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Rock, Post-2000
Read at: This Tournament Goes to Eleven VIII: Spinal Tap Takes Manhattan

Written by: Kelly Tourdot and Donald Taylor of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Final editing by: Andrew R. Juhl and the University of Iowa Academic Quiz Team

Description: Questions about all things rock, from the last six-ish years…or so. (Rated PG-13 for adult language.)
1. She waited over two years after the release of her second album before even starting her third, spending most her time watching Colombo in her New York City apartment. The first recording sessions for her newest album began in 2003 with her longtime producer Jon Brion, but for various reasons the album was shelved by Sony and a new session was started with Mike Elizondo. Her long hiatus prompted fans to launch an online campaign to release tracks to the general public, and the Brion sessions were leaked online in March 2005, prompting a moved-up release date for Extraordinary Machine. FTP, name this female singer who had a breakout single with “Criminal.”

Answer: Fiona Apple

2. It was released as a single on September 5, 2005, and according to the main songwriters it was either influenced by Muse’s use of a church organ OR it is a homage to Elbow’s song, “Grace Under Fire.” It was used in the TV trailers for King Kong and World Trade Center, and it was played prior to its album release in an episode of The OC. Chris Martin was inspired to write it after his father-in-law died, and the proceeds from the EP were donated to the Red Cross’ Hurricane Katrina relief fund. FTP, name this song, the second single off the Coldplay album X&Y.

Answer: “Fix You”

3. The title of the cover image is Pacific Coast. It was a return to the band’s rock roots after two heavily experimental electronic albums. There are references to the book 1984 and global warming in several of the songs, and all of the tracks on the album have alternate title names. The title is not a reference to the year 2000’s United States Presidential elections, and Thom Yorke has said that this is the album he would most want to rework if he could. FTP, name this 2003 Radiohead album.

Answer: Hail to the Thief

4. She was scheduled to perform on the 2004 Lollapalooza tour before it was cancelled due to low ticket sales. She collaborated with Josh Homme for The Desert Sessions Vol. 9 & 10 on the track “Crawl Home.” Thom Yorke contributed vocals on several tracks to her 2000 album Stories from the City, Stories from the Sea, including the duet “This Mess We’re In.” She also solo produced and played all the instruments on her 2004 album Uh Huh Her. FTP, name this British female singer and songwriter better known for “Rid of Me”.

Answer: P.J. Harvey

5. Norah Jones, Josh Homme and John Paul Jones were among the special guests that contributed to this album. The iTunes pre-order included one of the first songs that the lead singer ever wrote, released legally for the first time. “Best of You” was the first single released off the album, while “Friend of a Friend” was initially written during Dave Grohl’s time in Nirvana and is about his relationship with Kurt Cobain. FTP, identify this 2005 double album, the fifth Foo Fighters release.

Answer: In Your Honor

6. Joss Stone reworked this song with the gender of the titular figure changed, and a cover also appears on the Richard Cheese album Lounge Against the Machine. Both the album version and the music video are under two minutes in length, which isn’t so surprising considering the song’s punk-rock backdrop and the video’s use of stop-motion animation. FTP, name this 2002 track from White Stripes’ White Blood Cells that has a LEGO-inspired music video directed by Michel Gondry.

Answer: “Fell in Love with a Girl”

7. She was the first artist ever to sell over one million digital copies of a song, doing so in 2005. She isn’t Eve, but she did win the 2002 Grammy for Best Rap/Sung Collaboration. Her relationship with Tony Kanal and their subsequent breakup was the basis for most of her earlier songs, and her first fashion collection, entitled L.A.M.B., was released to coincide with the release of her first solo album, Love Angel Music Baby. FTP, name this former lead singer of No Doubt.

Answer: Gwen Stefani

8. The titular protagonist of this song is a recurring figure in other songs by the same band. According to the lead singer and song writer, that’s because she embodies all the women from his past relationships. The video for this song, directed by Tony Kaye, is a visual history of rock and roll with the band performing in various period costumes throughout. FTP, name this 2006 Red Hot Chili Peppers song off the album Stadium Arcadium.

Answer: “Dani California”

9. It was written for Kim Smith, the lead singer’s girlfriend, and was based on a project where people shared inner thoughts on postcards. Sharing the name of a Sarah McLachlan song, the narrator wants to know what he’s done wrong, just to kill some time. He wants to know the games you don’t want to play, and all that he’s tried to hide is eating him apart. FTP, identify this hit single off the 2005 album Move Along by the All-American Rejects.

