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Program Analysis Review for Administrative Programs

and Academic Centers and Institutes
1. History and Development

(Word limit: 350 words or fewer for each question)

  1. Describe what the program does, what students/constituents it serves, and how it has evolved over the last five years.

  2. Please provide the mission statement and summarize the strategic plan for your program.

Examples of Indicators of Evidence:

Mission statement, Purpose statement, Grant documents (if applicable), Strategic plans, external evaluations
2. External Demand for the Program

(Word limit: 350 words or fewer for each question)

  1. Does your program provide services to external customers (donors, public, vendors, government, non-for profit, other CUNY Colleges, the external academic community, etc.)? Please explain.

  2. Are there any current or proposed federal, state, or local policies/mandates that may impact demand for the program’s services? (These may include those relating to persistence, accreditation, accountability, sustainability, OSHA, other). If yes, please explain.

Examples of Indicators of Evidence:

Legislation, policy documents, number of program participants, number of events sponsored, amount of revenue raised, partnerships created
3. Internal Demand for the Program

(Word limit: 350 words or fewer for each question)

  1. What services does your program provide to internal customers and to whom (students, faculty, staff, others)?

  2. Are there any CUNY mandates or new policies that may impact internal demand for your program’s services?

  3. Have you assessed the internal demand of customers? If yes, identify and define the criteria used?

Examples of Indicators of Evidence:

Number of yearly transactions, number of students/constituents served, CUNY Student Experience Survey, Noel Levitz Student Satisfaction Survey, Internal surveys, focus groups, CUNY policies

4. Program Support and Staffing

(Word limit: 350 words or fewer for each question)

  1. How has your program adapted to changing demographic characteristics of the institution’s students/constituents(e.g., ESL students, adult students, etc.)? Please explain.

  2. What types of applications/technology do you currently use and what new technology would help to enhance the services your program provides? What training or other development does your program need to be more effective users of technology?

  3. How have the needs of your students/constituents changed? How has the program adapted to those changes?

  4. Are there needs and demands for service that your program does not meet? If so, how has this been determined and how will it be addressed?

Examples of Indicators of Evidence:

Types of students serviced over time

5. Quality of Program

(Word limit: 350 words or fewer for each question)

  1. Describe the results of your program’s most recent assessment of your program’s goals and objectives? What changes have been made as a result of the assessment?

  2. How do you review and evaluate stakeholder satisfaction with the services your program provides?

  3. What internal or external recognition and rewards has the program received? Please describe.

Examples of Indicators of Evidence:

Assessment Reports, Survey Results: (Noel Levitz Student Satisfaction Survey, CUNY Student Experience Survey, National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE), Internal surveys), Focus Groups, PMP, Department goals, List of rewards and commendations

6. Program Size, Scope, and Productivity

(Word limit: 350 words or fewer for each question)

  1. Describe the departmental staffing data given below as it pertains to this program. View Instructions)

  2. Define how you measure productivity in your program. What is the weekly and monthly demand in your program and how does your average monthly output compare to the monthly input?

Examples of Indicators of Evidence:

Students/constituents served, Transactions processed, Activities provided

7. Revenue and Expenditures

(Word limit: 350 words or fewer for each question)

  1. Using the table below please comment on the budget information for your program. (View Instructions)

  2. Using the table in Question 7.1, please identify and describe the extent to which the program is supported through internal (Lehman or CUNY) and external (local, state, federal, or foundation) funds and grants for research, programs, equipment, and other sources (such as fundraising, excellence fees, laboratory fees, ticket revenue, materials fees, social work tuition fees, etc.)?

  3. Are there any external mandates that will affect the costs of the program in the next two years?

  4. Explain how budget changes over the past three years have affected your program’s services?

  5. What cost savings measures have been implemented over the past three years?

8. Opportunity Analysis and Impact

(Word limit: 350 words or fewer for each question)

  1. How does your program contribute to the College’s mission and strategic plan?

  2. Are there opportunities for your program to generate revenue, if so what opportunities exist?

  3. What opportunities would technological innovations provide for this program?

  4. What CUNY, state, or national program(s) does your program aspire to emulate? Please explain. What would be required for your program to achieve this level?

  5. Please provide any additional information regarding your program that has not been addressed in the program information form.

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