Rush Bootleg Title and Information Catalog

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Rush Bootleg Title and Information Catalog

This is my personal discography of rare live Rush recordings. This list includes the title as received the date, source, quality, location, media and other available titles under the same source/show. The titles with the (*), I do not have – I only list them as a reference for that date/venue. These recordings vary from poor to excellent in quality and are not authorized Rush releases. These are produced, manufactured and distributed by independent producers. None of the following are for sale – ever!. Available by trade only.

VINYL LP: (Power Windows Tour)
Through Any Window 3-8-86 Aud/2 LP set Quebec City, Quebec EX-

*Northern Territories

LIVE VHS VIDEOS: (Able to convert to DVD+R at your request!)
12-12-91 Albany, NY Knicks Arena Aud/VHS VG- 120 Min

2-14-94 Fresno, CA Selland Arena Aud/VHS VG+ 120 Min

3-22-94 Auburn Hills, MI The Palace SB/Video Feed EX 120 min

10-28-96 Chicago, IL United Center Aud/VHS VG 120 min

10-29-96 Minneapolis, MN Target Center Aud/VHS EX 160 min

6-14-97 Tinley Park, IL New World Music Theater VG- 160 min

*This is the famous “Different Stages” concert

7-2-97 Toronto, Can Molson Amp. Aud/VHS VG+ 160 min

7-17-02 Toronto, Canada Molson Amp. Aud/VHS VG 160 min

7-20-02 Tinley Park, IL Tweeter Center Aud/VHS VG+ 160 min

9/23/02 Los Angeles, CA Staples Center Aud/VHS EX- 160 min
(Rush Tour)

First Time 8-14-74 AUD/1 CDR Pittsburgh, PA G/VG-

*Neil’s first show!! 2 separate versions, (1 incomplete. 1 complete.)

Fly By Cleveland 8-26-74/11-3-74 FM/1 SCD Cleveland, OH VG-

*Change Of Seasons

Rushian Whiskey 11-27-74 AUD/1 CDR Los Angeles, CA VG+

Electric Ladyland Studios 12-5-74 FM/1 SCD New York, NY VG+

*Rush Hour ’74

*Live From The Electric Lady Land Studios 1974

Just Can’t Pretend 12-16-74 SB/ 1 CDR Cleveland, OH EX-

Tracks 1-8 are:


*Fancy Dancers

*Here Again at the Agora

A Change of Seasons 8-24-74 AUD/1 CDR Cleveland, OH VG+

New In Town - P.E. 8/26/74 SB/1 CDR Cleveland, OH EX+

*Platinum Edition

*Contains preshow interview with Donna Halper from WMMX radio

The Fifth Order of Angels 8-26-74 SB/1 CDR Cleveland, OH EX
(Fly By Night Tour)

Age of Wonders 6-25-75 Aud/1 CDR Toronto, Can VG

*Live Anthem

*In the Beginning

Juvenile Delinquents 5/15/75 FM/1 CDR Cleveland, OH VG
Caress of Steel Tour)

Stainless Steel 11/15/75 AUD/1 CDR Rockford, IL VG-

*Only known CoS recording to exist.
(2112 Tour)

We Are The Priests 5-30-76 Aud/1 CDR Springfield, IL VG-/VG

*Only known 2112 show to exist

(All The Worlds A Stage Tour)

Battle in Seattle 10-25-76 Aud/2 CDR Seattle, WA VG

*Contains Bonus Tracks “Can’t Fight It” and “Not Fade Away”

2112 Days 10-25-76 Aud/1 CDR Seattle, WA VG

Tear The Temples Down 11/27/76 AUD/1 CDR San Francisco VG+

Work of Gifted Hands P.E. 11/28/76 AUD/1 CDR Fresno, CA EX+
(A Farewell To Kings Tour)

Twilight Zone at 1600 4-17-77 Aud/2 CDR Washington, DC VG

The Necromancer 6-1-77 Aud/ 2 CDR Sheffield, U.K. EX

Sign Of Eth 6-2-77 Aud/1 CDR Manchester, U.K. VG+

The Art of Sound 11-27-77 AUD/1 CDR New York, NY VG+

Siren Song 12-10-77 Aud/2 CDR Hollywood , Fl VG

Fly In The Night 12-12-77 Aud/1 CDR Montreal, Can VG-

(NOTE: Track 9 “Cinderella Man” is cut short. Time is :46)

*3 At the Forum
(Hemispheres Tour)

Vancouver Circumstances 11-04078 AUD/1 CDR Vancouver, B.C. EX

Cygnus-X Story 11-20-78 SB/2 CDR Tucson, AZ EX+

*(1st Generation w/ bonus track “Garden Road”)

