Round 10 Editors: Lori Currier, Joel Gluskin, Jon Pinyan, Sean Phillips, Jay Turetzky Writers: Lori Currier, Steve Frappier, Joel Gluskin, Brad Houston, Ryan Jacobson, Jon Pinyan, Sean Phillips, Matt Schneider, Jay Turetzky

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Round 10

Editors: Lori Currier, Joel Gluskin, Jon Pinyan, Sean Phillips, Jay Turetzky
Writers: Lori Currier, Steve Frappier, Joel Gluskin, Brad Houston, Ryan Jacobson, Jon Pinyan, Sean Phillips, Matt Schneider, Jay Turetzky


1. He once said, “In Art, Economy is Beauty”. At age 19, he went to Harvard Law School, but then dropped out and wrote his first short story, A Tragedy of Errors. He then moved to London and wrote novels that portrayed Americans living abroad, as in 1904’s The Golden Bowl. FTP, name this author of works such as The Bostonians, Turn of the Screw, and Daisy Miller.

ANS: Henry James
2. The roots of this religion can be traced back to the Yoruban people of Dahomey, which is now known as Benin. It has been openly practiced in Benin since 1989, and became an official religion of the nation in the 1990’s. Practiced in many large cities in North America, particularly the South, it is also followed by many people in Haiti. FTP, identify this religion, which does not really have anything to do with dolls into which people stick pins to cause others pain.
ANS: Voodoo (accept Vodun)
3. All objects have it, but its magnitude depends on the position and internal structure of one object in relation to another. If an object is left on its own, this quantity will move from a high value to a low value. FTP, name this measure of stored energy, one example of which is gravitational, energy that will be converted into kinetic energy when work is being done.
ANS: Potential Energy
4. He served in the army of the Dutch East Indies, but later successfully fought against the Dutch for the independence of his native country. He became a lieutenant general in that nation’s army, a position from which he helped to put down a Communist uprising against then President Sukarno. FTP, name this man, who, in 1968, was elected to the first of his four successive terms as President of Indonesia.
ANS: Suharto
5. Founded in 1837 in Cincinnati by a soapmaker and a candlemaker, this company has expanded into many different markets within consumer products. Most recently, this company purchased the $5 billion Clairol haircare business from Bristol Myers-Squibb. FTP, name the company whose best known products include Tide, Crest, and Pampers.

ANS: Procter & Gamble Co.

6. You will have 10 seconds to complete the following calculation. The supply curve of Company A is 2+4X and the demand they face is 20-2X. When the market is in equilibrium, what will Company A’s profit be? Assume they face zero costs.
ANS: $42
7. It opens with the fall of Satan and his followers from Heaven into the bowels of Hell, after which Satan claims that it is “Better to reign in Hell than serve in Heaven.” After establishing his rule in Hell, he travels into the world, where he finds that God has created Adam and Eve. FTP, identify this John Milton work that tells of the expulsion from the Garden of Eden.
ANS: Paradise Lost
8. He spent the months after his historic achievement on a nationwide tour sponsored by the Guggenheims, visiting 92 cities and sitting through over 1200 miles of parades. His plane was built in San Diego, but was sponsored by nine St. Louis businessmen. FT, identify this man who took 33 and a half hours to fly nonstop from New York to Paris in the Spirit of St. Louis.
ANS: Charles Lindbergh
9. His actual name is Benjamin Barker. A factory whistle sounds every time he murders his victims which include the Beadle, Judge Turpin, and his wife, whom he failed to recognize as she had gone mad. Not long after throwing Mrs. Lovett into the oven where she cooked her victims into pies, Tobias murders him with his beloved blade. FTP, who is this title character in a Sondheim musical, the demon barber of Fleet Street?
ANS: Sweeney Todd
10. When she was left on Naxos, she was pitied by Dionysus, who married her. She had been left there while escaping her home, Crete, to escape the wrath of her father, King Minos. FTP, name this woman who gave a sword and a ball of yarn to Theseus to help him kill the Minotaur and escape the Labyrinth.
ANS: Ariadne
11. This title was coined in Pilgrim’s Progress by John Bunyan nearly two centuries before its more famous use. Published in 1847, it is subtitled A Novel Without a Hero. Set during the Napoleonic Wars, it deals with Amelia Sedley [*] and her rival at Miss Pinkerton’s Academy who has designs on Amelia’s brother Joseph. For ten points, name this novel about the immoral Becky Sharp by William Makepeace Thackeray.
ANS: Vanity Fair
12. By adulthood, the enzyme that adds these sequences to our DNA is not very active. However, that enzyme is very active in randomly dividing cells, making it a good indicator of cancer. These structures at the end of eukaryotic chromosomes protect the ends of DNA from being degraded after many rounds of replication. FTP, identify these structures, created by enzymes called telomerases.
ANS: Telomeres (do not accept telomerase)
13. Pencil and Paper Ready; you will have 10 seconds to complete the following math problem. Larry is creating a ball that is completely covered in leather and is perfectly spherical. The diameter of the ball is equal to ten inches. In terms of pi, FTP, how much leather, in square inches, is required to create one ball?
ANS: 100 PI square inches (Note to reader: surface area of a sphere is equal to four times the radius squared times pi)
14. Inscribed on the central fountain in this architectural complex is a line from the Koran, which reads: "Gardens through which rivers flow, where they shall remain for ever." The environment surrounding this fountain includes decorations that contain references to cosmology and mathematics. FTP, name this medieval site near Granada (gran-AY-da), formerly the site of both Jewish and Moorish residents.
ANS: The Alhambra (Accept: The Court of the Lions)

