Réelles Transactions Mailing address: Carré 53 itadjala  : 02 bp. 990 Cotonou

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Réelles Transactions

Mailing address: Carré 53 ITADJALA  : 02 BP. 990 Cotonou

Tél. : (229) 90-90-87-21 / 97-27-10-20

E-mail : parfaitpaulin@yahoo.fr ou relationall@yahoo.fr

Cotonou the 19th of May 2008

ATTN: the Publishing and the Managing Department

Subject: Business Opportunities in WEST AFRICA.
I – We are exporters of agricultural commodities mainly dried raw cashew nuts in shell, cotton fibbers and seeds.

II – We are also seeking to Import for our countries (west Africa countries as we very close of Nigeria) manufactured products as new tyres, lubricant, tipper truck, trailers and many others goods.

III – We need to establish a long lasting and profitable business relationship with genuine companies, in position to build roads, classrooms, stadiums, offices, common residence for our government.
We need partners with who we can establish Academicals, Cultural, scientific, technical and sportive (foot ball) schools. We also need insurance and transportation companies in our place. It is possible to do some very profitable business in the world nowadays.
We are looking for serious purchases, buyers.
With Best Regards,

Parfait Paulin RAMANOU

General Manager

Our contact is :

Tél. :+229 90 90 87 21 /+229 97 27 10 20 / +229 95 95 69 63

E-mail : parfaitpaulin@yahoo.fr;


02 BP 990 Cotonou

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