Cygnus-X Story 11-20-78 SB/2CDR Tucson, AZ EX-

*(2nd / 3rd Generation)

Buenas Nochas! Motor City 12-2-78 SB/2 CDR Detroit, MI EX

*Contains full versions of Cygnus X and Hemispheres

Fallen Trees 12-16-78 Aud/2 CDRs Chicago, IL VG+/EX

Hatchet, Axe and Saw 12-18-78 Aud/2 CDR Chicago, IL VG-

Dedication P.E. 2-3-79 Aud/2 CDR Cleveland, OH VG+/EX-

Hemispheres Performance 5-24-79 Aud/1 SCD Oslo, Norway EX-

A Passage To Oslo (P.E.) 5-24-79 SB/2 CDR Oslo, Norway EX+

*NOTE: Disc two is bad. Need Replacement.

Black Forrest 5/28/79 SB/2 CDR Offenbach, Germany EX

A Right To Passage 6-4-79 FM/1 CDR Galleen, Holland EX

*Rushian Roulette

*Pink Pop Festival

Praying for the Light 6/4/79-5/81 SB/1 CDR Gallen/Toronto EX *Same as A Right To Passage. Includes bonus tracks from 5/81

Preludes To The Future 9-2-79 Aud/2 CDR Toronto, Can VG+

*Contains full length versions of 2112, Xanadu, Cygnus, Hemispheres and La Villa
Practice Makes Perfect 9-08-79 Aud/2 CDR East Troy, WI EX

* Includes pre-versions of “Spirit of Radio” and “Freewill”

(Permanent Waves Tour)

Invisible Airwaves 1-21-80 Aud/2 CDRs Montreal, Can VG+

Timeless Wavelength 2-2-80 AUD/2 CDR Fort Worth, TX EX

*Complete show with entire version of Hemispheres

The Three Magicians 2-2-80 AUD/2 CDR Fort Worth, TX VG+

Wave After Wave 2-14-80 FM/1 CDR St. Louis, MO EX


Hyperspace 2-14-80 FM/1 CDR St. Louis, MO EX

La Villa Strangiato 2-14-80 FM/1 CDR St. Louis, MO EX

Setting the Course 3-10-80 AUD/2 CDR Los Angeles VG

The Appliance of Science 4 -4- 80 AUD/2 CDR Chicago, IL VG

Spirit of the Radio Star 7-8-80 FM/1 SCD St. Louis, MO EX

*Date actually 2-14-80 (See: Wave After Wave, La Villa, etc.)

Something Old, Something New 9-30-80 SB/2 CDR Allentown, PA EX

*Pre-versions of “Limelight” and “Tom Sawyer”

Hyperspace 9-30-80 SB/1 CDR Allentown, PA EX

*Note: Gypsy Eve Production. One disc edit of “Something Old, Something New”
(Moving Pictures Tour)

Personal Pictures 3-1-81 Aud/2 CDR Chicago, IL EX-

Exit…Stage Right 3-1-81 Aud/2 CDR Chicago, IL EX-

*Every Nerve Aware

The Definitive Edition 3-1-81 Aud/2 CDR Chicago, IL` EX

*The best source of this date

Red Barchetta 5-81 SB/VHS/1 SCD Montreal, Can EX

*Date Actually 3-27-81.

*A New Reality (audio from ESL video)

Careful with that Axe Var. Dates SB/VHS/1 SCD Bremen, Germany EX

*NOTE: Matrix of ESL, GUP and ASOF videos

Moving Stage 6-14-81 Aud/2 CDR Long Beach, CA VG+

The Definitive Edition 6-16-81 AUD/2 CDR Anahiem, CA EX

Moving Pictures Story 12-20-81 SB/2 CDR Hartford, CT VG/VG+

*Contains perversion of “Subdivisions”
(Signals World Tour)

Digital Men 12-9-82 Aud/2 CDR Uniondale, NY VG+

*Title not same as 11-8-82 "Digital Men"

The Edge Of A Dream 11-19-82 AUD/2 CDR Rosemont, IL VG

A Digital Forum 4-9-83 AUD/2 CDR Montreal, Canada EX-

London Signals 5-21-83 Aud/2 CDR London, U.K. EX-

*Signals From London Remastered

Countdown – P.E. 9-18-83 Aud/2 CDR New York, NY EX

(Grace Under Pressure Tour)

King Biscut Flower Hour Mid 80s FM/1 CDR Unknown EX

Experience To Extremes 6-25-84 Aud/2 CDR Milwaukee, WI EX-

Tip Of the Iceberg 6-25-84 Aud/2 CDR Milwaukee, WI EX-

*(This title is not the same as the 11/8/82 show)

Hot June Night 6 -29-84 AUD/2 CDR Rosemont, IL VG+

*Contains three bonus after show interviews tracks with all members!!

