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HRM Assignment 1


Contents 1
Introduction 2
Purpose of critical appraisal of literature 2
Methodology for the review of an article 3
Review of the Author 5
Review of the article: ‘The origin, concept and value of performance appraisal’ 6
Purpose of the study 6
Problems addressed by the study 6
Hypothesis followed by the study 7
Study Design 7
Study method and Sample 7
Review of the main text of the study 8
Conclusion 9
References 11


This paper will critically analyse an article by Bayon, S.E titled ‘The origin, concept and value of performance appraisal and published in the International Journal of Economics, Commerce and Management United Kingdom Vol. I, Issue 2, 2013 downloaded from ISSN 2348 0386. The journal has a 291 Global Impact Factor and a 3.357 Scientific Journal Impact Factor.

Purpose of critical appraisal of literature

Burls (2009) described critical appraisal as the process of prudently and methodically examining research to judge its trustworthiness, and its value and relevance in a certain context. Shamanna and Nirmalan (2003) recognise a growing requirement to look at and evaluate published scientific research, since this offers the primary source of answers for an ever-increasing trend towards providing evidence-based medical management. Coleman (2002) contends that whereas there are several resources that are available to the writer of research articles, very few are at the disposal of the non-expert reader to make adequate sense of published research papers.

The literature review serves to explain the topic of the research and to build a rationale for the problem that is studied and the need for additional research. Boote and Beile (2005) wrote that an analysis of literature sets the broad context of the study, clearly delineating what is and what is not within the scope of the investigation, and justifies those decisions. It also situates an existing literature in the broader scholarly and historical context. It is not a mere report of the claims made in the prevailing literature but should examine critically the research methods used to better understand whether the claims are warranted. It shows that a good literature review is the basis of both theoretical and methodological sophistication, thereby improving the quality and usefulness of subsequent research.

A researcher cannot perform noteworthy research without taking cognisance of the literature in the field. A literature review is necessary to develop research questions of different types, such as descriptive, correlational, or interventionist. A criticism of academic literature provides information that can be used to scrutinise a topic of importance to learn what is known about that topic for academic consumption or a basis for designing a research study.

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