

  6. What are the plus, minus and interesting things about being a successful BMX rider?

  7. How did Nicole get into BMX racing?

  8. Describe the risks involved in BMX racing.

  9. What will the riders have to contend with in Beijing that they wouldn’t normally have to?

  10. What character traits would a BMX racer have?

Create true or false quiz about BMX racing.

Seal Tracking

Scientists are using satellite tracking devices attached to the Weddell seals in the Antarctic to find out more about climate change.

Episode 10
6th may 2008

Learning Area

Society and Environment

Key learning

Students will develop:

  • An understanding of how animals adapt to their habitat.

  • Skills for inquiry based learning.

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