Life Under Pressure 9-21-84 SB/1 SCD Montreal, Can EX

Rushhour 9-21-84 SB/1 SCD Montreal, Can EX

Live Vol. 1 9-21-84 SB/1 SCD Montreal, Can EX

*Note: all 9-21-84 shows are edited variations of the ESL/GUP/ASOH videos

Obsolete Absolom 9-21-84 SB/1 CDR Montreal, Can EX+

* Full unedited Laserdisc version. Contains “The Weapon”

New World Men 9-27-84 Aud/2 CDR Landover, MD VG+

*Disc stolen from truck. Damn! Need to replace. DRE gives good reviews!

Tip Of The Iceberg 9-27-84 SB/1 CDR Landover, MD EX-

-Only known “real” soundboard from this tour

Cool Under Fire 9-27-84 SB/1 CDR Landover, MD EX-

Four Nights In A Judo Arena 11-20-84 Aud/2 CDR Osaka, Japan VG+/EX-
(Power Windows Tour)

Northern Territories 3-8-86 Aud/2 CDR Quebec City EX-

*Through Any Window 12" LP (See LPs at top of list)

Poison In Power 3-21-86 AUD/2 CDR Rosemont, IL VG+

Midwestern Windows 3-24-86 Aud/2 CDR Milwaukee, WI EX-

Philadelphia Project 4-16-86 SB/2CDR Philadelphia, PA EX+

(Hold Your Fire Tour)

When The Water Takes You Home 2-25-88 Aud/2 CDR Lakeland, FL VG+

Great Balls of Fire 3-4-88 Aud/2 CDR Detroit, MI EX-

Force Without Form 3-25-88 AUD/2 CDR Rosemont, IL EX-

Hold The Flames… 3-26-88 Aud/2 CDR Rosemont, IL VG+

Leaving Omaha P.E. 4-2-88 Aud/2 CDR Omaha, NEB EX-

*2 second gaps, however a great show!

Imaginations on Fire 4-5-88 Aud/2 CDR Milwaukee, WI EX-

A Desperate Voice 4-24-88 SB/2 CDR Birminham, U.K. EX+

*Missing LaVilla

*From the Laserdisc of ASOH. Contains "Lock and Key", not available on VHS version.
(Presto Tour)

The Hartford ’90 5-8-90 SB/2 CDR Harford, CT EX+

Staring Down Into A Heartless Sea 5-1-90 Aud/2 CDR Atlanta, GA VG+

That’s Entertainment 6-17-90 Aud/2 CDR East Troy, WI EX-

*Upgraded version with bonus tracks

Scars Of Pleasure 6-17-90 Aud/2 CDR East Troy, WI EX

*Better Source than “That’s Entertainment”

Omaha ’90 6-20-90 Aud/ CDRs Omaha, NEB VG+

*2 second gaps

Naked Wires 6-29-90 Scanner/2 CDR Irvine, CA EX-

*Note: discs plays as 1 track
(Roll the Bones Tour)

A Chicago Dreamland 11-01-91 AUD/2 CDR Rosemont, IL VG+

Garden Road 12-07-91 SB/2 CDR New York, NY EX-

*(2-second gaps)

Mirrors 1-30-92 SB/2 CDR Oakland, CA EX+

Rush ‘N Roulette 1-30-92 SB/2 CDR Oakland, CA EX-

*Les Claypool's (Primus) SB recording

Bravado 3-15-92 Aud/2 CDR Long Island, NY VG

*Moment Of Glory

Time to Roll 4-17-92 SB/1 CDR London, U.K. EX-

Run From The Fans 4-17-92 SB/1 SCD London, U.K. EX

*Plays 3.5% too slow

Run Faster 4-17-92 SB/1 CDR London, U.K. EX+

*Corrected version of Run From The Fans.

*3 Bonus Tracks – “Not Fade Away”, “Can’t Fight It”, and “Pieces of Eight”

Over The Europe 4-29-92 Aud/2 CDR Stuggart, Germany EX

Atmospheric 5-3-92 Aud/2 CDR Rotterdam, Holland EX

Vital Dreams 6-14-92 SB/2 CDR Charlotte, N.C. EX+

Cold Flames 6-20-92 Aud/2 CDR Long Island, NY EX

*Skips and 2-second Gaps. Only goes to track 3

End Of The Road 6-28-92 AUD/2 CDR Tinley Park, IL VG+
(Counterparts Tour)

Vuja Dey 11-30-92 SB/1 CDR Toronto, ONT VG+

*Studio outtakes, commentary, and live track recording while in studio for CP album