Answer: “Dirty Little Secret”

10. The video is an homage to Fast Times at Ridgemont High and was one of the first examples of 80s nostalgia in pop music. The younger girl in the song misinterprets herself as the object of the narrator’s desire, including his act of masturbation towards the title figure, which she laughs at. The narrator only hangs out with the girl to get close to her mother, played by Rachel Hunter in the video. FTP, name this 2003 Fountains of Wayne song about a woman who “has it going on”.

Answer: “Stacy’s Mom”

11. In Q magazine, this album was said to have been named We Are Happy Landfill. It entered the UK charts at #1 and the US charts at #6, outperforming the band’s 2001 debut attempt. The London Community Gospel Choir can be heard in the song “Don’t Get Lost in Heaven,” and Roots Manuva and Martina Topley-Bird have cameos in the song “All Alone.” “Feel Good Inc.” was the first single released from, FTP, this 2005 Gorillaz album.

Answer: Demon Days

12. Rumors surrounding this song include the supposed subliminal message, “Foolishness, foolishness… God won’t save you, God won’t want you.” aimed at former member Brian “Head” Welch. The video for it is a parody, with the band being played by rappers Lil Jon, Xzibit, David Banner, and Snoop Dogg. FTP, name this song, the opening track of See You on the Other Side, the seventh studio album of nu metal band KoRn.

Answer: “Twisted Transistor”

13. The lead singer/songwriter of this group was asked to be the A&R man for the Scorpion King soundtrack, and this group’s contribution to that soundtrack, the fifth single released off their third studio album, reached #1 on Billboard’s mainstream rock chart. Their second CD, Awake, contained a #1 hit of the same name, and another track, “Vampires, earned them a Grammy nod. During a break from touring, drummer Tommy Stewart was replaced by Shannon Larkin, and not long after the switch they recorded Faceless. FTP, name this band led fronted by guitarist Sully Erna.

Answer: Godsmack

14. Their cover of the Gnarls Barkley song “Crazy” was a highlight of the 2006 Lollapalooza. Their debut album was recorded in Detroit in 2005, the result of some friends just hanging out. Jim Jarmusch directed the original video for their first single, “Steady, as She Goes,” whereas a second version of the music video shows the group soapbox racing and contains a cameo by Paul Reubens. FTP, name this indie rock supergroup lead by Jack White, whose third single will be “Broken Boy Soldiers.”

Answer: The Raconteurs

15. The narrator is drained dry and wonders why he’s here, and he did have double vision, but it’s now clear. He asks if it kills, burns, and is painful to learn that he has all the control. He warns that if you continue to be unnecessarily critical, you’ll need a miracle since he tends to get physical. When it gets cold, you’ll get the meaning when he says that “we’re not gonna give up.” FTP, name this first hit single off of the album Songs About Jane by Maroon 5.

Answer: “Harder to Breathe”

16. Several of the B-Sides to this album, including “Too Much Too Soon” and “Shoplifter,” were released on Rock Against Bush - Volume 2. A “rock opera” produced by Rob Cavallo, it features two songs over 9 minutes in length and garnered 7 Grammy nominations and 1 win—Best Rock Album of the Year—in 2005. A mash-up album created by Party Ben and team9 has a similar title and a mouse on the cover instead of a bleeding, heart-shaped grenade held aloft in one hand. FTP, name this album by Green Day that contains the singles “Jesus of Suburbia” and “Boulevard of Broken Dreams.”

Answer: American Idiot (the mash-up album is American Edit)

17. Before its official release, several tracks off of it were leaked, including “The Line Begins to Blur” and “Getting Smaller.” Also known as Halo 19, the original title for it was Bleedthrough, and an early rumor that the album was going to be named The Mentality of One was a hoax. The first three singles released of this album have all hit #1 on the Modern Rock charts, and they are “The Hand that Feeds,” “Every Day is Exactly the Same,” and “Only.” FTP, name this May 2005 release from Nine Inch Nails.

Answer: With Teeth

18. With the exception of a few 2005 appearances on British TV and an appearance on Saturday Night Live in 2006, this group has tried to avoid television performances and interviews. They were signed to Domino Records in 2005 and have refused to switch labels, despite lucrative offers. Their 2006 debut, Whatever You Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not, was named the 5th best British album off all time by NME magazine. FTP, name this band from Leeds that features Alex Turner as lead vocalist.

