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Week 7 Assignment- 1101CD

Remington College

Diana Martinez

September 26, 2021


Week 7 Assignment / CD

Preparation is the key to doing well in an interview.  For this assignment make an outline for yourself that provides you with a plan to successfully interview with a prospective employer. In your outline, include:

  • Research you will perform prior to the interview

  • What you will wear

  • Materials you will bring with you

  • What questions you would like to ask your prospective employer

  • Follow up plans upon exiting the interview

In order to walk out of an interview feeling accomplished, proper preparation is suggested in advanced. The most successful interviews are those that flow easily and leave the candidate as well as the prospective employer confident that they got what they wanted out of the encounter. As a candidate, I would want to leave an interview feeling as though I put forth my best effort. To do that, the following outline would be my plan for preparing for an interview.

  1. Do enough research on the company and position I’m applying for. Having knowledge of the company mission and how I can assist with fulfilling it, would set me aside from other candidates. Also, having information on my position of interest helps to bring up any questions if necessary.

  2. Business casual attire would be the go-to interview outfit. Depending on the job, a more casual attire would be an option.

  3. Some of the questions I would ask would be: What can I do best to prepare to join the company? What are some things you (the interviewer) take pride of about the company? What are some things I can look forward to in my role?

  4. I would bring a folder containing a copy of my resume and/or cover letter.

  5. As a follow up, I would keep in contact with the interviewer, making sure to thank them for their time.

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