Minutes of the Meeting ‘Love Heaton Norris’

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Minutes of the Meeting - ‘Love Heaton Norris’

Monday 13th Arpil 2015 at the Nursery Pub, Green Lane

Vijay Patel, Roger Lasance, Jane Cawsey, Concetta Banks, Maggie Elsley, Liz Madge, Tony Keller, Tony Ashurst, Sandra Jones, Andrew Paton, Maggie Townsend, Clare Redfern, David Ruaune, Jeremy Bright, Maggie Townsend, Sara Connor-Brooks, Kirk Crager & Clare Redfern

Special Welcome to newcomers Jean Mitchie, Catheryn Lewis and Michelle Scanlan

Everyone present introduced themselves and gave reasons why they were attending the meeting.

Apologies for Absence:

Rev Diane Brownhill, Luci Cranny, Gerald Dwyer, Mas John (PCSO), Paul Charnock, Phil Waddington, Barbara Miller

Minutes of the last meeting and matters arising:
Leaflet update – Roger, David, Jeremy, Chet and Maggie and have posted cards through around 700 letterboxes around the Nursery pub area.
Funding Central is a free website to search for available monies. Clare suggested Grant Finder was another source but chargeable (she has access)
Refreshments – it was agreed if a hosting venue had refreshments available then the Treasures pot could be used for tea/coffee donations.
Guest speaker: John Headland (Community Safety Stockport Council) apoligised but would speak at the May meeting. Kirt Crager Pastor of Bridgeway Chuch stepped in.
Kirk explained that the Church’s ethos is really to do good for the people around, despite their religion – hence the name bridging the way between religion and the community as a whole. The works they have undertaken include assisting in covering the flagging organisation of the annual Bonfire Nights (despite financial loss), working in Junction Community Centre on Didsbury Road Food Bank (14,000 meals), setting up a playgroup, youth work, football events to name a few.

This evoked comments by Michelle re the need for youth engagement and Jeremy suggested “Guinness Northern Counties” may be able to assist in future.

Vjay, on behalf of the group, thanked Kirk for standing in so effortlessly, with no notice.
Community Initiatives Update:

  1. Unicorn Project – Jane spoke on behalf of the sub committee (Roger, Chet, Barbara and Phil). The response from Robinson Brewery is still awaited. Stockport Council are interested. Suppliers are being approached and some ideas of costings are noted. Suggestions to approach “Arc” Co or the organisers of the figures of The Queen in Chester (Roger to investigate), Chet to pursue the Art Dept in Stockport College, the Arts Council were suggested by Clare who would offer more information.

  2. Heaton’s Hotpots – taking place every third Saturday, started 21st March at All Saints Church at 5.30pm and was successful but more attendees would be appreciated. The next is due on Sat 18th April at 5.30pm

  3. Church Organ Appeal- The cost for repair is £21,000 and so far the funds collected are up to £8,500. Saturday 9th May is an Organ Open Morning where you can listen to the organ and have an opportunity to play it.

  4. Music school – Jane informed the meeting that we are waiting for Manchester Diocese to issue CRBs. Clare will speak to Jane re contacting Naomi at ASDA who have ‘green token’ funds from £200+ and may offer food, and had already offered to pay for a few musical instruments.

Promoting ourselves:

  1. Website: Our website has gone Live Loveheatonnorris.co.uk . The email address is soon to go live info@loveheatonnorris.co.uk . Kirk & Michelle were asked if we could swap contacts/web addresses for the site. The website needs pictures and other information to be uploaded and any offerings please send to Maggie E : - melsley8@gmail.com . Maggie E will be issuing a form for members to complete if they wish so we can promote the enthusiastic members profile on the site - especially those linked to community initiatives. Clare has a contact who has History skills and may assist with pictures/text/web links etc. Vjay discussed concerns regarding the sharing minutes and possible need to restrict each viewing others email addresses – this was not thought to be a problem. Also adding the Meeting Minutes to the Web site was not met with concern. Kirk suggests adding videos to explain the group and potentially project groups/leads to explain the ideas and work so far. Sandra shared her Ribbons of Peace display with the group and will let Maggie E have pictures.

  2. Newsletter: Vjay informed the group that this will be available to email out or a paper version. All were asked if anybody would offer to assist with this reporting in a blog style, please.

  3. Graffiti Removal: Roger still awaits Balford Bettie to action the wall graffiti near St Mary’s Church

  4. War memorial: Roger is contacting The War Graves Commission and English Heritage in Chester

  5. Crime and Policing: Phil needs to send the poster to John Headland.

  6. Pocket Places: Project Wild Thing Event on 9th May is an attempt to motivate families to get out in the community. The event will start at The Plaza 2pm then a walk to Heaton Norris Park for Arts, Wildlife, Tombola, Sports events (sack races), cardboard City, community cooking event, sustainable living cycle event etc. All in this group are invited to turn up and give any support prior would also be welcome.

  7. New Initiatives: 1. Liz informed the group about “Citizens Enquiry” it is for folk to become experts in areas like Healthy Food which encourages the growth of your own fruit and veg – ‘grow, cook, eat central’ and also “Sow the City” and “Light House Association”. 2. Michelle is running a 3 month ‘Children in Need’ launch. 3. Claire is involved in “We Are Stockport” – a media campaign to promote Stockport’s reputation and needs web stories, heroes, medal winners and other good business news

Help running ‘ Love Heaton Norris’:

The AGM will take place in a few months and nominations for all the management committee officer roles were invited.

Treasurers Report

Leaflets and posters have cost £ ???? etc and £?? Left **Sorry missed this bit!**

Any other business:

  1. Michelle suggested we invite both the councillors in the area to become involved. Vijay to consider.

  2. ‘Face Lift Renewal Scheme’ are meeting at Stockport Labour Club on Wednesday.

  3. ‘Powersaver Challenge’ event is held to cut electricity use. Prizes are white goods vouchers. Roger is invited to the Sports Club in Green Lane for the event to promote our group.

  4. Guest Speakers: John Headland (for community safety) will attend for May, Clare will ask Lynn from ‘Gift to Gain’ to speak in June and perhaps Tony Ashurst from the Rotary Club will be free for July.

Next Meeting:

The venue will be at Christ with All Saints Church, All Saints Rd,(off M/c Rd) Heaton Norris SK1 1QA on Monday May 11th 6.30-8.00PM – See you there!

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