15. Examples of this property include all numbers that are congruent modulo N and rational numbers (a,b) and (c,d) if and only if ad=bc. In order to have this relation, three properties must be satisfied: reflexivity, which means that a set compares to itself, symmetry, which means if a and b are related then b and a are related, and transitivity, which means that if a and b are related and b and c are related, then a and c are related. FTP, name this relation found often in mathematics.

ANS: Equivalence Relation
16. It starts near San Francisco, California. From there, it goes through Reno, Salt Lake City, Cheyenne, and Omaha. From there, it goes south of Chicago, through Cleveland and on to the New York City area. FTP, identify this interstate highway, known as the Coast to Coast Highway, which ends when it intersects Interstate 95.
ANS: Interstate 80 or I-80
17. He graduated from Clemson College in 1923 with a degree in horticulture and soon after, took his first job as an athletic coach. Rumors have swirled about an affair he had since 1925, however, it took almost 80 years for that gossip to be confirmed. An ardent segregationalist during his career as a Senator, it came as a shock to most people that he fathered a biracial daughter. FTP, name this man who died last June, whose daughter, Essie Mae Washington-Williams came forward on December 17, 2003.
ANS: J. Strom Thurmond
18. One times ten to the fifth Pascals, 750 Torr, or 0.9869 atmospheres all equal this unit. FTP, name this unit of pressure, whose name comes from the Greek word for heavy.
ANS: Bar
19. His original last name was Ianovskii, and author’s grandfather changed his surname in order to claim noble Cossack ancestry. He published Hans Kuchelgarten and Mirgorod before his St. Petersburg Stories, which included the short stories “The Nose” and “The Overcoat”. FTP, identify this Ukrainian-born Russian author whose most famous work may be Dead Souls.
ANS: Nikolai Gogol
20. Saint Denis is depicted in a stained glass window here. He helped bring Christianity to the area around 250 CE, but was then decapitated at the site where it stands today. It is said that the saint picked up his severed head and walked into the countryside until he collapsed at the present site of the Basilique de Saint Denis. FTP, identify this white church, on Montmartre in Paris.
ANS: the Basilica of the Sacred Heart or the Basilique du Sacre Coeur (prompt on Sacre Coeur or Sacred Heart)
21. This operation, conceived by Field Marshall Bernard Montgomery, dropped British and American paratroopers in the German-controlled Netherlands in an effort to seize five bridges and open a route to Germany. Three of the bridges were taken and held, but when the attackers at Nijmegan met with more resistance than expected and foundered, the British troops at Arnhem were effectively cut off. FTP, identify this World War II operation that was the basis for the novel and movie A Bridge Too Far.
ANS: Operation Market-Garden


1. Given the definition of a type of body of water, name it FTPE.

a) It is a type of freshwater, brackish water or saltwater wetland that is found along rivers, pond, lakes and coasts

ANS: Marsh

b) It is a stream or river that flows into a larger river

ANS: Tributary

c) It is a small, sometimes horseshoe-shaped, body of water along the coast; the water is surrounded by land formed of soft rock

ANS: Cove

2. Given the name of a Roman deity, identify the Greek equivalent FTPE.

a) Ceres

ANS: Demeter

b) Pluto

ANS: Hades

c) Terra

ANS: Gaia
3. Name the explorer FTPE.

a) He led, under a Spanish flag, the first voyage to circumnavigate the world, which lasted from 1519 to 1522, though he was killed in the Philippines in 1521.

