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#F13/546, Lane No.2, Nehru Colony, Gopal

Nagar, Majitha Road, Amritsar, Punjab, 143001



To work in a healthy, innovative and challenging environment extracting the best out of me, which is conducive to learn and grow at professional as well as personal level thereby directing my future endeavors as an asset to the organization.

Academic Qualification:

Academic Qualification

Institute/ University

Year of Passing


















Other Computer Proficiency:

  • Operating Systems : Linux(Ubuntu, CentOS, Lubuntu),Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP

  • Database : Postgrees SQL, MariaDB, PDO MY SQL, SQL Server, Oracle, MS Access,


  • Programming Lang : Framework Codeigniter ,

Laravel, Zend Framework,

PHP5, HTML5, Java

Core, C++ , jQuery with Ajax (Json) and Animation,

Canvas, CSS3, CURL, API Development, Jquery UI,

Jquery Plugins, Wordpress Plugin

Development, Google Chrome Plugin Development,

Angular JS, Jsonp, Wordpress Plugin Development, PHP Web Services,

jQuery Mobile, jQuery UI, PhoneGap

  • CMS : Wordpress (Latest Version), Joomla, Open Cart

  • Designing : Photoshop CC with Animations, Flash 8

  • Others : Android Development in Basic4Android and Android Studio, Networking, Hardware Repairing, Computer Assembling, OS Repairing, VB6.0

Working Projects

  • Till Now I’ve worked on Retailing Projects and With CSS and PHP5, Codeigniter and Jquery

  • http://ikeypass.com

  • http://abisyscorp.com/password (developed API of iKeyPass Concept)

  • Google Chrome Plugin (Search iKeyPass in Google Chrome Store)

  • Developed Wordpress plugin for iKeyPass concept.

  • Also working on Mozilla Ad-on for iKeyPass.

  • http://www.bdelectrical.com/ (Magento)

Professional Experience

  • Organization(Working) : NetMatic Technologies

  • Designation : Team Leader

  • Organization : AbiSysCorp

  • Designation : Senior PHP Developer

  • Duration : Working..

  • Organization : Poorvanchal Multi-State Co-Operative Socity Ltd

  • Designation : Web Developer (IT-Head)

  • Duration : 4 Months (From July 1st)

  • Organization : GGN Web Development

  • Designation : Web Developer

  • Duration : 2 Year (From June 6th 2011 to June 2013)

My Job Profile:

  • Managing Whole Website of Company.

  • Responsible for all web sites activities.

  • Ensure implementation of company policy and processes at all outlets level.

  • Manage the server activities and network system of all PC’s of Company

  • Managing the all Security accepts regarding block un-authorized access.

  • Providing Solution to any query related to any web development frameworks.

  • Recruiting and training to new employee of IT Department.

Employee Development and Team Management

  • Ensure knowledge and skill updating of another developers.

  • To create a challenging environment and opportunity to learn, develop and perform.

  • Teach all employees for work in New Way or Technology for Web Development.

  • Divide Large Project in Modules and Assign each module to each IT Executive.

  • Provide the best solution for any complex problem for executives.

  • Provide the smart solutions for completion of the projects.

  • Organising the Seminars for discussion about the new project.


  • Shopping Cart (E-Commerce Websites)

  • Made Retailing Software For Poorvanchal as Online Website within Two Months.

  • Use Codeigniter framework for secure development.

  • Made Multi Level Marking Software.

  • Made Account Software as Online Website for Poorvanchal.

  • Made Secured PHP API for iKeyPass Concept (My Own Concept)

  • Also working on Graph API for this concept.

  • Developed WordPress Security Related Plugin

  • Developed Google Chrome Extension

Extra-Curricular Activities:

  • I can handle whole project from starting to end.

  • I am good Programmer of PHP and I can find the Quick Solution of any Programming Logic Error.

  • I can Make Design of Full Web Site Page in Photoshop CC and also set in HTML page.

  • I am also work in Full Jquery with our php programming, with ajax and json.

  • I can make full jquery based website.

  • I am also using CSS codes with PHP Programming.

  • I also developed my own API for Android Web Services.

  • I can setup Linux and windows server with mail system.

Personal Information:

Hobbies : Always try to gain knowledge about new things

D.O.B : 08-Apr-1991

Gender : Male

Languages Known : English, Hindi, and Punjabi

Contact No : +919646451712, +919803675124

I hereby declare that the above written particulars are true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief.

Date: 13-May-2015 Rahul Sharma

Place: Amritsar (Signature)
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