This Is How We Do It 1-31-94 Aud/2 CDR Las Cruces, NM EX-

Come To A Standstill 3-2-94 Aud/2 CDR Jacksonville, FL VG+

Critical Mass 3-22-94 Pro-Video/2 CDR Auburn Hills, MI EX-

*Majestic Symphonies (5 Bonus tracks from 12.5.74)

Tuxedo Tuesday 3-29-94 AUD/2 CDR Rosemont, IL VG+

Faith, Goodness, Humanity 3-30-94 AUD/2 CDR Rosemont, IL VG-

Nuts and Bolts 4-2-94 SB/2 CDR Madison, Wis EX+

Darkness and Light 4-26-94 SB/1 CDR Landover, MD EX+

*Excellent, but not complete performance

Lock, Stocked, Barreled 4-26-94 Aud/2 CDR Landover, MD EX

A Night at the Spectrum 4-29-94 SB/2 CDR Philadelphia, PA EX

Animated 5-7-94 SB/2 CDR Toronto, Can EX+
(Test For Echo Tour)

Echoes On The Stages 10-18-96 SB/3 CDR Albany, NY EX+

*Rehearsals for T4E – No Audience!!

Never Stands Still 10-19-96 Aud/2CDR Albany, NY VG+

United We Stand 10-28-96 Aud/ 3 CDR Chicago, IL VG

United We Echo 10-28-96 Aud/VHS/2 CDR Chicago, IL VG


Supermen In Supernature 10-29-96 Aud/VHS/3 CDR Minneapolis, MN VG+

An Absolut Rush 11-07-96 Aud/3 CDRs Landover, MD EX+

Yo Tango Su Casa… 11-30-96 Aud/3 CDR El Paso, TX EX+

*Includes a Bonus Video Disc of “Driven” San Jose 11-20-96

Bigger and Better in TX 12-5-96 SB/3 CDR Houston, TX EX+

Golden Gate Echoes 5-11-97 Aud/3 CDR San Fransico, Ca EX-

*To Hear Amazing Things (No Bonus Tracks)

O’ Chicago 6-14-97 Aud/3 CDR Tinely Park, IL EX-

*This is the show that appears on the “Different Stages” live CD

Great Woods/Summer… 6-23-97 SB/3 CDR Mansfield, MA EX+

O' Toronto 7-2-97 Aud/3 CDR Toronto, Can VG-

*Contains 3 rare hidden interview bonus tracks from Geddy, Alex and Neil.

*This performance was filmed for a video, but it was never released.

(Vapor Trails Tour)

Celebrate The Moment 6-28-02 Aud/2 CDR Hartford, CT EX

*First show in 5 years!! Opening night of VT tour

Southern Trails - Part 1 7-1-02 Aud/2 CDR Charlotte, NC EX

Independence Day 7-4-02 Aud/2 CDR Raleigh, NC EX

Reflected Light 7-12-02 Aud/2 CDR Mansfield, MA EX

Bastile Day ’02 7-14-02 Aud/2 CDR Camden, NJ EX+

Our Ceiling Unlimited 7-17-02 Aud/2 CDR Toronto, Canada EX

Poking Around In Hell 7/19/02 Aud/3 CDR Milwaukee, WI EX

Scanning For Dragons 7/20/02 Aud/2 CDR Tinley Park, IL EX

*Remastered Version

A Dream To Rise 8-23-02 Aud/2 CDR Salt Lake City, UT VG+

Title Not Yet Avail. 8-24-02 Aud/3CDR Denver, CO VG-

*2-second gaps!

The Land of the Living 9-14-02 Aud/3 CDR George, WA EX+

Night of a 1,000 Songs 9-20-02 Aud/3 CDR Mountain View, CA EX

Flying Shark Snakes…..` 10-11-02 Aud/2 CDRs West Palm Beach, FL EX-

Feeling Unlimited 10-15-02 Aud/3 CDR Baltimore, MD EX

A Gentle Hand 10-24-02 Aud/3 CDR New York, NY EX
Sonic Trails 10-30-02 Aud/3 CDRs Chicago, IL EX-

*Bonus tracks! “Take Off”, “Not Fade Away”, and “You Can’t Fight It”

Incomplete Absolam 10-30-02 Aud/2 CDR Chicago, IL VG-

*Incomplete, hence the title. The master tape was damaged. The recorder ate the tape at the show.

