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After a while a Subject Index becomes simply too bulky to handle. Even with modern technology and Search Engines. So the decision has been taken to start a Third set of Indices for the issues beginning with No. 70 to the end of Series 22 at No. 87. There may be some duplications, some inconsistencies. Once again many decisions have had to be taken on orthography and differing place names at different periods (e.g. Acre / Akko). Hopefully the reader can find any references being sought.
70: September 2005. 79: December 2007

71: December 2005. 80: March 2008.

72: March 2006. 81: June 2008.

73: June 2006. 82: September 2008.

74: September 2006. 83: December 2008.

75: January 2007. 84: March 2009.

76: March 2007. 85: June 2009.

77: June 2007. 86: September 2009.

78: September 2007. 87: December 2009. (Series 22 No. 4.)


New Stadtbahn in Al Raha Beach New Town. 78:08:(F):(iii).

Part of international plan. 83:07:E:(), (v)..


Revidim level crossing smash, June 2005. 70:04:(a).

Ahuzam level crossing smash, July 2005. 70:04:(b).

Level crossing fatality, Binyamina. July 2005. 70:04:(c).

Level crossing fatality, Beit Yehoshua, August 2005. 70:04:(e).

Report on Revidim collision. 71:04:(j).

Level crossing accident with bus at Binyamina. 27.12.2005. 72.04.(i).

Signal Passed at Danger: 72:04:(xx).

Passenger falling from train. 72:04:(xx).

Beit Yehoshua accident at level crossing 12.06.2006. 73:09a. (Stop Press).

Fuller reports on Beit Yehoshua smash. 74:03:(i).

Collision with a Camel 21. September 2006. 74:03:(xi).

Charges against IR re. Revadim and Ahuzam accidents. 78:04:(b).

Collision with truck at Aroer. August 2007. 78:04:(p).

Freight train derailment 30.06.2008 82:04:(v).

Train hits horse, Bnei Berak., April 2008. 82:04:(o).

Indictments issued re. Revadim & Ahuzam. 82:04:(z3).

Collision with ore train near Mamshit, 18.12.2008. 84:04:(d).

Suicide at Hof Carmel. Jan. 2009. 84:04:(f).

Braking problems at Modi’in. 22.02.09. 84:04:(u).

Overshoot at Pa’atey Modi’in 23.06.09. 85:04:(v).

Air-conditioning failure on train, 02.06.09. 85:04:(t).

IC3 Derailment at Kfar Menachem. Photo. 86:03 & 86:04:(xiv)..

Cows on Line. 30.07.2009. 86:04:(vi).

Near-Collision at Akko. 86:04:(xx).

Level crossing accident at Kiryat Gat 27.12.2009. 87:04:(xxix).

Article (1976) and response on Aden Railways. 73:09.

Over Highway 6. Wins design award. Nov. 2008. 83:04: (k).

New concessionaire, Dec. 2005. 72:04:(xxi).

Link from Iran to Afghanistan under construction 2008. 83:07:I.

Reopening of Line, 1951. 77:07:(d).

Signalling at station, 1925. (Cotterell). 82:10.

Notes on last days of Akko branch. 70:13.

Further Notes. 71:09.

Akko station upgrade, Jan. 2006. 72:04:(xix).

1944 Report on Akko station. 73:07:(d).

Tender for new bridge at Na’amin River. 75:05:(xviii).

Tender for taxi services. 75:05:(xxiii).

Near-accident, August 2009. 86:04:(xx).
AQABA. (see also Hejaz).

Depot scene. 71:03.
ARABIAN PENINSULA AND GULF STATES. (See also individual states.)

Plan for ‘Pan-Arab Development’ of rail network, 2008. 83:07:E.

Gulf States Plan for link with Turkey 82:08 :(d).

Wagon works closes, Jan. 2009. 85:04:(b).

Notes on 1930’s. 70:08:(e).

