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Trevor Owens

Doctoral Student, Community Lead

George Mason University

Center for History and New Media

4400 University Drive, MSN 1E7

Fairfax, Virginia 22030

Research Interests:

Instructional Technology/Educational Psychology, games and learning, online learning, design based research, digital scholarship, history and science education, research tools


Ph.D Educational Psychology and Instructional Technology

George Mason University, in progress (2009-2012, expected)

M.A. History and New Media

George Mason University, 2009

B.A. History of Science

University of Wisconsin-Madison, 2006

Peer Reviewed Articles

Owens, T. (2010). Modding the history of science: Values and habits of mind in modder discussions of Sid Meier’s Civilization. Simulation & Gaming.  

Owens, T. (2009). Going to school with Madame Curie and Mr. Einstein: Gender roles in children’s science biographies. Cultural Studies of Science Education, 4(4), 929-943. doi: 10.1007/s11422-009-9177-6  

Peer Reviewed Conference Proceedings and Encyclopedia Entries

Owens, T. (in press). Book communities. In G. Barnett (Ed.), Encyclopedia of Social Networking. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications.  

Owens, T. (2008). Zotero: Making student research transparent. In Peterson, (Ed.), Proceedings of the 24th Annual Conference on Distance Teaching and Learning (pp. 258-262). Madison WI.

Chmiel, M., & Owens, T. (2006). Anti-evolution literature and its hidden pedagogical value: Confronting the creationism dilemma. In Osborne,J (Ed.), Proceedings of the Eighth International History, Philosophy, and Sociology in Science Teaching Conference (pp. 50-61). Leeds, UK.


Owens, T. (2010). Fairfax County: A Postcard History Charleston, SC: Arcadia Pub.

Peer Reviewed Conference Presentations

Owens, T. (2008, November). The face of American science: Exploring the history of the National Academy of Sciences Einstein Memorial. Presented at the 35th Annual Conference on Washington, D.C. Historical Studies, Washington, DC.

Owens, T. (2007, April). Climbing our family tree: The untimely birth of children’s books about evolution, 1920-1955. Presented at the annual meeting of the American Educational Research Association, Chicago, Il.

Owens, T., & Chmiel, M. (2006, April). Mapping the landscape of gender in science through children’s biographies of Marie Curie and Albert Einstein. Presented at the National Association of Research in Science Teaching Annual Conference, San Francisco, CA.

Owens, T. (2006, November). Going to school with Curie and Einstein: Gendering the history and nature of science. Presented at the annual meeting of the History of Science Society, Vancouver, British Columbia

Conference Sessions

Owens, T., Lester, D., Boggs, J. (2009, November). Three free, open source, extensible platforms for creating collaborative learning communities. Presented at Educause, Denver, CO.

Schrum, K., Boggs, J., Owens, T., Albers, K., Reeder, J., & Shepherd, A. (2009, October). Teaching and learning in the digital age. Presented at the annual meeting of the History of Education Society, Philadelphia, PA.

Owens, T., Ghajar, L. A., Boggs, J., & Lester, D. (June, 2009). Free digital tools to inspire student learning. Presented at the National Education Computing Conference, Fairfax, VA.

Owens, T., & Lester, D. (2009, June). Three free, open source, extensible platforms for creating collaborative learning communities. Presented at the 5th annual Innovations in eLearning Symposium, Fairfax, VA.

Owens, T. (2009, May). Putting Zotero to work: Free and open source research management for you and your institution. Presented at MCEtech, Ottawa, Ontario.

Owens, T. (2008, June). Zotero: A platform for new modes of research collaboration. Presented at the 4th Annual Innovations in eLearning Symposium, Fairfax, VA.

Owens, T. (2008, April). Playing history: Let's build an open collaborative repository of historical games. Presented at the Frontiers in Digital History Conference, Fairfax, VA.

Owens, T. (2008, February). Zotero and you, or bibliography on the semantic web. Presented at the Code4lib conference, Portland, OR.

Owens, T. (2007, October). There has to be a better way: Zotero and research 2.0. Presented at Educause, Seattle, WA.

Owens, T. (2007, November). Zotero: new features and what’s to come. Presented at the Digital Library Federation Fall Forum, Philadelphia, PA.

Owens, T. (2006, April). Built by historians, for historians: Using Zotero for your research. Presented at the American Association for History and Computing Conference, Providence, RI.

Owens, T. (2006, June). Zotero and research 2.0: Managing your research in your browser. Presented at the New Media Consortium Summer Conference, Indianapolis, IN.

Invited Presentations:

Owens, T. (2009, November). What is digital history? From theory to practice in a case study. Presented at the annual meeting of the History of Science Society. Phoenix, AZ.

Owens, T., & Gustin, K. (2009, October). Teaching With Zotero. Presented at the Innovations in Teaching & Learning, Fairfax, VA.

Owens, T. (2009, September). Digital news + digital history: How fulltext indexing and concise metadata facilitate historical question making. Presented at the National Digital News Strategy Summit at the Library of Congress, Washington, DC.

Owens, T. (2009, April). Scaffolding student research process from a distance with Zotero. Presented at the North Carolina Distance Learning Association Virtual Conference.

Owens, T. (2008, June). Zotero and the one big library. Keynote at McMaster University’s One Big Library Unconference, Toronto, Quebec.

