Roa unveils first-of-its-kind service for auto lenders to transform the vehicle transition industry

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Service designed to recover vehicles faster and increase profits for auto lenders

PASADENA, Calif., August 31, 2012 – Remarketing of America (ROA), the premier full-service recovery and remarketing provider for the financial services community, today announced a new service beginning in September 2012 called ROA Evolution for credit unions, banks, insurance companies, finance companies, and debt buyers. Packed with new benefits to address the needs of automobile lenders, ROA Evolution includes groundbreaking innovations, such as free License Plate Recognition (LPR) technology, valuable benefits for dealers and consumers to increase the value of clients' collateral, and free Carfax® reports. ROA Evolution expands the frontiers of both the recovery and remarketing industries to deliver new levels of ingenuity, cost savings, and improved returns.
ROA Evolution integrates state-of-the-art License Plate Recognition (LPR) technology free-of-charge that saves lenders on average $650 for each LPR hit during the standard repossession process. This unique platform maximizes vehicle capture rates for lenders reading millions of plates per month from all 50 states, Canada and Mexico with more than 95 percent accuracy and dispatches a repossession agency within milliseconds if a vehicle is suspect. Additionally, all ROA recovery agents are certified through either CARS or RISG, ensuring that only the best agents are assigned to recover vehicles once located.
Leveraging the ROA MAXX System, the company's proprietary online management solution, ROA Evolution provides performance breakthroughs and unparalleled access for lenders to track their assets, saving collection managers and their staff 35%-40% of the average time spent with CPI claim processing. ROA MAXX System is the industry's most comprehensive and user-friendly management solution designed to support lenders throughout the vehicle transition process. Users can take advantage of an efficient, modern user interface that puts all focus on tracking the lender's collateral, providing condition reports, images, real-time status updates along with integrations to Allied, IBS, Lender Solutions Inc. (LSI), and Ackerlant.
ROA Evolution Features

  • ROA AutoLocate (LPR solution) – This free service saves clients on average $650 for each LPR hit.

  • ROA AutoAlert – Helps lenders match VINs to impounds, exports, Internet sales, stolen vehicles, etc. to recover vehicles faster to save lenders storage fees, depreciation, and other losses.

  • Free Carfax Reports – Provided to both lenders and auction buyers on each vehicle ROA liquidates.

  • ROA AutoCertify – Provides vehicle certification during resale on qualifying vehicles under the National Auto Auction Association (NAAA) National Certification Standard (or equivalent auction certification) to provide increased confidence for auction buyers in purchasing ROA vehicles at physical or online auctions.

  • Auto360° – Provides valuable benefits to consumers such as gas rebates, Dent Guard® Auto Protection, Emergency Roadside Assistance, Auto Maintenance Discounts, and ASE-Certified Mechanics Helpline to maximize the value of the vehicle.

  • ROA AutoRebate – Provides consumers additional value through auto repair reimbursements of 20% of repair payments up to $500 per incident and up to $1,000 during the 12-month coverage period.

"ROA strives to be the preferred partner and industry leader for vehicle transition services throughout the financial services industry by yielding higher recovery performance and collateral resale value for lenders using our innovative technology solutions and unwavering commitment to our clients' needs," said Emory White, founder and president, ROA. "With ROA Evolution, we are protecting our clients and helping them be more successful in two challenging areas of their business: vehicle recovery and remarketing."

ROA's first-rate customer care team supports ROA Evolution. Beyond ensuring that all ROA clients receive first class service, the team makes strategic and cost-effective marketing and reconditioning recommendations designed to maximize the value of lender collateral at resale. Typically, a $100 investment per vehicle returns $200-$400 in higher final proceeds to improve lenders' bottom line.
For more detailed information about benefits and pricing or to get a demonstration of the ROA MAXX System, please contact ROA at 626.389.3920, Ext. 3 or email
About ROA

Remarketing of America (ROA) is the premier full-service recovery and remarketing provider for the financial services community. The company's knowledgeable, certified team of automotive and financial experts are committed to delivering maximum returns, innovation, and first class customer care based on lenders' unique needs. For further information on ROA, visit

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