Tender for upgrading lighting at Port yard. 72:05:(iv)..

Tender for Refuelling system at yard. 72:05:(xiii).

Tender for line to Rishon LeZion West. 79:05:(v).

Tender for new Terminal at Ashdod Port. 79:05:(ii).

New bus links to station 2009. 86:04:(xxvi).

Pleshet Junction line progress. 86:04: (xvii).

Plan to privatise Port. 86:04:(xv).

Naming of station, 2009. 87:04:(xiv).

Works on line to Beer Sheba started. Nov. 2005. 72:04:(xiii).

Tracklaying on Ashkelon Line. Dec. 2007. 79:04:(t).

Bridge to replace level crossing. (photo). 82:03.

Ashkelon-Beer Sheva line – Stop-Go. 82:04:(c).

New footbridge, October 2006. 75:03:(g).

Israel Salt Co. Restored loco. 81:11.

New road bridge to replace LC. 87:04: (xviii).

Fourth track planned. 75:03:(n).

Journey report, March 2004. 79:11.

Timber supplies from Bosnia. 84:07:(b).

Part of international plan. 83:07:E:(viii).

Narrow-gauge railway. 75:07:(d).

Progress on University Station. August 2005. 70:04:(o).

Lifting of Rafa - Beersheba Line, 1927. 70:09, also 77:11.

Sabotage on line, 1956. 70:11.

Universita Station opening Sept. 2005. 71:04:(e).

Ramta works opened. Sept. 2005. 71:04:(f).

- photo with IC3’s. 71:13.

Beer Sheba - Dimona line opening, Dec. 2005. 71:04:(u).

Line from Ashkelon -works starting. 72:04:(xiii).

Ashelon - Sderot works starting. Feb. 2006. 72:04:(xl).

Article on 1917 air raid and casualties. 76:15.

Realignment works on Beer Sheva line. 2007. 78:04:(o).

Grumbles on service diversions via airport. 79:04:(e).

Photo of realignment works. 79:04:(a).

Realignment works near Kiryat Gat. 79:04:(x).

Line from Ashkelon – Stop-Go progress. 82:04:(c).

Doubling works continue. 2008. 83:04:(d).

Adorayim Bridge – design award. 83:04:(k).

More works in Feb. 2009. 84:04:(s).

Tender for underbridges and related works, 2009. 84:05:(iii).

Trackworks May/June 2009 85:04:(d).

Tender for doubling. 85:05:(ii).

More trackworks, July 2009. 86:04:(v).

Museum Plan for old Station. 87:08.

Photo of train on new realignment. 87:01.

More rebuilding works Oct. 2009-Jan. 2010. 87:04:(ii).

Photo of St. Michel station. 80:1.

Photos of rotting rolling stock. 84:15. (Rear).

Additional evening trains 2006. 74:03:(vii).

Operations in August 2007. 78:04:(g).

Improved connections from Sept.2007. 78:04:(u).

Notes on location. (cf. 71:06:(b).) 72:07:(f).

New link line from Modi’in line to old main line. 73:04:(xiii).

Extension of airport services to the south. 73:04:(xiv).

Grumble about Beer Sheva services diverted. 79:04:(e).

Note on sabotage in 1947/8. 72:07:(d).

Decauville at Binyamina Quarry. 72:07:(e).

Note on silos on north side, sidings disused and lifted. 75:03:(h).

Former IR coach 621 parked by silos. 86:04a.

Sixt selected to provide car hire services. 75:03:(p).

Tender for construction of Akko - Carmiel line. 2005. 70:06:(iv).

Tender for measurements on line. 71:05:(vi).

Arutz 7 report on possible funding sources. 74:03:(viii).

Notes on railways bordering Turkey & Iran. 71:07:D.

World Railway Atlas: Middle East & Caucasus’. Review. 77:08.


Notes on World Records and Thesis on State. 71:12.

Obituary & Photos. 77:01, 77:03, 77:14.

