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Name: Ms. Suparna Chand Address Co Sri Mankik Chnada
- 712612 (WB)

– ADMIT CARD – 2021
(To be shown at the time of Entrance test)

1. Please refer to the application submitted by you for admission to the GNM Course, based on the rules and conditions stipulated in our Prospectus.
2. The Entrance Test for the aforesaid course will beheld on 20 August 2021. The candidates as well as their guardians are required to report at the office of the School of Nursing by 07:30
am on 20 August 2021 for verification of educational certificates and other documents and to receive necessary information regarding the Entrance Test. The Test will beheld from 9:00 am to 12:00 noon. It is advised that the outstation candidates along with their guardians should reach Vrindaban a day before, i.e. on 19
August 2021 itself. The top rank holders in the Written Test will be eligible for interview on 21
August 2021 and out of them 30 will be selected for medical examination and other procedures on 22
August, 2021. Admissions will betaken on
August 2021 at 4.00pm. They can go back on 22
August from 8:00 pm onwards.
3. Following points should be noted by the candidates and their guardians
a. Requirements i. Candidates and their parents/guardians should go through the prospectus carefully. If self- attested photocopies of all the certificates (10
th class pass certificate, 12
th class pass certificate and mark sheets of 10
& 12
) are not submitted earlier with the application form, the same (self-attested photocopies of certificates) maybe brought when coming for the entrance test positively. ii. While coming for the Entrance test, the candidates are required to carry with them the ORIGINAL CERTIFICATES as they are required for verification. Failure to do so, the candidate will not be allowed to sit for the Entrance Test.
b. Accommodation

No accommodation will be available for the candidates and their guardians within
the Sevashrama campus hence they should make their own arrangements outside.
A number of guesthouses dharmasalas are available in Vrindavan for visitors.

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c. Final Selection The decision of the secretary in the matter of selection shall be final and binding. No recommendations shall be entertained.
d. Medical Examination

Primarily selected candidates will have to undergo Medical Examination at our hospital
on 22
August 2021 by making a payment of Rs. Those found medically fit will be eligible for admission in the GNM course. In case of any candidate found to be medically unfit, the other candidate in the merit list shall be given priority.
e. Amount to be paid by the candidate after final selection on 22
August, 2021

Caution Money
- Rs. 5,000/- Refundable) Admission Fee
- Rs. 3,000/-
(Non-Refundable) Security Deposit
- Rs- Refundable) All the above are to be paid on 22
August, 2021 at pm (as mentioned in Page) and receipt for the same to be obtained, as a confirmation of acceptance of the admission into the School of Nursing.
f. No travelling expenses for appearing in the Entrance Test shall be paid by the Institution.
g. Please show this Admit Card during the Entrance Test. Swami Suprakashananda)

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