ANS: Ferdinand Magellan

b) This Portuguese explorer was the first European to travel by sea to India, which allowed Portugal to get great riches from the spice trade. He returned to India in 1524 as viceroy, but died soon after.

ANS: Vasco da Gama

c) In 1540, this Spanish explorer was sent to conquer Mexico City. After he conquered Mexico City, he moved north to the Arkansas River.

ANS: Francisco Coronado
4. Answer the following questions about members of Atlanta Braves teams of the 1990’s FTPE.

a) This pitcher, a four-time Cy Young award winner and former Chicago Cub, recently broke Cy Young’s record of fifteen consecutive fifteen win seasons in 2003.

ANS: Greg Maddux (prompt on Maddux because of Mike)

b) This outfielder and former third baseman and shortstop, currently in his ninth consecutive season with the Braves has distinguished himself by having eight consecutive 100 RBI seasons.

ANS: Chipper Jones (also accept Larry as the first name)

c) This first baseman played for the Braves from 1998-2000. After belting forty-four homers in 1998, he was diagnosed lymphoma and was forced to sit out the 1999 season.

ANS: Andres Galarraga
5. Identify the British poet from works FTPE.

a) “To the Virgins, to Make Much of Time”

ANS: Robert Herrick

b) “To His Coy Mistress”

ANS: Andrew Marvel

c) “La Belle Dame Sans Merci”

ANS: John Keats
6. Identify these terms from the architecture of churches, FTPE:

a) It is the name for the row of windows found on the upper part of a church wall, which provides a source of direct natural light

ANS: Clerestory (cle-rest-o-ry)

b) In general, it is a term synonymous with a secluded place, such as a monastery or nunnery. As a specific part of a monastery, it is a garden that provides a place for meditation.

ANS: Cloister

c) The round or octagonal platform within a church, on which stands a stone or metal basin for administering a certain rite of passage, most commonly for infants

ANS: Baptistery (bap-tist'ry), or Baptismal Font (Do not accept nor prompt on "baptism area" and the like)
7. Given a battle in the American Civil War, identify the state in which it took place FTPE.

a) The Battle of Pea Ridge

ANS: Arkansas

b) The Battle of Antietam

ANS: Maryland

c) The Battle of Cold Harbor

ANS: Virginia
8. Answer these related questions about a basic term from physics FTPE.

a) This is the force of attraction that exists between all objects. Its acceleration is represented by a lowercase g.

ANS: Gravity

b) Isaac Newton realized the universality of gravity when this object reportedly fell from a tree.

ANS: Apple

c) A bar of gold would have the same mass on Mars as it does on Earth, but this quantity that takes into account gravity would be less.

ANS: Weight
9. Given a description of a character from Dostoyevsky’s Crime and Punishment, name that character FTPE.

a) The protagonist, this man kills Alyona Ivanovna, a pawnbroker, which leads to his psychosomatic illness.

ANS: Rodion “Rodya” Romanovich Raskolnikov (Rass-KOHL-nih-koff)

b) He takes care of Raskolnikov in his infirmity, falls in love with the murderer’s sister, and is entrusted with the care of Raskolnikov’s mother when he makes his confession.

ANS: Dmitri Prokofitch Razumihin (Rah-zu-MEE-hin)

c) Dounia Raskolnikov’s former employer, he attempts to blackmail Raskolnikov’s sister in to marrying him but kills himself when he realizes that she will never love him.

ANS: Arkady Ivanovitch Svidrigalov (Svid-RIG-a-loff)
10. FTPE, answer the following questions about a missing college student who received a lot of media attention, but still has not been found.

a) This was the name of the North Dakota college student who disappeared.

ANS: Dru Sjodin

b) Sjodin disappeared from a mall in Grand Forks on the 22nd of this month

ANS: November

c) The name of the man who has been charged in connection to her disappearance

ANS: Alfonzo Rodriguez, Jr.
11. Identify the schools of ancient philosophy, given descriptions FTPE.

a) Founded by Antisthenes, its name comes from a term meaning dog.

ANS: the Cynics

b) This school of philosophy, named for the man who advanced it, is associated with ethical hedonism in which the goal of life is to minimize pain and maximize pleasure.

