Russia 090417 Basic Political Developments

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Russia 090417

Basic Political Developments

  • Lieberman tells Russian deputy FM Israel forming new policy on peace talks

  • Lavrov Seeks to Revive North Korea Nuclear Talks, Chosun Says - Lavrov plans a two-day visit to the North Korean capital on about April 24, the South Korean newspaper reported. He will meet with his North Korean counterpart, Pak Ui Chun, and may also hold talks with the country’s leader, Kim Jong Il, it said.

  • Russian FM to Visit N.Korea This Month

  • Regional powers aim to rein in North Korea - Russia's foreign minister will visit North Korea next week, a source said on Friday, as regional powers try to prevent the state from restarting its nuclear arms plant and defuse tensions that have rattled regional security.

  • Medvedev, Aliyev to discuss Azeri gas deliveries - Russian President Dmitry Medvedev and his Azerbaijani counterpart Ilham Aliyev will meet on Friday to discuss gas deliveries from Azerbaijan, the legal status of the Caspian Sea and the settlement of the conflict in Nagorno-Karabakh.

  • SCO exercises Norak-Antiterror-2009 began in Tajikistan - Joint command-staff antiterrorist exercises of the member countries of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) Norak-Antiterror-2009 began in Tajikistan today on the range Fahrabad Hatlon garrison, Kazakhstan Today reported citing Tajik mass media.

  • Recent events in Moldova unconstitutional – Medvedev

  • Finnish gov't approves Action Plan on Russia - The Finnish government approved on Thursday its first ever Action Plan on Russia, which establishes the guidelines for management of Finland's relations with Russia, local media reported.

  • Arms Talks With U.S. Will Start Next Week - Russian and U.S. officials will begin negotiating a new deal next week to cut strategic nuclear weapons, the Foreign Ministry said Thursday.

  • EU may get rules for Russian visa relaxed - The plan to forego Russian visa regulations for European Union nationals has been approved by the Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, reports Barents Observer.

  • International talks on Russia-Georgia conflict to resume in May - The fifth round of international talks aimed to solve outstanding issues left over by the Russia- Georgia war last August will be held here on May 18-19, mediators of the talks said in a statement on Thursday.

  • Georgians Arrest Alleged Russian Spy - Georgian police on April 16 apprehended a Russian citizen on suspicion of plotting a provocation that could lead to renewed Georgian-Russian hostilities.

  • RT: Will NATO in Georgia thwart efforts to reset US-Russian relations?

  • NATO Ministerial NRC meeting expected on May 19

  • Russia-NATO Council resumes work Apr 29 – Rogozin

  • Greenhouse Emissions Hit 13-Year Peak - Russia's greenhouse gas emissions rose by a tiny 0.3 percent in 2007 to the highest level since the 1990s economic downturn caused by the breakup of the Soviet Union, according to data submitted to the United Nations.

  • Russia keeps to Kyoto levels - Russia's greenhouse gas emissions rose by 0.3% in 2007, but even with the increase the nation is still keeping to its Kyoto commitment, data submitted to the United Nations shows.

  • Putin wants twice as much nuclear power - By 2030 the share of nuclear power in the total energy production in Russia must be increased to 25 – 30 percent, says Prime Minister of Russia Vladimir Putin.

  • Cyprus and Russia endorse double taxation agreement

  • Cyprus, Russia sign tax agreement - Cyprus and Russia signed a double taxation agreement on Thursday that officials said will remove the east Mediterranean island from a Russian taxation "black list".

  • Increased Cooperation With Israel Does Not Allow Russia To Arm Iran With C-300

  • Barak to Russia: Don't sell advanced missiles to Iran - Defense Minister Ehud Barak asked Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Alexander Saltanov yesterday to prevent his country from selling advanced anti-aircraft missiles to Iran.

  • Turkmen Deal Puts Putin on Defense - Prime Minister Vladimir Putin struck a conciliatory note in a dispute with Turkmenistan on Thursday, telling Russian energy officials to reach out to Central Asian gas suppliers just as Turkmenistan signed a tentative gas deal with Germany's RWE.

  • Moscow and Ashgabat fail to agree over the Caspian Coastal Pipeline

  • Medvedev makes changes in composition of Council for Religious Orgs

  • Power abuse charge against Storchak dropped

  • Armed clash with a group of militants occurred in Chechnya; there are no losses

  • Clash in Chechnya after end of security regime - Russian security forces have clashed in Chechnya with a dozen militants after Moscow formally ended a military crackdown in place for the last decade, reports said on Friday.

  • Russia says SARS did not kill Chinese woman

  • Doctors to confirm exact cause of suspected avian flu death

  • Tajik national stabbed to death in Moscow

  • Al-Qaeda prepares terrorist attacks in Russia

  • Russia’s Federal Security Service official warns about threat of Afghan terrorists

  • Russia develops special tube to store nuclear wastes

  • Patriarch Kirill has washed feet of twelve priests on the Holy Thursday

  • About 90 percent of Russians to celebrate Easter this year – poll

  • How Will Chechnya Live Without a Counterterrorist Regime? - After nearly a decade as a “zone of counter terrorist operations,” Chechnya this week returned to a normal legal regime. The republic’s leadership has been lobbying for just such a move for a long time, and the decision was not unexpected. But the decision went against the better judgement of some in the Russian security services, and the prospect of a return of international flights to Grozny airport evokes memories of out of control smuggling and foreign terrorists who arrived in the 1990s.

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