Rhino Softball and JoAnn Ferrieri Announce Addition of Two Standouts to Staff

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Media Release

May 18, 2009

For Immediate Release

Contact: JoAnn Ferrieri (561) 632-8057

Rhino Softball and JoAnn Ferrieri Announce Addition of

Two Standouts to Staff.
JoAnn Ferrieri, Founder and Owner of Rhino Softball, Inc. is pleased to announce the addition of two new outstanding instructional staff members.
Ms. Ashley Jones, three-time All-American pitcher at Palm Beach Atlantic University, is now available for private, group and team pitching lessons with emphasis on basic mechanics, the “mental game” and assisting players reach their next level of potential.
Ashley has just completed her junior year studying Early Childhood Education at Palm Beach Atlantic University. The Sailfish team recently won the N CCAA National title where Ashley was awarded NCCAA Pitcher of the Year honors
Rhino Softball also welcomes Ms. Chelsea Gravini to the Rhino family. Chelsea is a junior at Palm Beach Atlantic University working on a degree in Business Development. Ashley will offer a concentration on slap hitting for the left side and other offensive specialties. Chelsea has extensive experience teaching the basic and advanced skills required of slap hitting.
“As Rhino Softball continues, I am excited to introduce talented, quality instructors to the South Florida softball community”, said JoAnn Ferrieri. “It is my commitment to offer only professional instructors who have played the game while allowing them to give back to a sport that has been so important to them.”
Ashley and Chelsea will be available to schedule appointments beginning May 11th 2009 and may be reached at www.Rhinosoftball.com. Click on Ashley or Chelsea’s calendar to see updated schedule, email or call Ashley Jones at Ashley@Rhinosoftball.com (772-485-7793 or Chelsea Gravini at Chelsea@Rhinosoftball.com (407) 947-5808. For more information regarding professional services offered by Rhino Softball and for contact information, please see our website at:
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