Answer: Arctic Monkeys

19. Originally founded as Chin Up, their 2000 release Learning to Breathe went gold and earned them a Grammy nod for Best Rock Gospel Album. Not long after, ex-Mortal and Fold Zandura keyboardist Jerome Fontamillas joined the band, and they recorded their biggest album to date. The album was very popular among Christian audiences, but a small controversy was initiated when the track “Adding to the Noise” was used in a Victoria’s Secret commercial. FTP, name this band whose album The Beautiful Letdown went double-platinum thanks to such hits as “Dare You to Move and “Meant to Live.

Answer: Switchfoot

20. Their stripped down acoustic guitar cover of Bjork’s “All is Full of Love” was included on their 2001 album The Photo Album. Their most recent album plans was released on Atlantic records, which signed them after the success of their sixth album, Transatlanticism, in 2004. They were Seth Cohen’s favorite band and performed on The OC in 2005. FTP, name the Seattle-based band best known for the songs “Soul Meets Body” and “The Sound of Settling”.

Answer: Death Cab for Cutie

21. After forming, this band found an abandoned warehouse, named it “the Chateau,” and fixed it up. During one early concert, the lead singer was arrested on charges of running an illegal bar, but the charges were dropped. After a performance in an abandoned courtroom/jail, they noticed that people from London were coming to their shows, so they went to London. There, they met Laurence Bell, who signed them to Domino. FTP, name this band that has put out such hits as “Do You Want To,” “This Fire,” and “Take Me Out.”

Answer: Franz Ferdinand

22. After breaking off their relationship with Steve Lillywhite, the studio sessions were leaked onto the internet and were praised by critics.  In 2000, they were the top-grossing touring band in the U.S., and not long after, the lead singer met up with Glen Ballard, and the pair wrote a dozen songs in a few days for the album Everyday.  FTP, name this group which includes Carter Beauford, Stefan Lessard, and the band’s eponymous founder.

Answer: Dave Matthews Band (prompt on “DMB”)

23. The narrator has a ringing in his head, which may come from the telephone in his heart, and he doesn’t know if it’s a cure or disease. His creator gave him a nail in his hand, and will wait in your hands, roll out of his skin, and stand in your final hours. You thought you had made amends, but you need to think again before his row defines you. Asking you to perform the title action after giving him life, FTP, name this song by Audioslave.

Answer: “Show Me How to Live”

24. This album was released with three different versions, each with different bonus tracks. The red version had “Time to Break Up” and “Mother’s Day, the yellow version had “What Went Wrong” and “Fuck a Dog, and the green version had “Hold On and “Grandpa. The title of this album is a reference to masturbation, and appearing among the 13 static tracks are “Stay Together for the Kids and “Anthem, Part 2. FTP, name this 2001 Blink-182 release on which you’d find “The Rock Show.

Answer: Take Off Your Pants and Jacket

Bonuses - Rock, Post-2000
1. Weezer is known for their memorable videos. Name them from clues, FTPE:

[10] Two videos were shot for this song because of the switch in bass guitarists. One is set in an animal park and the other shows the band performing at a Mexican wedding.

Answer: “Island in the Sun”

[10] This video from the Maladroit album features the Muppets.

Answer: “Keep Fishin”

[10] The video for this song was directed by webmaster and longtime friend of the band Karl Koch. Consisting of footage shot touring for The Green Album, it shows, among other things, band members playing soccer, attempting to skateboard, and riding a Razor Scooter.

Answer: “Photograph”
2. Answer the following about the Postal Service, FTPE:

[10] Their first and only album is the also best selling record ever released on the Sub Pop label. Songs on the album include “We Will Become Silhouettes” and “The District Sleeps Alone Tonight”.

Answer: Give Up

[10] The music video for this song was very similar to the Apple ad for the Intel-based Macs. It has been featured on Grey’s Anatomy and The OC

Answer: “Such Great Heights”

[10] This the band that covered “Such Great Heights” in an acoustic version for the Garden State soundtrack.

Answer: Iron & Wine
3. Given the name of the song used in an iPod or iTunes ad, name the artist, FTPE:

[10] “Jerk It Out” Answer: The Caesars

[10] “Walkie Talkie Man” Answer: Steriogram

[10] “Someday Baby” Answer: Bob Dylan

4. Name the following artists or songs that have appeared on The OC, FTPE:

[10] This artist’s “Hide and Seek” was used in the finale of Season 2 and her cover of Jeff Buckley’s “Hallelujah” played when Marissa died at the end of Season 3. She is better known as the vocalist in Frou Frou.

Answer: Imogen Heap

[10] Named after the character of the overzealous principal from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, they performed their song “I’m Shakin” in Season 1.

