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Inherent in every common interest development is the concept of working together through a homeowners association to protect and enhance property values which would be mutually beneficial to all. The concept also includes the principles of declaring restrictions meant to promote the health, happiness and peace of mind of the majority of homeowners.

This publication contains simplified version of the Restrictions in Articles IV and VI of the Declarations, and Rules and Regulations (R&R’s) the Board of Directors has adopted, and are meant to serve as a manual to assist homeowners and tenants in understanding the benefits of living in a “planned community. Any items not stated here, please refer to your Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CC&R’s) or call your manager.
Nothing in this R&R’s is to be interpreted as being in contravention of the CC&R’s. Should any portion of this R&R’s be interpreted as contravening the CC&R’s, that section or sections shall be considered immediately modified to conform to the CC&R’s. Should it be impossible to modify the section or sections that section or sections shall be deemed severable from the remainder of the R&R’s, and should be of no force and effect whatsoever.

Revised 2014

Download 469.45 Kb.

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