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U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development

451 Seventh Street, SW

Washington, DC 20410

Environmental Review for Activity/Project that is

Categorically Excluded Subject to Section 50.4

Pursuant to 24 CFR Part 50.20(a)

Project Information

Project Name:


HEROS Number:


Applicant / Grant Recipient:

Cathedral Creekside, LP

Point of Contact:

Mikel Ugarte, UW, CBRE HMF, Inc.
HUD Preparer:

S T Belding

Consultant (if applicable):

Point of Contact:

Project Location:

68200 33rd Ave, Cathedral City, CA 92234

Additional Location Information:

BRIEF PROJECT LOCATION, DESCRIPTION AND IMMEDIATELY SURROUNDING PROPERTIES. The subject is a multifamily property totaling 185 units located on a 21.67-acre site at 68200 33rd Avenue in Cathedral City, Riverside County, California 92234. The immediately surrounding properties include: Multifamily residential land uses to the North; Dinah Shore Drive followed by single-family residential land uses and a golf course to the South; single-family residential land uses to the East; and undeveloped desert terrain identified as the "White Water River Channel" to the West. The assessor's parcel number is 680-340-007. The improvements were built in 2004, are in average condition and have a remaining economic life of 60 years. The improvements consist of 34 one to two-story wood-framed multifamily residential apartment buildings. The buildings contain a total of 185 dwelling units and 207,759 square feet of net rentable space. In addition, the subject property includes a leasing office/clubhouse, 43 garage structures, five laundry buildings (a sixth laundry room is also provided at the leasing office/clubhouse building), three pool lanai/restroom buildings, a maintenance building, a mail kiosk structure, and one unenclosed lanai structure. There are also three in-ground swimming pools, two tot pools, two playgrounds, and a basketball court provided at the subject property.

Does this project involve over 200 lots, dwelling units, or beds?


Yes (Consult early with the Environmental Clearance Officer (ECO), who is required to sign off on this project if it requires an Environmental Assessment)

Maps, photographs, and other documentation of project location and description:







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