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  • Melissa Bordenave, Judith M. Roy “Sex and Medicine Meet in WGST”

  • Sara Anderson “Geneticist by Trade, Women’s and Gender Studies Novice”

Mary-Jo Titus “The Hidden Voice”

Respondent: Melissa Borman

Jenni Swenson, Kim Lynch “Administrative Responses to Engaging Women in STEM”

Morgan Grayce Willow, Kate Kysar, Haley Lasche “Poetry as Pedagogy: Inclusivity of Voice”


  • Nandita Bezbaruah “A Course on Women and Children’s Health”

  • Patricia Darling “Race, Class, Gender of Agriculture & Food System”

Claudia Murphy, Linda Fuselier, Deepa Trivedi “Imposters and Outlaws: Women Scientists in the History of Western Science”

Ellen Lansky, Mary Petrie “The Feminist Classroom Online”

  • Kris Peleg, Ashley Godfrey, Crystalyn Morton, Amy Donohue “Capstone Courses”

  • Aureliano DeSoto, Laura McCartan “Critical Challenges in Teaching Gender Studies Theory & Methodology”


Sarah Tarutis, J Atteberry, C Okafor, N Hall, L Maltais, C Townsend “Oscar? Emmy? Sammy? . . . Oh my! First Annual Leadership Case Competition”

  • Candace Creel Falcon “Digital Storytelling and Blogging as Feminist Praxis”

  • Sara L. Puotinen “Can Students Have Meaningful Engagement in 140 Characters?”

Donna Hauer “Creating an Inclusive Classroom Culture”

Linda Lein - Hands-on Workshop: “Online Technology for Collaboration and Discussion”


Claudia Murphy, Deepa Trivedi, Kathryn Kottenbrock, Jessa Dronen

The Medical Diagnosis of Difference”

  • Ruth Wollersheim, Casey O’Brien Gerhart “Performing Inside and Outside the Discourse”

  • Yanmei Jiang “Prospero or Caliban”

  • Casey O’Brien Gerhart “Impossible to Talk About Together”

  • Michelle Larson, Michele Peterson, Heidi Feit “WGST Student Panel”

  • Sara Hasseltine “Social Justice in WGST”

Linda Lein - Hands-on Workshop: “Online Technology for Collaboration and Discussion”

At-A-Glance Concurrent Sessions Schedule

Download 7.54 Kb.

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