*Hear me chat with Howard Ungerlieder during a post show gathering

Secret Touch 11-1-02 Aud/3CDR Minneapolis, MN EX


SARS Fest 7-30-03 SB/1CDR Toronto, Canada EX-

*8 tracks, from the live internet broadcast, complete performance!
R30 – “30h Anniversary Tour”

R30 Project 5/26/04 Aud/3 CDR Nashville, TN EX

30 Years Strong 5-26-04 Aud/3 CDR Nashville, TN EX-/EX

*Opening night of N.A. tour

Never Forgotten 5-31-04 Aud/3 CDR Pittsburgh, PA VG+

Heart Full of Soul 6-05-04 Aud/3 CDR Tinley Park/Chicago VG++

*MASTER COPY My copy is direct from the masters!!!

Keep On Riding, Pt. 4 8/22/04 AUD/3 CDR Toronto, ONT VG-

U.K. Unlimited #3 9-11-04 AUD/3 CDR Birmingham, U.K. VG+

U.K. Unlimited #4 9-12-04 AUD/3 CDR Manchester, U.K. EX

VCDs (Video Compact Discs)

3-22-94 Counterparts Tour Pro Feed 2 VCDs Auburn Hills, MI EX

10-19-96 T4E Tour Aud 1 VCD Albany, NY VG

Various videos : Driven (live), Fly By Night, La Villa Strangiato, Closer to the Heart Live 1998, YYZ, and Show Don’t Tell, Force Ten,

Trailer Park Boys (Canadian TV series) Featuring Alex. This is so funny, you will pee your pants!

Neil Peart “Paragon” (Sabian cymbals) demo

Geddy’s Winter Advice (short winter safety tips – hilliarious)

R30 Tour 2nd Set intro (“Darn That Dragon”)

DVD+Rs NOW AVAILABLE!!!! (I use FUJI DVD+ (Plus) Rs),

** See VHS section – also available on DVD+R upon request

“The Body Electric”, sci-fi cartoon, circa1983/84. (22 minutes long), features the music of Rush EX++

*Awesome! A must have!

Buddy Rich Tribute Concert w/Neil Pro 1 DVD-R New York, NY VG-

-30 minute edit from concert – all Neil, all big-band. Features “One O’Clock Jump”

12-10-76 2112 Tour Pro 1 DVD-R Passic, NJ EX

4-9-83 Signals Tour, Aud 1 DVD-R Montreal VG+

5-81 Exit…Stage Left (Japanese Import) Pro 1 DVD-R Montreal EX-

*Unable to copy!!

10-21-91 Roll The Bones Rehersals Aud 1 DVD-R Hamilton, ONT VG

2-26-92 Roll The Bones Tour Aud 2 DVD-R Jacksonville, FL VG

3-22-94 Counterparts Tour Pro 1 DVD-R Auburn Hills, MI EX

10-19-96 Test For Echo Tour Aud/Pro Mix 1 DVD-R Albany, NY EX+

7-17-02 Vapor Trails Tour Aud 2 DVD-R Toronto, Can VG+

11-06-02 “By-Tor and the Pink Wig” Aud 2 DVD-R New Jersey EX+

11/--/02 “Spotlight” on Comcast Pro 1 DVD-R Rio EX

*Comcast Cable “On Demand” Concert Spotlight, 16:9 Ratio (Letterbox), 45 min

*Track listing is: TS, DeW, NWM, RTB, ES, YYZ, OLV, FW, and CCTH

*Edit of RiR

1/05 VH-1 Classic “Rush in Rio” Pro 1 DVD-R Rio EX

*Music concert special

*Setlist: TS, RTB, ES, FW, OLV (with dragon intro), ST, By-Tor, C X-1, WM, SoR, CTTH

7-30-03 Toronto Rocks SARS Concert Pro 1 DVD-R Toronto EX+

*Complete performance!

Intimate Portrait – Neil Peart Pro 1 DVD-R Bearsville Studios EX+

*Unable to copy!!

5/26/04 R30 Tour, Opening Night Aud 2 DVD-R Nashville, TN VG+

8/18/04 R30 Tour, RCMH Aud 2 DVD+R New York EX-

*Single camera

8/18/04 R30 Tour, RCHM #1 Aud 3 DVD+R New York EX+

*Three camera, DAT mix.

*The best DVD I have ever seen!!! A MUST HAVE!!!!