ANS: Epicurianism

c) This school of philosophy was founded by Zeno of Citrum around 300BC. They got their name from the place where they met.

ANS: Stoicism
12. Given a definition, name the dance being referred to FTPE.

a) In ¾ time, the first note of each measure is stressed. This was the first dance to use the closed position for any extended period of time.

ANS: Waltz

b) With roots deep in Andalucia, Spain, it combines guitar playing, handclapping, singing, and dancing. Like American jazz, it involves improvisation.

ANS: Flamenco

c) It was created by Harry Fox in 1914. This dance expresses a slow, syncopated rhythm, and is now referred to as social dancing.

ANS: Foxtrot
13. FTSNOP, identify the term relating to African-European relations.

a) (5 pts) This was the system of racial segregation which discriminated against Bantus in South Africa. It lasted from 1948 to 1992.

ANS: Apartheid

b) (10 pts) A compromise between moderate francophone countries and more radical ones, this organization, the OAU for short, was founded in 1963 to further the notion of Pan-African unity.

ANS: the Organization of African Unity

c) (15 pts) From 1949 to 1963, this Kenyan group, called The Land and Freedom Party by the British, fought for independence from Great Britain. Its name comes from the range of mountains that borders the Great Rift Valley on its Western side.

ANS: the Mau-Mau
14. For ten points each, answer the following questions about the uncertainty principle.

a) The principle was developed by this quantum physicist.

ANS: Werner Heisenberg

b) The principle holds that a large uncertainty in position implies a small uncertainty in this quantity.

ANS: Momentum

c) According to the uncertainty principle, the uncertainty in momentum times the uncertainty in position is greater than or equal to one over four pi times which constant?

ANS: Planck’s constant or h (DNA: “h-bar”)
15. Answer the following questions about trigonometry FTP each. Since these are not computation, you will have 5 seconds for each part.

a) When all of the corresponding angles of two triangles are the same, the two triangles are said to be what?

ANS: Similar

b) The inverse of the tangent is known as what trigonometric function?

ANS: Cotangent

c) The inverse of the cosecant is known as what trigonometric function?

ANS: Sine
16. Identify the following about Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness FTPE.

a) The narrator tells his story while floating on this river.

ANS: The Thames

b) The name of that narrator, who appeared in some of Conrad’s other works.

ANS: Marlowe

c) This director’s “Apocalypse Now” was a modern adaptation of the novel.

ANS: Francis Ford Coppola. (Prompt on just Coppola since Sofia INSISTS on directing.)
17. Given a U.S. President, identify the Vice President who served under him FTPE.

a) James Monroe

ANS: Daniel D. Tompkins

b) William Howard Taft

ANS: James S. Sherman

c) Rutherford B. Hayes

ANS: William A. Wheeler
18. Seven countries border Poland. Name any six of them. You will get 5 points per correct answer and have 10 seconds before you must start your list.

ANS: Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania, Russia

19. If you put a thousand monkeys at typewriters, they may never replicate a great work of literature. But people can still write literature about monkeys, or at least having something to do with them. Name these works of literature from the clue given, FTPE.

a) This Kurt Vonnegut work is actually a collection of his shorter stories.

ANS: Welcome to the Monkey House

b) Eugene O’Neill wrote this play that takes place on a luxury liner.

ANS: The Hairy Ape

c) Tarzan of the Apes was created by this science fiction writer.

ANS: Edgar Rice Burroughs
20. Given a description of a Mexican state, identify that state FTPE.

a) This state borders Texas and New Mexico, and is the largest state in Mexico in terms of land area. It is also the name of a breed of popular dog.

ANS: Chihuahua

b) This state’s largest cities are Mexicali and Tijuana, and it sits in the northern half of the peninsula of Lower California.

ANS: Baja California Norte (prompt on Baja California)

c) This state is mountainous and located in central Mexico. Mexico’s national constitution was drafted in its namesake capital city.

ANS: Queretaro
21. FTPE, name the anatomical functional unit.

a) These are sacs in the lungs where oxygen and carbon dioxide are exchanged between blood and the air.

ANS: Alveoli (Accept the singular form, Alveolus)

b) Sections of myofibrils, they can contract and extend like the muscles that they form.

ANS: Sarcomere

c) Each of the approximately one million of this functional unit, found in a kidney, filters blood.

ANS: Nephron

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