Russia 090820 Basic Political Developments

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Russia 090820

Basic Political Developments

  • Tymoshenko, Putin Agree Draft Agenda Of Fifth Meeting Of Ukrainian-Russian Economic Committee in October - According to the statement, Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko on Wednesday had a phone conversation with Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin. Tymoshenko and Putin agreed that the agenda will include a question of the joint batch production of An-70 plane and other topics of the economic cooperation.

  • Moldovan, Russian presidents to meet in Sochi on 21 August

  • Uganda-Russia: Sergey Lavrov was yesterday meeting President Yoweri Museveni currently on a working visit to Moscow. The Russian foreign minister has said his country wants to cooperate in developing the education, science and technology sectors in Uganda.

  • Ambassador Konuzin on President Medvedev's visit to Serbia - Preparations for Russian President Dmitry Medvedev's visit to Serbia are underway and a series of strategic agreements will be signed during his stay in Belgrade, Russian Ambassador to Serbia Alexander Konuzin has stated.

  • Missile Maker Offers Fix to Shield Dispute - Raytheon, the world’s biggest missile maker, is developing a new system that could help resolve a U.S.-Russian deadlock over Bush-era plans to extend into Europe the U.S. shield against ballistic missiles.

  • Russia Air Force admits problems in 5th-generation jet engines

  • Russia decides to resume An-124 cargo plane production

  • HAL to supply components for Sukhoi fighters to Russia

  • India, Russia to ink transport aircraft JV agreement in September

  • Sukhoi leads the way on MAKS 2009 deals - Sukhoi is the star of the show this year. It signed a $2.5 billion contract with Russia's Defense ministry for 64 fighter jets. It got a hundred million dollar loan from state development bank VEB – and is getting the same amount, to boost its capital, from the federal budget.

  • Russian MS-21 jetliner to use Rolls Royce, Pratt & Whitney engines

  • Military: Russia, Ukraine to complete An-70 testing soon

  • Russian Air Force Rekindles Upgrade Goals - Moscow is on the brink of concluding its largest fighter aircraft order in almost 20 years, with the Russian air force's leader setting far-reaching procurement and restructuring plans. Funding, however, is a fundamental concern.

  • Rosavia Airline Seeks Bids for 65 Jets

  • Aeroflot Signs $100M Olympic Sponsorship - Aeroflot will be the official carrier of the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics, pledging $100 million in money and services between 2009 and 2016, Aeroflot head Vitaly Savelyev said Wednesday at the MAKS-2009 air salon.

  • Rogozin suggests joint deterrence of piracy instead of speculation - A well-organized pirate consortium is responsible for the Arctic Sea ship situation, Russian Permanent

  • Representative to NATO Dmitry Rogozin said, thus rejecting speculations about the transported cargo.

  • Eleven Arctic Sea crewmembers return to Moscow, four remain on duty -foreign ministry

  • Arctic Sea crew, suspected hijackers land in Moscow

  • Freed Arctic Sea crew arrive in Moscow

  • Contradictions Cloud the Arctic Sea Case - the official version of what transpired is fraught with inconsistencies, prompting observers to suggest that Russian authorities are trying to cover up a smuggling or trafficking operation.

  • Europe, Russia in Mars exploration deal - The European Space Agency (ESA) has signed a deal with its Russian counterpart Roscosmos to cooperate on two Mars exploration projects, Russia's Interfax news agency reported.

  • Russia prepares new Arctic research station - Russia continues its arctic research program with drifting ice stations in the high latitudes. The icebreaker “Yamal” sails out to pick up scientists who have spent nearly a year on an ice floe and to find a suitable place for a new station.

  • Another nuclear sub for scrapping - The nuclear powered submarine K-496 "Borisgleb" this week made its last trip to the Zvezdochka yard in Severodvinsk, Arkhangelsk Oblast, were it will be decommissioned and scrapped.

  • Timeframe for Sayano-Shushenskaya restoration may be known in a week –minister

  • Death Toll in RusHydro Dam Accident Climbs to 17, Interfax Says

  • Siberian dam disaster body count reaches 17 with 58 more missing

  • Transformer lubricant didn't leak into Yenisei river – Rostekhnadzor

  • Russia tackles Siberia oil slick - Chemical pollution from Monday's explosion at Russia's largest hydro-electric power station has killed fish and spread down a major Siberian river.

  • SCO supports Russia in suppression of terrorist activity in the North Caucasus - Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) supports Russia in suppression of terrorist activity in the North Caucasus. SCO Secretary General, Bolat Nurgaliev, said in connection with terrorism act in Nazran, Kazakhstan Today agency reports citing SCO official site.

  • One killed, one injured in south Russia blast - One man was killed and another severely wounded when an explosive device went off in south Russia's Republic of Kabardino Balkaria, a local police official said on Thursday.

  • Medvedev Proposes Ending Jury Trials for More Crimes - President Dmitry Medvedev on Wednesday proposed further restrictions on jury trials and suggested changing jurisdiction rules for extremism and terrorism trials.

  • Finance Ministry Backs Tax-Evasion Changes - The Finance Ministry has backed a State Duma proposal to not bring criminal charges against individuals accused of tax evasion for the first time. The proposed government note on changes introduced by deputies to the Tax and Criminal codes, which would ease the punishment for individuals not paying taxes, was published Tuesday on the Finance Ministry’s web site.

  • 65 Vietnamese in Forest - Migration officials confirmed Wednesday that they had found 65 illegal Vietnamese migrants living in a Moscow region forest after they lost their jobs because of the closure of Moscow’s Cherkizovsky Market, Interfax reported

  • ‘Ghost’ bus takes migrants to Russia - AP reporter Mansur Mirovalev and AP photographer Alexander Zemlianichenko followed dozens of migrants on an illegal bus for a six-day trip from Uzbekistan to Russia. Here is their story.

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