Through the Camera Eye (European Union Import)

A Show of Hands (Brazilian Import)

Exit…Stage Left (Japanese Import)

INTERVIEW (list not in chronological order):

Geddy and Alex on TECHTV’s “Screen Savers”, VHS, Approx. 10 minutes, March 2003

Geddy Lee's World Broadcast Premiere "My Favorite Headache"; November, 2001, FM Broadcast, 1 CDR

Test for Echo World Broadcast Premiere, September 1996, FM Broadcast 1 CDR (Incomplete interviews)

Different Stages World Broadcast Premiere, Interview with Geddy and Alex, FM Broadcast 1 CDR

The Story of Kings: Interviews Vol. 1 with Alex Lifeson, 1987, BAKTABAK, 1 SCD

The Interviews: Vol. 2 with Geddy Lee, 6/93, BAKTABAK, 1 SCD

Geddy Lee on Chicago's "190 North" Channel 7, ABC;

*Interview with Geddy for "My Favorite Headache" autograph tour. VHS 8 Minutes, Nov. 2000

Geddy Lee's "My Favorite Headache" Electronic Press Kit ; VHS 12 minutes

*The making of “My Favorite Headache”, Geddy’s 1st solo album, direct from Anthem - 1 of 35 copies awarded to me by Anthem and Geddy Lee. Filmed and Directed by Andrew McNaughtan

(Winner of Geddy's Q&A contest, Dec. 2000, Partial transcript at:

Rockline with Rush, Power Windows album, Interview with Geddy, Nov. 18, 1985, FM Broadcast 1 CDR

Rockline with Rush, Roll the Bones Album, Interview with Neil, 12/2/91, FM Broadcast 1 CDR

Rockline with Rush, Test For Echo Album, Interview with Geddy/ Alex, 9/23/96, FM Broadcast 1 CDR

Album Premier , Test for Echo Album, Interview w/Geddy, Alex/ Neil, 10/96, FM broadcast 1 CDR

Interview with Atlantic Records, Vapor Trails album, interviews with Geddy and Alex, 5/02, 1 CDR

Rockline with Rush, Vapor Trails album. Interviews with Geddy and Alex. May 2002. (PC use only!!)

CHUM-TV Interview, Vapor Trails album, Interviews with Geddy and Alex, 5/6/02, 1 CDR

The “Eddie Trunk Show”, Parts I and II, Vapor Trails album, with Geddy and Alex, 5/02, 1 CDR

Rockline, interview by Bob Coburn, Vapor Trails album, 5/13/02, 1 CDR

Rush In Rio World Premier, interviews with Geddy and Alex, 1 CDR,

“Now and Then”, band interviews, retrospectives, sound-bites, songs. FM broadcast, 8/04, 1 CDR

XM Satellite Radio Broadcast, Interview with Geddy and Alex 8/18/04, 1 CDR (VG-) VERY FUNNY!

NBC “Legends of Rock”, Part1. (John Rutsey answers the infamous question). 1 CDR, EX-

Innerview (“Freewill”) with Neil Peart. Interveiw by Jim Ladd, Circa 1980, 1 CDR, EX-

The Story of Rush (Audio Only Version) – Much More Music – 1 CDR, EX-

“Hanging with Rush” VH-1 CLASSIC interview with Eddie Trunk (Dec. 2005) 1 DVD-R EX

Rockline with Rush, R30 DVD, Interview with Bob Coburn (Dec. 2005), 1 CDR EX


Exit…Stage Left (1 hour)

Through the Camera Eye (1 hour)

Grace Under Pressure Tour (90 min.)

Chronicles (VHS and DVD)

A Show of Hands (90 min.)

A Work in Progress (Interviews with Neil Peart, 3 hours, 40 minutes)

Success Under Pressure (Gett) Excellent Condition!! Very, Very Rare!!

Mystic Rhythms: The Philosophical Vision of Rush (Price and Price)

The Masked Rider (Peart)

Merely Players (Telleria)

Ghost Rider (Peart)

Contents Under Pressure (personalized hand signed copy by author, Martin Popoff)

Traveling Music (Peart)

Rhythm and Light (Nutall)

Revolution Comics, 1992, First Edition, excellent condition


Moving Pictures, 1980-81; Signals, 1982-83; Grace Under Pressure, 1984; Power Windows, 1985-86

Hold Your Fire, 1987-88; Presto 1989-90; Roll the Bones, 1991-92; Counterparts, 1994; Test for Echo, 1996-97; Vapor Trails Tour, 2002; R30 – 30th Anniversary, 2004
Posters/Wall Hangings

GUP Tour poster, T4E Tour Poster, Vapor Trails Tour Poster, Vapor Trails Promo Poster

Concert bill "Rush at the U.N.O Lakefront Arena, New Orleans Dec. 6, 1996 hand signed by artist, framed

Concert Bill “Rush in TX, Vapor Trails Tour, Aug 16, 17 2002 (#58 of 500, hand signed by artists, framed)

Photographing Rush Neil Peart II – ( #495/500, hand signed by Neil, framed)

Rush collage (#2 of 2) Gift to my by artist – personalized to me (framed)

Rush Word Art #1 of 500 hand signed by Mark Skidmore, framed

Rush 2112 Hand Signed Lithograph #470 of 500 w/COA, framed

Rush Power Windows Hand Signed Lithograph #95 of 500 w/COA, framed

Vapor Trails Lithograph, Ltd. Ed. #6771 of 10,000 (GONE! Lost in house fire!)

