Rhythm & Metre Pulse

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Melodic sequence

When a melody is repeated at different pitches

Whole tone melody

Uses notes from the whole tone scale- no semitones

Broken chords in a melody

When the notes of chords are played separately, one after another. Can provide a smooth accompaniment.

Scalic melody

A melody that goes up and a down a scale

Blue notes

Special notes in blues music. Sounds flat, singer/instrument often slides between the notes.

Diatonic melody

Uses notes that belong to the main key

Triadic melody

Uses notes of a triad, e.g. CEG


The first chord of a key, with the last note played on top. E.g. in the key of C major, this would be C E G C.

Aciaccaturas and Appoggiaturas

Ornaments- used to decorate the melody. Short notes played quickly before the main notes of the melody.


The decoration of the melody, e.g. trills


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