Russia 081231 Basic Political Developments

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Russia 081231

Basic Political Developments

  • Relations with Moscow could be strained by Czech assumption of EU presidency - European Union relations with Moscow are set quickly to come under further strain when the Czech Republic assumes the EU presidency on Thursday.

  • Naftogaz transfers $1.5 bln to RosUkrEnergo as gas debt to Russia

  • One day left for resolving gas dispute btw Gazprom, Ukraine

  • Ukraine says the money's in the pipeline...but Russia still waits... - Ukrainian energy company Naftogaz says it has transferred more than $US 1.5 billion to a mediating company to settle payment for November and December. Russia's Gazprom, however, says it hasn't received the money yet.

  • Beltransgaz Managers Sent to Moscow for Talks With Gazprom - Beltransgaz General Director Vladimir Maiorov is due to arrive in Moscow before December 31 for talks with Gazprom on cooperation in 2009, Beltransgaz told Interfax.

  • Moscow tired of WTO accession talks - Late last week, Moscow announced that it should either be allowed to join the WTO in 2010, or it will not honor related agreements and will strengthen the protection of its market from imports.

  • Russia, US amend trade agreement on pork, poultry - The U.S. government and Russia have amended their five-year bilateral poultry and pork trade agreement with protections that should limit disruptions to trade, the U.S. Trade Representative said.

  • Leon ARON: Russia's Woes Spell Trouble for the U.S. - Obama shouldn't reward dictatorial Kremlin with goodwill overtures

  • Russia to analyze traffic incident in which British diplomat knockedover pedestrian - Foreign Ministry spokesman

  • Russian constitutional amendments enter in force - Several amendments in the Russian Constitution on longer terms in office for the president and the State Duma and some supervisory powers of deputies over the government entered into force after their publication in the Rossiiskaya Gazeta newspaper on Wednesday.

  • Medvedev signs law extending terms - Russian President Dmitry Medvedev signed amendments to the Russian constitution Tuesday that extend the terms of president and parliament.

  • Space Adventures raises price for private spaceflight to ISSto $35 million-$45 million

  • Lawyer: Ill Former Yukos executive freed on bail

  • Terminally ill Yukos executive released at $1.8 mln bail

  • Radio Free Europe or Radio Free Putin? - Did BBG End U.S. Surrogate Broadcasting in Russia on Radio Liberty in an Attempt to Appease Mr. Putin and Pursue Its Marketing Strategy?

  • Sergei Blagov - Caspian Basin: Russia Faces A Collapse Of Its Economic And Political Clout

  • Ten most important and memorable events – RIA Novosti

National Economic Trends

  • Ruble Gains Against Dollar for Second Day; Central Bank Absent

  • Russia's narrow monetary base up $1.9 bln in week

  • More than 300 Bln rubles reserved for real sector support, labor market policy in 2009 – Putin

  • Putin chaired meeting of comission for economic development

Business, Energy or Environmental regulations or discussions

  • Transmission contracts from Russia to Finland

  • Siemens, Russian Railways Plans JV To Build Locomotives

  • Russia's auto market hopes to be Europe's largest

  • Nokia phones with image of Stalin go on sale in Moscow

  • Construction endangers wild forest - Environmentalists say unique Russian woodlands are under threat with plans to build a resort. The Utrish forest near the Black Sea coast includes the country's only forest to contain juniper and pistachio trees.

  • A Sad Time For Ecology: In the Harsh Economic Climate the Environment is being Neglected

Activity in the Oil and Gas sector (including regulatory)

  • Russia lowering export duty on oil to $119.1 a tonne from Jan 1

  • Russian domestic oil price hits 5-year low - Russia's domestic oil price for January delivery eased further this week falling to $8,46-$12,22 per barrel for the first time since early 2003, traders said.

  • Oil price collapse wreaks havoc on forecasts and budgeting - The global economic slowdown which unfolded in the second half of 2008, hit Russia hardest through the collapse in oil prices. They have fallen more than 70% in 6 months, making a mockery of predictions earlier in 2008 and undermining the entire Russian economy.

  • Imperial shareholders ‘back ONGC bid’

  • Imperial Energy Investors Back ONGC Bid

  • Rosneft Expects Its '09 Oil Output to Grow Slightly - Russia's largest and fastest growing oil firm, Rosneft, said on Tuesday its output growth will be insignificant in 2009, after a healthy rise in 2008, due to the impact of the financial crisis.


  • Uzbekistan to Sell Gas to Gazprom for $305 Per Thousand Cu M

  • Gazprom Profit Surges Nearly 83%; Rolls-Royce Wins Gazprom Equipment Contract

  • Gazprom's woes - The Russian oil giant joins the ranks of national oil companies in trouble

  • Gazprom Revels In The Good Times - The gas goliath's second quarter profits soar, but the numbers are from June.

  • Russian oil giant Gazprom searches for bailout money- The Russian natural gas monopoly has seen its market cap shrink by a remarkable 76% since the start of 2008, dropping it to 35th place in overall market cap. Now that the company has hit such hard times, it is looking towards Moscow for a little help, asking for a reported $5.5 billion

  • Gazprom: Feeling the Pain


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Basic Political Developments

Relations with Moscow could be strained by Czech assumption of EU presidency

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