Feedback Poster, large

30th Anniversary discography poster, large

Vapor Trails album flat

Geddy Lee album flat

2112, Rush Starman, Rush In Rio, and VT group photo posters


I am searching for all available shows recorded in Chicago, from all tours. Willing to trade 2:1 for copies.


RUSH (Mercury) WHITE LABEL PROMO COPY, (Rare!) Excellent condition

RUSH (Mercury), Excellent condition

Fly By Night (Mercury) Near Mint

Caress Of Steel (Mercury) WHITE LABEL PROMO COPY (RARE!) Near Mint

Archives (2) One Anthem, good condition and One Mercury, very good condition

2112 (Mercury) Excellent condition

All The Worlds A Stage (Mercury) 2 different copies with different gatefold configurations, Ex. Cond.

A Farewell To Kings (Mercury) Promotional Copy, Near Mint Condition

Hemispheres (1) Mercury, Good Condition (2) Anthem – 1 Red Vinyl (good), 1 Black Vinyl (Excellent)

Permanent Waves (Mercury) Near Mint, Still in original plastic

Moving Pictures (Mercury) Excellent condition

Exit…Stage Left (2) 1 Mercury, single gatefold, very good condition and 1 double-gatefold, Ex. Cond.

Signals (1) Mercury, Excellent Condition

Grace Under Pressure (2) One Mercury Promo Copy, and One Anthem Label, both in excellent condition

Power Windows (1) Mercury, Excellent Condition

Hold Your Fire (1) Atlantic, very good condition

Presto (1) Anthem, still in original plastic, excellent condition

Vapor Trails (1) Atlantic 2 LP set, still in original plastic, mint condition

Feedback (1), Atlantic, EP new!

OFFICIAL CDs (Anthem/Mercury/Atlantic Records):

RUSH (1 copy) – Remasters

Fly By Night (1 copy) – Original 1st issue Mercury CD

Caress of Steel (1) - Remasters

2112 (2) – Mercury, Mobile Fidelity Sound Labs 24-K Gold “Original Master Recording” (Rare&OOP!)

All The Worlds A Stage (1) – 1st Issue Mercury

A Farewell To Kings (1) – Remasters

Hemispheres (1) – Remasters

Permanent Waves (1) – Remasters

Moving Pictures (2) – Remasters, Mobil Fidelity Sound Labs 24k Gold “Original Master Recording”

Exit…Stage Left (2) – 1st Issue Mercury, Remasters

Signals (2) 1st Issue Mercury and Mobil Fidelity Sound Labs 24k Gold “Original Master Recording”

Grace Under Pressure (1) – 1st issue Mercury

Power Windows (1) – 1st Issue, Mercury

Hold Your Fire (2) – 1st Issue Mercury, Remasters

Presto (1) – 1st Issue, Atlantic

Chronicles (1) – 1st Issue box

Roll The Bones (1) – 1st Issue, Atlantic

Roll The Bones Remastered (1) Atlantic

Counterparts (1) – 1st Issue, Atlantic

Test For Echo (2) – 1st Issue Anthem, 1st Issue Atlantic

Test For Echo Remastered (1) Atlantic

Different Stages (1) – 1st Issue Atlantic (I was at the 6/14/97 World Music Theater show!!!)

Retrospectives I 1974-1980 (1) – 1st Issue Anthem

Retrospectives II 1981-1988 (1) – 1st Issue Anthem

Vapor Trails (2) – 1st Issue Anthem, 1st Issue Atlantic

Spirit of Radio w/bonus DVD (1) – 1st Issue Anthem

Rush In Rio (1) – 1st Issue CD

Feedback, EP (1) – 1st Issue, Atlantic

R30 – Live in Frankfort (from R30 Deluxe Edition)



A Work In Progress

Rush In Rio DVD (1)

R30 – (Deluxe Edition) Live in Frankfort NEW! (1)

Anatomy of a Drum solo (NEW!)


Caress of Steel (Mercury)

Archives – Limited Edition 2 tape set (Mercury)

All The Worlds A Stage (Mercury)

Hemispheres (Mercury)

Permanent Waves (Mercury)

Moving Pictures (Mercury)

Signals (Mercury)

Grace Under Pressure (Mercury)

Hold Your Fire (Mercury) – This tape is very special to me.

