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This chapter presents the Related Literature and studies conducted and published giving light to E-Commerce and effectiveness to business and consumers. The gathered theories and principles both foreign and local literature, directly interpret the analysis. The literature supported a comprehensive and communicative input.


Organization for economic cooperation and development (2020) briefly discuss in its article, “E-Commerce in the time of Covid-19 crisis is accelerating an expansion of E-Commerce towards new firms, customers, and types of products; creating a long-term shift of E-Commerce transactions from luxury goods and services to everyday necessities. It has provided customers with access to a significant variety of products from their home’s convenience and safety. It has enabled firms to continue operating despite contact restrictions and other confinement measures.

This is Related to the present study because it mentions how the pandemic has enhanced dynamism in the E-Commerce landscape across countries and has expanded the scope of E-Commerce, including new firms and consumers segments of a products.

Fareeha, Ali (2020) shows charts of the impacts of the Covid-19 on online retail, including U.S. online sales growth, retail bankruptcies, curbside pickup, and traffic on in her article “how the coronavirus is changing E-Commerce”.

The article is relevant to the present research because it shows how international online retailers face changes in their business before and during the pandemic.

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