Answer: Rooney

[10] This Southern California band performs the theme song, “California.”

Answer: Phantom Planet
5. Name the female solo artists from description, FTPE:

[10] Her most recent album was 2004’s Medulla and featured only the human voice.

Answer: Bjork

[10] This American Idol has changed from a poppy bubblegum sound to a more mature rock sound with “Since U Been Gone” and “Behind These Hazel Eyes.”

Answer: Kelly Clarkson

[10] This lead singer of Rilo Kiley released her solo debut, Rabbit Fur Coat, in January 2006 with a cover of “Handle With Care”.

Answer: Jenny Lewis

6. Given a description, identify the song by Tenacious D, FTPE:

[10] The video for this song features Dave Grohl as a demon and Jack Black and Kyle Gass performing the song in a mall karaoke booth.

Answer: “Tribute”

[10] The narrator tries to be sensitive by hinting at bringing flowers, allowing her to choose the position, and ordering her favorite dish from Zanzibar.

Answer: “Fuck Her Gently”

[10] The title superhero of this song teams up with Young Nastyman, his nemesis, who can kill a yak from 200 yards WITH MIND BULLETS.

Answer: “Wonderboy”

7. Name the following bands given a brief description, FTPE:

[10] Benji and Joel Madden are the front men for this band. “The Anthem” and “Hold On” are two songs off their album The Young and the Hopeless.

Answer: Good Charlotte

[10] The breakout album All Killer, No Filler was released in 2001 by this Canadian band.

Answer: Sum 41

[10] The video for this group’s song “1985” is a parody of early MTV videos.

Answer: Bowling for Soup
8. Name these bands fronted by female lead singers, FTPE:

[10] Karen O is known for her outrageous stage behavior as the lead singer of this New York City band, whose most recent release was 2006’s Show Your Bones.

Answer: Yeah Yeah Yeahs

[10] This band’s most recent release was 2005’s Bleed Like Me. They went on an indefinite hiatus in October of that same year, cutting short their tour, and lead singer Shirley Manson is reportedly working on a solo album.

Answer: Garbage

[10] This Los Angeles punk band fronted by Brody Dalle split up in 2006 and their last release was 2003’s Coral Fang.

Answer: The Distillers
9. Answer the following questions about the band Incubus, FTPE:

[10] This man is the lead singer.

Answer: Brandon Boyd

[10] The video for this song from the album Make Yourself featured the band performing with animations coming from Boyd’s arm tattoos and was based on M.C. Escher’s Drawing Hands.

Answer: “Drive”

[10] This is the name of Incubus’ fifth album. It was released in 2004 and features the songs “Megalomaniac” and “Pistola.”

Answer: A Crow Left of the Murder
10. Name the Sufjan Stevens song from lyrics for 15 points, 10 points if you need the album.

[15] “Morning comes in Paradise, morning comes in light. / Still I must obey, still I must invite. / If there's anything to say, if there's anything to do. / If there's any other way, I'll do anything for you.”

[5] Greetings from Michigan: The Great Lakes State

Answer: “For the Widows in Paradise; For the Fatherless in Ypsilanti”

[15] “You came to take us / all things go, all things go / to recreate us / all things grow, all things grow.”

[5] Illinois

Answer: “Chicago”

11. Answer the following about some British bands, FTPE:

[10] Their 2006 release, Under the Iron Sea, featured the singles “Is It Any Wonder?” and “Crystal Ball.” Their breakthrough album was 2004’s Hopes and Fears.

Answer: Keane

[10] A special music video for their song, “Chasing Cars,” was created from footage from Grey’s Anatomy after it was featured in an episode at the end of the second season, and their song “Chocolate,” was included in The Last Kiss soundtrack.

Answer: Snow Patrol

[10] A band from Glasgow, their best known albums are The Man Who and The Invisible Band.

Answer: Travis

12. Name the following New-Wave revival bands from descriptions, FTPE:

[10] Silent Alarm was the debut album of this British group which has released the singles “Banquet” and “She’s Hearing Voices.”

Answer: Bloc Party

[10] This New York City group lead by Carlos D released the 2003 album Antics, which featured the songs “Evil” and “Slow Hands.”

Answer: Interpol

[10] Sam Endicott is the lead singer for this group, best known for the song “An Honest Mistake.”

Answer: The Bravery
13. Answer the following about Linkin Park’s ventures into the realm of hip-hop, FTPE:

[10] Vocalist Mike Shinoda produced and played every instrument on the this group’s album, The Rising Tied.