Presto (Atlantic)

Vapor Trails (Atlantic)


RUSH – Russia, limited edition

Fly By Night – Russia, limited edition

Caress Of Steel – Russian, limited edition

2112 – Russian, limited Edition

Hemispheres – Russian, limited edition

Moving Pictures – Russian, limited edition

Signals – Russian, limited Edition

Grace Under Pressure – Russian, limited edition

Hold Your Fire (2) West German issue, and Russian limited edition

Roll The Bones – Russian, limited edition

Counterparts – Russian, limited edition

Test For Echo (3) – One W. German Issue, One Russian limited edition issue, and one Anthem issue

Neil Peart (1996) – “Burning For Buddy” Volumes I and II, Anthem Label

Alex Lifeson (1995) – “Victor”, Anthem Label

Geddy Lee (2000) – “My Favorite Headache”, Anthem Lable and Russian limited edition import


An official Russian Issue MP3 Disc of nine Rush albums, with official Microsoft licensing


March, 1, 1981 Chicago, IL

June 29, 2002 Hartford, CT

July 4, 2002 Raieigh, NC

July 19, 2002, Milwuakee, W

July 20, 2002, Tinley Park/Chicago IL

October 30, 2002, Chicago

June 5, 2004, Tinley Park/Chicago

August 22, 2004 Molson Ampitheater, Toronto, ONT

September 23, 2004, Irvine Meadows Ampitheater, Irvine, CA (Actor Jack Black makes an appearance)


My beer cup from the 1997 New World Music Theater summer concert season schedule, with the 6/14 date which ultimately ended up being a concert Rush would later use for a live album, “Different Stages”

More information about these and other Rush collectibles can be found at these web sites:

Kozmo’s “House Of Rush” Tons of photos!! New site coming soon in ’06. The most accurate Rush bootleg database, reviews, downloadable artwork Cool stuff! Get news, bios, photos, desktop wallpaper, etc. The Official Rush website! Meet Mark Skidmore, the creator of Rush Word Art, talented rock music artist Mark Blanchette, limited edition dark room images The Official Rush Merchandise store – shirts, CDs, posters, more! Rush fan convention in Toronto! July 2005 – In its 5th year! Rush fan community (where you can find me!)

*: Other existing title of same source , show and quality

SCD: Silver CD; Professional Manufacture; Commercially Distributed

CDR: Recordable Compact Disc;

DVD-R: Digital Video Disc (available in “+” Plus or “-“ minus formats)

VCD – Video Compact disc (only playable in computers)

SB: Soundboard

Aud: Audience

VHS: Video

FM: Radio Broadcast

Scanner: Police/Radio Scanner

VG+: Very Good Plus (B+)

VG: Very Good (B)

VG-: Very Good Minus (B-)

EX+: Excellent Plus (A+)

EX: Excellent (A)

EX-: Excellent Minus (A-)

/: ?

P.E.: Platinum Edition

: Have a nice day!
I reside in Aurora (“Wayne’s World”) , Illinois. Located 40 miles southwest of Chicago, IL. I have seen Rush eighteen times, starting at the Signals Tour ’82 all the way until the lastest 30th Anniversary tour. I have seen them at Alpine Valley Music Theater in East Troy, Wisconsin; The Peroria Civic Center, Peoria, IL; Rosemont Horizon, Rosemont, IL; The United Center, Chicago Il, and The New World Music Theater (now known as the Tweeter Center/Chicago), in Tinley Park, IL where “Different Stages” was performed, and in Toronto at the Molson Ampitheater for their 30th Anniversary tour. I also attended RUSHCON IV, and the “GANGSTER OF BOATS TOUR” (which included a tour of SRO/Anthem!) in Toronto during August 2004. It was the greatest time of my life. I even got to meet Donna Halper and had my picture taken with her. Then in June 2005, my family and I suffered one of the worst things possible. Our house burnt down and we lost most our belongings. But, through a higher power, my music collection was spared and survived. Our house is been rebuilt and remodeled, and I have taken this opportunity to expand my collection. Then in Sept. 2005, I got to meet Neil’s drum tech, Lorne Wheaton, and got his autograph and had my picture taken with him.
Yes, I have a lot of bootlegs. And yes, I do consider them collectibles. I guess it depends on what you like to collect. Live concerts is something I like to collect - especially concerts that I have attended (almost 500 to date). Those always seem to manifest themselves into something special for me. I have every Rush concert I have been to on CD - all 18 of them (and one of them was made into an official live album called "Different Stages") as well as many other artists I've seen live. Historically, bootlegs are great a preserving a particular event. You would be amazed at the differences each show could offer. Especially Vapor Trail bootlegs. Each night, Alex had a different rant. That right there makes each one unique. Wouldn't you like to "collect" each of his rants? Its lot of fun! And it’s a great way to meet other Rush fans. I have traded internationally for many years. I have traded as far as Japan, Russia, Australia, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, and the U.K.
Last Revised, Dec. 22, 2005
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