Article – Ain Harod signalling. 82:10.

Article – First station at Pardess Hanna. 82:12.

Hebrew version of book available. 86:08:(a).

Article – Disposing of Tel Sheria station. 87:11a.

In tunnel near Herzliyya. 71:06:(l).

At Rishon LeZion Wine Cellars. 71:06:(q).

At Binyamina Quarry. 72:07:(e).

Mishmar Ha’Emek Manure Trolley. 73:07:(a).

At Balfouria, 1921. 75:07:(d).

Sale of equipment 1957-60, possibly from Egyptian Sinai. 75:07:(f).

Bedford Decauville spares, 1947. 75:07:(g).

HaMeniya Loco rediscovered. 76:09.

1938 article on Decauville lines in orchards. 76:10.

K. Hoffmann & Sons, Tel Aviv. 1930’s. 77:12. (see Hoffmann)

K. Hoffmann Catalogue. 79:07:(b) & Illustrations.

I.R. Acquisition of old Decauville materials. 1952. 78:10.

HaMeniya - remains of 2nd. loco discovered? 79:07:(c).

Surviving 50cm. gauge industrial locos in Israel. 79:07:(f).

Remains as garden decorations at Kibbutz Gan Shmuel. 79:10.

Silicate Brickworks Locos. 80:11. & Note 83:10:(f).

Israel Salt Co. Loco restored at Atlit. 81:11. (cf. 83:10: (f).

Timna Mines Corporation locos & Eilat Museum. 81:12. (Photo 81:12:a.)

2nd. Hebrew Loco – False trail. 82:07:(d).

Citrus line at Kibbutz Mizra. 83:07.

Oaks Railway. 83:10.

Oaks Line Ruston back in service. 84:11.

Plans for new narrow gauge lines, Rehovot, Sodom. 84:11.

Brookville Tractor part-preserved. (photo) 85:14.

Restored tub wagon at Heftzi-Ba Quarry. 86:09 & photos..

Reopening in December 2005. 71:04:(u).

Tender for Refuelling depot. 71:05:(iii).

Services reinstated. 72:04:(ix).

Reports on reopening and fares. 72:04:(x).

Possible link to Yeroham? 72:04:(xlii).

Tender for upgrading lighting. 72:05:(ii).

DGEG train at Ramat Hovav 80:03.

Shuttle bus services. 86:04:(xix).
DOUBLE-TRACKING. (See also Infrastructure Works).

Works on B’nei-Berak-Kfar Sava,

& Kiryat Motzkin-Nahariya. 71:04:(m).

Tender for Na’an – Beer-Sheva line. 73:05:(iii).

To Nahariyya. 2008. 81:04:(i).

Photo of Nahariyya line. 82:11.

Beer-Sheva line, 2008. 83:04:(d).

Beer-Sheva line. 84:04:(s).

Nahariyya line. 84:04:(r).

Beer-Sheva line May/June 2009. 85:04:(d).

Nahariyya line. March 2009. 85:04:(c).

Tender for Na’an – Beer-Sheva, April 2009. 85:05:(ii).

Approval of design of Jerusalem A1 line. 85:04:(u).

Plans for Infrastructure projects. 2009. 85:04:(r).

Tender for Akko-Nahariyya doubling. 86:06:(vi).

Photo of train near Kfar Menachem. 87:01.

Beer-Sheva line. 87:04:(ii).

Mini-Trains in Parks. 71:07:A.

DB bidding for freight network. 75:08:F.

Schemes for two Metro lines. 76:08:E:(i).

Monorail under construction, with Japanese help. 76:08:E:(ii).

Palm Monorail. 78:08:(F):(i).

Metro construction commenced 2005. 78:08:(F):(ii).

Description of construction, & Dutch links. 79:08:G:(i).

Links with BVG (Berlin) and Innotrans. 79:08:G:(ii).

Metro scheme, four lines, and ‘Eye of Dubai’. 82:08:C.