Answer: Fort Minor

[10] Linkin Park collaborated with Jay-Z for this album, a collection of six mash-ups, including “Numb/Encore.”

Answer: Collision Course

[10] On the song “It’s Goin Down,” Shinoda did the vocals and Mr. Hahn worked the turntables, along with this group of DJs from New York.

Answer: X-Ecutioners
14. Identify the following bands whose names begin with “The” from songs, FTPE:

[10] “Take It Off” and “Fall Behind Me.”

Answer: The Donnas

[10] “Hard to Explain,” “Last Nite,” and “Juicebox.”

Answer: The Strokes

[10] “Automatic Schmuck,” “Outsmarted,” and “Walk Idiot Walk.”

Answer: The Hives
15. Given a band, name the lead singer, FTPE:

[10] Disturbed

Answer: David Draiman

[10] The Vines

Answer: Craig Nicholls

[10] The Arcade Fire

Answer: Win Butler
16. Given a description, identify the song by Robert James Ritchie Jr. a.k.a. Kid Rock, 5-10-15:

[5] A duet with Sheryl Crow, it’s about a couple who is separated, and the mental tribulations both sides go through.

Answer: “Picture”

[10] Off of the 2001 album Cocky, he claims to have “money like Fort Knox” and “chips like Oprah.” In addition, he’ll get you “higher than a tree top.”

Answer: Forever

[15] The video for this song includes his now-wife Pamela Anderson. In it, he claims to have “drank with Hank, talked blues with Billy, rocked with Run, and sang with ‘Shotgun’ Willy.”

Answer: You Never Met a Motherfucker Quite Like Me
17. Answer the following about System of a Down, FTPE:

[10] All four members of the group hail from this country:

Answer: Armenia

[10] This singer for the band published a book of poetry entitled Cool Gardens.

Answer: Serj Tankian

[10] BYOB, the debut single off of Mesmerize, stands for this, not the usual acronym.

Answer: Bring Your Own Bombs
18. Identify the following emo bands from albums for 15, if you need a song off of it, you only get 5.

[15] The Silence in Black and White

[5] “Ohio is for Lovers”

Answer: Hawthorne Heights

[15] Deja Entendu

[5] “The Quiet Things that No One Ever Knows”

Answer: Brand New
19. Given a description, identify the track off of the 311 album From Chaos, FTPE:

[10] He was a king, but the narrator sees him drifting on bourbon alley. He has a head full of ideas, and a heart made of pure gold.

Answer: “You Wouldn’t Believe”

[10] The narrator will quiver with delight if a person, place or thing can deliver, and he’s tempted by the hand that could blind him, but he’ll see it through in time.

Answer: “I’ll Be Here Awhile”

[10] Glycerin tears don’t fool the narrator, and if dealing with punks was school, he’d have a Harvard degree.

Answer: “From Chaos”
20. Identify the following songs by the Killers from a description of the video, FTPE:

[10] The band performs in a desert, with a huge LED screen behind them.

Answer: “Somebody Told Me”

[10] Three videos were shot for it, the US version set in a 1920s bordello.

Answer: “Mr. Brightside”

[10] The band is dressed as cowboys as half-naked women with boomerangs attack and kill each of them in a dream-like sequence.

Answer: “All These Things That I’ve Done”
21. You thought that one emo bonus was going to be it? Wrong! More emo music to slit your wrists to. Identify the emo band from some of their hits, FTPE:

[10] “Anthem of Our Dying Day,” “Sidewalks,” and “Take Me Back.”

Answer: Story of the Year

[10] “Animal I Have Become,” “Home,” and “Just Like You”

Answer: Three Days Grace

[10] “Stand Up” and “Echo”

Answer: Trapt
22. Given a list of members and instruments, name the band, FTPE:

[10] Vocalist Jeff Tweedy; Jay Bennett on guitar/banjo; Bob Egan on guitar; John Stirratt on bass; Ken Coomer on drums; Max Johnston on dobro, fiddle, mandolin, and banjo.

Answer: Wilco

[10] The core three are Isaac Brock on vocals/guitar/banjo/keyboard; Eric Judy on bass, guitar, keyboard, vocals and percussion; and Jeremiah Green on drums and percussion.

Answer: Modest Mouse

[10] Ian Watkins on vocals; Mike Lewis on rhythm guitar; Lee Gaze on lead guitar; Stuart Richardson on bass; and Jamie Oliver on keyboard, turntable and back-up vocals.

Answer: Lostprophets

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