Re: Complaint about the insert car make, year and registration number

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Sample complaint letter for car dealership
Your name

Your address
Name of the trader

Address of trader
Dear Manager
Re: Complaint about the insert car make, year and registration number purchased from insert dealership name on insert date.
Insert purchase contract number
I am writing regarding the purchase of make and model of car and bring to your attention following issues.
Enter description of problem using dot points. For example:

  • regular thud coming from the left side of the engine when travelling over 60kms p/hr

  • engine warning light comes on

  • car becomes harder to steer

I telephoned your dealership and spoke to insert name at insert the times and dates that you spoke to the dealership.

They advised insert main points from the phone conversations
To resolve this problem, please consider the following options:

Enter what you would like the dealer to do next. For example:

I also ask that you reimburse my travel costs that were incurred as a result of faults, an invoice attached.

Please contact me on insert work and phone numbers where possible to discuss the issues. If you haven’t contacted me within ten days I will be contacting Consumer and Business Services to lodge a complaint.

Yours sincerely,

Mary Smith

Download 9.83 Kb.

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