Gulf States scheme for link with Turkey. 82:08:D.

Part of international plan. 83:07:(iii).

Opening plans for new Metro. Feb. 2009. 84:08:F.

Description of Metro under construction. 86:07:B.

Richard Bowker takes up post in UAE. 86:07:A.

UAE Plan for nmetwoirk in Emirates. 87:10:D.

Men in Sweaters. 85:02.

1955 account of trip to Gaza. 71:07:E.

Indonesian wagons, 1940. 73:07:(b).

Travel account, January 2006. 74:08:A:(i).

Accident near Cairo, September 2006. 74:08:A:(ii).

Traveller’s Report, 2006. 75:08:A:(i).

Two major rail accidents, Aug./Sept. 2006. 75:08:A:(ii).

1983 article from DDR ‘Eisenbahnpraxis’. 75:09.

1860 Traveller’s account, from Holland to East Indies. 75:11.

ESR loco in Haifa Museum. 76:08a.

Egyptian locos on IR, 1957. 76:14.

Brief note on above. 77:07:(h).

New website on Egyptian Railways. 78:08:C.

Sale of Dutch tramway equipment to Egypt. 1949. 79:07:(d).

Travel Report, February 2007. 79:08:D.(i).

Cairo Metro Line 3 contract - Alstom. 79:08:D:(iii).

2007 Trip Report. 81:09.

Milepost 47 ESR, 1956 Memoir. 85:10, & Comment 87:11:(i).

Class 66 GM C0-Co Diesels. 86:07:C:(i).

New line planned to Sudan. 86:07:C:(ii).

East German V10C diesels in Egypt. 86:07:C:(iii).

Narrow Gauge Sugar lines. (EK April 2009). 87:10:A:(i)

Website for photos. 87:10:A:(ii):

Proposals for line, December 2005. 72:04:(xi).

Further study, June 2007. 78:05:(a).

Further plans for construction of rail link. 82:04:(n).

Office at Tel Aviv Merkaz closed. Oct. 2006. 75:03:(o).

Notes on potential tender. 2005. 71:04:(h).

Tender notes. 71:05:(xi).

Plans and Tenders. 75:03:(d).

Parsons-Brinkerhoff & NPC consultancy reports. 81:04:(e).

Bombardier presentation, Treasury approval. 82:04:(p).

Plans put on hold, Jan. 2009. 84:04:(h).


Timetabled services from March 2005. 71:07:C.

Report on tour November 2005. 73:08:G.

Note on 2006 observations. 76:08:D.

Soldiers to carry out rehabilitation work. 2007. 78:08:I.

Report on RTC Tour Nov. 2007. 81:07:C.

Report on RTC Tour Oct. 2008. 85:08:D:(a).

Reference to report on Motive Power Lists. 85:08:D:(b).

Note on 1998 revival plans. 76:08:F.

Kuwaiti company to operate the railway? 2008. 82:07:(c).
FARES. See Tickets.

Wagon identified. 70:08:(g).

Possible second example? 71:06:(g).

Part 18. Bribery for a wagon. 71:08.

Part 19. Withdrawal and Capture. 77:09.

Part 20. Working as a British engineer. 82:09.

Part 21. Life in Damascus 1919 and to Haifa. 83:09. (Last instalment).

Development plan to reduce dependency. 75:03:(a).

Tender for construction of station. 70:06:(xii).

Plans for the station. 72:04:(xxxix).

Station Opening, 20.05.08. 81:04:(m).

Note on opening and costs. 82:04:(j).

Tunnels used for smuggling. 74:06:(d).

Memoir. 70:08:(l).

Report on 2006 war. 74:03:(vi).

Report on after-effects of 2006 war. 74:03:(ix).

Travels in Egypt, 1901. 86:08:(f).

Possible railway origin of ancient buildings. 71:06:(f).

Mysterious siding at Hadera East. 80:10.

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