Owens, T. (2008, June). Making bibliography easy for high school history students. Presented at the National History Day Conference, University of Maryland, College Park.

Owens, T. (2008, April). O’ to Zotero we shall go: The future of bibliography in public history. Presented at the annual meeting of the National Council on Public History, Louisville, KY.

Owens, T. (2007, September). Connecting CHNM’s tools with public media. Presented to Public Broadcasting Services’ Interactive Education Committee.

Owens, T. (2007, July). Digital tools for personal research collections. Special presentation to archivists of the National Archives and Records Administration, College Park, MD.

Owens, T. (2007, May). The future of health and science bibliography. Presented as professional development to staff of the National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, MD.

Owens, T., & Cohen, D. J. (2007, June). Scarcity and abundance: Zotero and the future of digital research. Presented as part of The Library of Congress’ Digital Future and You! Washington, DC.

Owens, T. (2007, February) Library 2.0 and Zotero: A match made in heaven. Catholic University Library Science Program, Washington, DC.

Owens, T. (2009, July) Zotero trainer workshop. Hosted by Emory University, Atlanta GA.

Owens, T (2009, January) Zotero trainer workshop. Hosted by George Mason University, Fairfax VA.

Owens, T. (2009, May). Gathering, organizing, annotating, and publishing humanities scholarship with Zotero. Part of Rutgers University’s New Media Boot Camp, Rutgers, NJ.

Owens, T. (2008, June). Using Zotero in the high school classroom. Presented at the Jefferson Overseas International School Training Institute, Fairfax, VA.

Owens, T. (2008, June) Making bibliography easy for high school history students. National History Day, College Park, MD.

Owens, T. (2008, May) Zotero in the writing classroom. Computers and Writing Conference, Athens GA,

Owens, T. (2008, April) Implementing Zotero in your school library. Fairfax County Schools Head Librarian Bi-Annual Summit, Fairfax Va,

Owens, T. , Kornblith, S., Krishnan, S. (2008, February) Hacking Zotero: How to build translators, citation styles and otherwise extend the Zotero platform. Code4lib, Portland, OR.

Owens, T. (2007, April) Building A better bibliography with Zotero. George Washington University's American Studies department, Washington DC.

Owens, T. (2007, April) Using Zotero in your daily research. Brown's History and American Civilization departments, April 18th 2007

Owens, T. (2007, October) How to Zotero. University of Washington's History Department, Seattle, WA.

Teaching, Instruction, and Advising Experience

2006-2010 Instructional designer and lead trainer: Center for History and New Media (CHNM): Developed multi-media online learning materials and face-to-face workshops for Zotero, an Open Source research tool used by both professionals and in K-16.

2005-2006 Academic councilor: University of Wisconsin: Advised incoming University of Wisconsin College of Letters and Science freshmen students.

2004-2005 Literacy Coach: Teach For America: Mentor for the Teach for America after-school program at Shank Elementary in Madison Wisconsin.

Awards and Recognition for Research and Development

2009 C.W. Bright Pixel Prize For New Media History Project: Awarded for developing, a free and open collaborative directory of online historical games.

2009 Research Fellowship: fellow with Duke University’s Humanities, Arts and Science, Advanced Technological Colaboratory,

2006 The Ruth Knatz Memorial Fund $3,000: Granted by the University of Wisconsin Integrated Liberal Studies department to one graduating senior for interdisciplinary work in the humanities

2006 National Science Foundation Travel Grant: Awarded for travel expenses to the History of Science Society’s Annual Meeting

2005 Tricia Nordby Hamrin Research Award $2,500: Awarded by the Honors department for work on senior thesis entitled “A child’s eye view of life as a scientist: A history of biographies of Marie Curie and Albert Einstein written for children”

Participation: Grant Funded Research and Development

2010 One Week, One Tool: A Digital Humanities Barn Raising: a one week institute for twelve participants on the principles of humanities-centered tool design, development, and implementation, followed by a year of development support. Funded through the National Endowment for the Humanities Institutes for Advanced Topics in the Digital Humanities Program.

Project Director: Tom Scheinfeldt, Funding: $249,221

Role: Community Development Specialist

2008-2010 Scholarship in the Age of Abundance: Enhancing Historical Research With Text-Mining and Analysis Tools a two-year study of the potential of text-mining tools for historical and humanities scholarship. As program manager I worked to design, conduct and analyze a survey of historians to examine their use of digital resources and prospect for particularly helpful uses of digital technology. Funded by the National Endowment for the Humanities

Project Director Daniel Cohen, Funding: $340,000

Role: Program Manager

2006- 2010 Zotero, an open-source research tool now used by hundreds of thousands of scholars. Project supported by several grants.

Zotero Commons, funded by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, $514,000, 2008-2009;

Zotero 2.0, funded by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, $890,000,2006-2008;

Zotero 1.0, funding from Institute of Museum and Library Services, $250,000, 2006-2007

Project Director: Daniel Cohen

Role: Community Lead

Professional Service

2009-2010 Executive Board Member American Association for History and Computing

2009 National History Day Judge: Senior level historical websites

2005-2006 Outreach Coordinator: Games Learning, and Society Conference

Reviewer, International Conference on The Learning Sciences, 2010

Reviewer, annual meeting of the National Association for Research in Science Teaching, 2006

Reviewer, American Educational Research Association Conference, 2006

Reviewer, Public Understanding of Science, 2010

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